com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again. We need a review of another smartwatch from dt number one. So this one, it is one of the latest in the market. So what we have here is a women’s smart watch. Okay, so it is the dt 86 okay number one dt86 and, as you can see here, we have the gold color okay. So this is a women’s smartwatch with multi watch faces. Okay, we have sports data. Here, sleep monitoring, remote camera and calories; okay, so we’re going to check it out. Okay and let’s see the design okay, so here, on the other part other side of the box, we have the activity tracking heart rate, steps, notifications and sports data. So so far, okay, very elegant box, okay, so dt number one have come a long way on its packaging from a simple box before okay, let me show you the the example of their smart watches before they have a very simple box. We have here. Okay, this is their number one: d7, okay, so simple box packaging, and now they have a much more premium. Looking packaging, okay, so let’s start again. If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Okay, so it’s been a long time that we have unboxing smartwatch intended for women. So this time we have the dt86 okay again, if you have any questions, please drop a comment below so we have here.

The smart watch we’ll check it out later, okay, so the contents are the body of the smartwatch and you have here magnetic strap. We have the silicon strap okay, so we have here the magnetic cable, the strap with the stainless steel buckle. Here. I guess this is 20 or 18 millimeter, not sure, and we have here the user manual for the number one dt86 smartwatch, so it is available in several languages. So let’s take a look, so we have here the qr code, so let’s not let’s check. So we don’t have the details here for the support app just to qr code. Okay, so we have here the sports function, as well as the breathing guide, what else uh and faces okay and other functions so let’s click on the dog, the user manual? Okay, our charging cable, so let’s check the smartwatch. Okay, it looks elegant. We have a metal body here: let’s have a focus, shiny metal body, so glossy gold design, it looks premium okay and we have here, looks like a diamond edge pattern for the bezel. I think the bezel here is a glass okay, sparkling bezel, as you can see here. Obviously it looks premium looks beautiful and we have a crown button here. Okay, let’s admire the beauty of the number one dt 86 smartwatch. So we have here the strap with a quick release. Pin we’ll attach it later. Okay, so it looks. Elegant, looks beautiful and we have here very sharp good.

Looking seems like crystal clear glass. Okay, i hope it is. This is tempered glass, okay, so far thin small size or medium size. Smart watch, wearable, okay, we’re, going to compare it later, with other smart watches. Okay, so far, it looks just exactly for women. Okay, beautiful elegant smart watch, we’ll check on the specs for this one. Okay and online okay, so this is the number one dt 86 mark watch. Okay, so i guess it has a lot of features for women, especially that this is from number one. Dt number one okay so see here, so it is pretty a very new smart watch in the market. We’Ll see. If we have, you can see the apps here, the 86 or the support app let’s check. Okay. So far, what i can say is this: it is very elegant and we hope that still have some battery lift and we’ll check it out. Okay, it’s turning on we’ll see if we have the power okay, sadly, we don’t have any battery left. Okay, it has been totally drained so next time, we’re going to charge it and we’ll show you the ui of the smart watch, but this time let’s just check its design as well as its specifications. So again, this is your number one dt86 smart watch, and so we search it online. Okay, so we have here the number one dt86 it’s already available in different shopping sites, but we are what we are looking for is the specs.

So we have here these specifications. Okay, so we have at least several videos here for the number one ddh6 so let’s check for the specs. It is available on our website the full specifications, so it is running here, the nrf52832 processor. It has a 1.09 inch. Ltps screen display we’ll, see it’s really ltp, so we have sync alloys: zinc, alloy body, okay, 240×240, pixel resolution, okay, bluetooth, 4.0, and we have 120 mh battery with the five days of standby time and three days of normal usage. So it’s here treating here, it is using the fit the fit support: app: okay, it’s, a pretty popular app okay. So what we have here? It is waterproof ip67, so there’s no built in gps, but it says it has a blood pressure monitoring and a female hair health tracking feature okay. So this is your number one. Dt 86 we’ll check on its features later on. As we charge the smartwatch okay we’ll see the it’s menus and functions. Okay again, if you have any questions regarding these, this female smart watch from dt number one: okay, the number one dt86. Please drop it comment below and we will answer your queries watch out for our second video, where we are going to show you the menus, as well as the different functions and watch faces for the number one dt86 smartwatch again.