This is a little comment. Dialog we have going under the lympho LEM 10 review video and if you read it, you'll find that there's a new feature in the Android 7.1.1 settings that has showed up on the lympho LEM 10 and it's a performance mode for gaming and smooth their transitions and Movements, let me show it to you real, quick and then we can move on here's the LEM Tim without the band's. I tend to carry this thing in my pocket, so oh yeah check this out. This is Al rods. Latest creation, he's starting to work on watch, faces that fit the actual dimensions of the watch screen. Just to give you an example, I can be so easily distracted. Can'T, I here's a square watch face a Casio design. This is also one of our rods now that's. Just a taking up the space of the square, but because this is a rectangular screen here is a Casio watch designed specifically for the LEM 10 nice huh elrod. Soon, gon na have a collection of these and he's gon na give us a link on where you can go. Get them if you want in the meantime, what I'm here to show you – and this is rather bright so I'm going to dim the screen. I have display brightness running on this if you don't know about that, when I covered in almost every review it's an add on app that you cannot get from the Google Play Store, but you can using the link at the very bottom of the show notes in Our SmartWatch resource center jump over there and you can download a copy of display.

Brightness put it on your phone. If you want to give you a little slider bar that you can change the brightness just the way you want so I'm going into settings. We'Ve seen this before I'm, going down into more all right now, more usually as a bunch of stuff. In here we don't even talk about background cleaners. Third party app adapters. Look at this system work mode check. Your Android watch see if it has system work mode. Almost guarantee you, it does not, because when you touch it you have normal and performance modes. When you switch to performance – and you say okay, it says using performance mode – will speed up the fluency and out of app and make it suitable for playing games and watching videos. But the system temperature will increase. Are you sure to use it, and I can almost guarantee you? The battery life will also go down if the temperature is gon na, go up, we're, gon na, say: okay, we're gon na switch back here and it's really really smooth. I don't know if you noticed before, but it was a little bit more sluggish and it does play videos better and I ran the m22 on it and all the m22 videos didn't jump as much. However, the antutu score didn't change a whole lot. I have that listed down here in that last reply. So thank you guys that participate in the comments section of our videos, especially when you find new features and other folks chime in to clarify things that I just can't.

It really helps us all the way around watching these videos is only half of it. The second half comes in the text down in the comments and the show notes now on with today's review. Whoa we're gon na have fun today. Greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks. We are back with an unboxing and unbending of an extra band. They tossed in no. You don't get this when you order yours, unless you pay for it, you can get either in a metal band or the band that you'll see inside the box, but I did manage to get both, so I can show them to you of the brand new. Lock: mat lk0 8: we are a smart watch channel on YouTube and you'll find us on the web at smart watch ticks comm and when we unbox this inside you're gon na find a product that has come to us from bang good and it's a bit pricy Right now, but hey it's, a three gigabyte: 32 gigabyte storage, full Android 7, one with a 5 megapixel camera, really nice, AMOLED 400 by 400 screen SmartWatch 1 camera on the side. Two buttons we'll see that when we actually open it up and what other specs have we got let's see, we've got your standard Android 7 one one it's got a plastic case, it says, and steel strap or of TPU kind. We look at a band length of 27 millimeters and the width is 24 for those of you who want to exchange it out and yes, it is waterproof and yes, the bands are removable.

These are the kind of things we've wanted in a 4G LTE SmartWatch right. All that's supported, multi touch is supported, uses a nano SIM for 4G calling I'm pretty sure it does not have the Bluetooth calling because that's not on any Android 7 watch yet 620 milliamp hour lithium battery with a 90 hour standby time. It says and ip67 waterproof use your languages, here's all your parameters, sports function and for those of you always asking i've, even got your measurements. 47 millimeters across about 49 millimeters little longer, with the button included and you're coming in at just under 16 millimeters in thickness let's dive into this. In the typical lock map box that we've seen before we have it plastic wrapped, and then we have the whole presentation in a plastic cover that reveals a red interior with a watch floating in a little box on a little protector. This has become their signature, packaging and it's, really nice to open can't, pull it out. I literally have to undo it to take it out and you'll notice. As we take out this rubberized band it's got a little pin right here. So when you put it on your in flap, isn't gon na be flapping once you get it where you want it, it's going to lock down and hold it in the hole in the little protector thing right there. Very nice design very fluid, definitely removable with the quick release. Tabs snap off SIM card goes in here.

If you might get this wet make sure if you take this off, that you get it down really secure that's, where water could come in heart rate diodes to pin shut loop in charge, it makes you wonder: how are you going to transfer data to it? That requires four pins, huh that's interesting cos. Pett did that initially, and then they use the special type of connector that you had to plug in here. To get the data transfer from a computer, so that's that's a little red flag right away is how are they going to handle data transfer, there's, a speaker, camera two buttons and a little cover we can peel off and then the rest of the stuff is in The box, including ah something's in the air that is the two pin charging wire, yeah, okay, that goes to USB. Of course, on the other side, this was our cover, but it also ships. It looks like with a screen protector, which is thicker plastic and inside this box is AHA yep. This is just like the cassette watch, then, because these guys include this in the hospital Pro optimus pro. I believe so here we go you're going to need to snap off the cover and put this in place in here in order to do data transfer, so you will be opening and closing this quite a bit, so definitely be careful if you're gon na be using This in or around water, and also using this okay, we have a SmartWatch version, 1.

0 manual. I know a lot of you guys give me grief by the time I spin going through showing you manuals on the screen, and my apology is for wasting your time, but for a lot of folks that don't get the manual or want to check it before they Buy a watch and it's not anywhere on the web. I was frustrated. I couldn't find it anywhere. So I've begun this habit of paging through the man. It only takes a little while and you can always skip past it by the way for those of you who don't know that you're watching on YouTube. Of course you are, you can go into the settings in the lower right hand, side and change the playback speed from 1.0 to 1.25, and it will sound like this or won't. But if haven't go like this or to follow up there's a little bit or you could go to 0.5 and it will sound well, you get the picture anyway, you can change the playback speed. If you think I talk too much talk too long and talk too slow and there we go. I talked my way through the whole darn manual for you Chinese, on this side, and we are ready to charge this up and turn it on. I will play with it with these band the one it came with, and then how this thing is heavy will slip in this band and show you after I unwrap it.

The metal band too. You can get it in either configuration let's go I'm gon na. Take you right from the beginning, I just fired it up, and these are the languages that are supported. I'M gon na go right to the top and, as you can see, it was selected for Chinese. So, thank goodness when you get yours and turn it on that. The first thing it gives you is the selection of the different languages and the opportunity to pick yours before it goes forward. Some different watches and bands will just show up in Chinese, and you literally have to figure out how to tether them to your phone and once you do, the watch will automatically set itself to the language in time of your phone. But in the case of Android smartwatches, now generally they start out like this, with all the supported languages in them, and you get to pick your language from the list. You see yours in there. I hope so. Of course, I'm gon na take English United States, which is right here, the United Kingdom United States, and that should mean go ahead and it does. Then you get all the setup for your height and weight and everything that will play into the fitness stuff. And then you get this QR code that you have to scan to get the app. Why WI I watched to or just click on the link in the show notes. It'Ll take you to the Google Play Store where you can download it once you do that.

You turn on Bluetooth. You will be asked to scan this QR code from your phone and when you do that, that's going to pair the watch to the app in your phone make sure your phone is on Wi Fi, of course, and then you're good to go. As far as tethering goes once you're out of that then you're into the watch faces, and this is the opening one it says smart on it and it's. Whatever time yours happens to be when you turn the thing on, unless you've got a tethered of course and it'll match your phone, so I'm gon na slide down and see that it shipped almost full haven't charged the guys. This is pretty cool they're, starting to send them out charged up and turned off and they'll hold the charge for quite a while. Your screens look like this we've seen this all before here's your brightness there's full bright. There is total dim you and that's really dim wow that's like yeah at night. That would be just about the right level and then there's mid bright, which is what I'm going to keep it on for the review. Cuz it'll work best. I have Bluetooth nuts automatically on for tethering since I'm, not tethering, but I am gon na go on Wi Fi to connect into my Google Play, Store and update any apps that are waiting. I'Ll generally turn that on and that's the twist the risk to see the time airplane mode shuts everything off the double arrows is cellular data.

If you put a SIM card in there and you have a data plan that you can use and this little goodie is location, services or GPS, which we can toggle on and off, but I'm gon na leave it off. Now, as we go and test the fitness app to see whether or not it's integrated with GPS, okay, then you got the clean up. Everything you've got a music player and when you're on the Internet, it'll derive your location and give you a weather update for your area as well, and those are the things across the top from this level, then you go to the left and if there's, any notifications Pushed to you from your phone that are waiting, they'll, be there, you go to the right near in what's called the app drawer. These are all your apps. You go to the right again and you're in your fitness drawer, and these are all the fitness functions. All right, you're with me so far from the watch face if you go up you're in the pedometer section. The first thing you see is your weekly accumulated steps in a bar graph of sorts, your todays step count, distance, traveled and calories burned, and that folks is everything you see in the layout from the homepage. You press and hold you can look at. The different watch faces that come shipped with the watch and I'm just gon na page through them quickly and not load any of them just so you get kind of an idea is not a whole lot.

This is a DUI, a DUI. I do it yourself it's. So it's a way you can make your own digital watch face by importing a picture and placing a digital time anywhere. You'D like to – and here you can tap this once you're on Wi Fi on the network and download additional watch faces from the server just when you do. That would be sure when you're done you hit the little round arrow and that will update the directory of all of these watch faces. There'S also ways that you can install custom watch faces. We have lots of videos on that. So we've covered everything except getting into here. The the app drawer contacts, phone and messaging have to do a SIM card. There'S no Bluetooth calling – or it will say, bluetooth phone on here. If we see that well, it's great, but otherwise we won't settings let's jump in quickly sound and display are common but there's, sometimes in display an option for what they call always time and when that's turned on and the watch dims out and turns off. It should light up a special display for you here. It goes that is like a analog time and there it is see the analogue hands and numbers around the screen. It'S dim, not gon na see it outdoors. It just lit back up again because I have that twist your wrist to see the time activated there. Now it went out on its own.

If you leave that switch off it won't do that and for the sake of the review it's at fifteen seconds I'm gon na pop this up to thirty minutes. So I don't have to worry about it going out on us. A plist style is just where you can change from an art to a round and round' looks like this, which I find a little more confusing, but it does show a clock in the very middle I have to find my settings. I don't think that's. It no that's the browser is that the settings yeah there we go and I'm gon na come back into the apples style and go to the arc. So it's easier for us to follow Connect is where you set up Bluetooth and Wi Fi, and you can make a Wi Fi hotspot out of this. If you want to but it'll drain the battery quite a bit, if you use it in that mode, airplane mode, GPS can be turned on and shaded out as cellular their lights up. If you have a SIM card in it. This is your gesture that twist your wrist to light it up, and you can turn off pedometer services and save battery life. If you don't plan on using that it's just that, when you scroll up you won't, have any data down here related to your step. Count! Okay, we are in settings going through all of this stuff in the Kinect. Then you've got your overall gesture screen on while raising pedometer sir services power savings, an overall way that you can monitor your power and it shows you what apps are using the power and almost always screen is number one it's the hottest most used most power using Thing so if you can shorten the time your screen is on and keep it as dim as possible.

You'Ll extend your battery life here's language and input where you can change keyboards your spell checker to the virtual keyboard that you know you type on and hear and even set up text to speech output. So it can convert what you're saying into writing date. And time is where you set up, where your location is and ampm reset the equipment, uninstall applications and more you're ready. Does it have it? I don't know let's, see background cleaner third party, app storage, RAM notifications, app settings data server saver; No, it does not have the performance mode that's brand new. We talked about that with the LEM 10 and that just came out. This has been out for a while. So it's using an earlier version, it may be that we will see that performance enhancement capability comes through future firmware updates for these watches, but for right now, it's not here on this one. What are we looking at? The KC 0 8 model number Android, seven one one here are all the important numbers Friday March. The 1st is when the kernel version was done, we're looking at it after August 20th, as a kernel version, build number time frame for having the the more enhanced power option on there and that's about the watch and that's in settings. Then you got a basic browser and downloads you got your calendar and clock is where you can set alarms. Then we got camera, and when I tap into here, I get wow it's very clear.

You see my nice ring, uh huh well, well, you're, gon na learn and maybe already have. I don't know when this is publishing but I'm doing a review on that ring right now, I'm gon na take a picture of it and I'm gon na wiggle. My fingers, hello, everybody. This thing on my finger is truly amazing and soon you'll know all about it. We do that so that we can test the audio as well as the video now I can hit here as the same as going into gallery and play the video you hear that pretty soft, but I may have the the the audio down on the sound settings When you get details, you find that it's a 1280 by 720, which is just HD, usually that's what you get when you have a two megapixel camera, this one's supposed to be five, and I expected at least F HD. However, we can verify all of this by coming in here and hitting details 24 48 by 32 64. When you multiply that out, you get just short of 8 megapixels, which means the smallest module in here could be 5 megapixels, and did they fake it up to eight well fake it's, a bad word? They up interpolate the pixel density. So it looks like it's an eight megapixel picture, not a true one but it's this. This is the highest we ever gettin. It comes from five megapixel cameras, so we do have a 5 megapixel camera a little disappointed.

I guess that the video is as light as it is, but we also want a DoubleTap and see what happens when we're playing it anything. No, it just pauses it. Sometimes you have the zoom capability, but not on video. Here it looks like so how about pictures come here you I want to see a picture there. We go double tap double tap again and we zoom all the way in on the picture. Pinch and zoom yeah we've got it too so it's a multi touch just like it said capability that lets you zoom in now it's a little fuzzy when you zoom in on it, but it's claiming 5 megapixel for the side, camera now you're, seeing the results just Like I am when it's back in camera, it looks super clear though doesn't it very sharp it's, just the results that look kind of funky, okay, that's enough of the camera and the gallery. Then we go into a music player, sound recorder, basic sound recorder. Your file manager is typically where you transfer your files into, and you use this to get around to the different folders so that you can install apps and things that you side load into it. The heart rate monitor is here on the back and it starts the little green diode glowing and you can cover it with just about any part of your body and as long as you've got capillaries there, it should give you a reading it's a basic one.

I don't think they've done a lot of shifting in these for a while. However, as we're doing this, you see my toe coming in over here yeah. Nobody noticed that did you. Thank you. I'M. There distracted you, okay. Eighty three fine great we've got heart rate going on now we get to where we want to check the fitness, and my all time folks have been here for a while know that there's a couple of different fitness apps some are good. Some are not. You can tell what kind of fitness app you've got by going into one of these getting ready to go and hitting the start and, if it's a basic one. It just goes immediately into this, and when you leave it says finish and when you get out of it, you can save it or delete it, and that means that the fitness functions totally rely on the the pedometer and not the GPS. It'S not interfaced with the GPS, which brings me to a special announcement. Everybody I'm gon na set this down, get my paperwork over here and bring over this beautiful banner, because the gang at full Android watches, which you can find at this web address for Android watch com have come up with a solution they have. They have basically got the app that is, the fitness app that's in the stock apps on the more advanced watches and it's standalone, and it can be installed, and you can use that fitness app instead of this one and yes, it does interface with the GPS it's.

Exactly like the one that you see in the more advanced versions of the firmware on the Android 7.1.1 watches, now it's still a little buggy. The version I've got doesn't yet bring up the Google map. In the background, it shows the track and it even moves along the track to kind of point which way you were going, but the background is either nothing or it's China, a map of one place in China, so it's not yet interfacing correctly, with Google Maps in The GPS for your specific location work in progress there, but it is coming, and so what you want to do is make sure you get yourself an account on full Android and go into the section where they're talking about this and they're, offering the apk file. That you can download and install directly on you're on your watch and, if you have this, one you'll have to do it with that rectangular connector in here or use a software solution like AirDroid that you could download from the Google Play Store into your watch and Into your computer or your phone or whatever and use AirDroid to transfer there's several different ways, you can do it, but all those are possible to update well, not update but replace the fitness app in this watch. So you can have the GPS and any Android watch any Android, seven watch, probably even the six and the five I haven't even tried. Those. Yet, though weathers your basic weather, app assistant.

Is that all the things that have to do with tethering to your phone once you get it all set up for tethering? You come in here and you can do the remote capture for pictures and everything that's a Chinese app have no idea what it is and the app store is a different thing than the Google Play Store. This is where you can download things like whatsapp and Facebook and YouTube without having to login to the Google Play Store to do it and those are all the stock apps that come with this thing and you've seen all the watch faces. You'Ve seen the layout by the way on this one it's showing you your Bluetooth connection, whether you have a SIM card, your power level and the circle is that power level as well, and you have been watching. Smartwatch sticks and we have in here somewhere. Oh, my high tech documents, a link for you to pick this thing up from bang good again: the lokmat lk0 8 4g LTE 3 gigabyte with 32 gigabytes of on board storage, high end Android standalone, SmartWatch phone with the metal band or the TPU band. Now I'll show you what it looks like on here. It is and all of its glory let's look at some of the apps let's. Look at the thickness speakers right over here. So it should come out pretty nicely towards you unless you scrunch it down kind of a nice thing about this type of design is, if you do, have it go off and it's really loud.

All you probably have to do is just push push it like this and it's gon na mute it quickly without having to find a button to push and if you can't hear it just lean it this way, so that the sound will come out better but that's. What it looks like with the rubberized band on it and again it's a quick disconnect clip on these things. So all you do is slide here, lift it out and you got it removed. He says mmm. If you have males, I just cut my nails. I knew I shouldn't have done that all right, there's, a pocket watch for you now, let's put the other bands on here. We go nice, huh, solid metal band. I need to take a couple extra links out I'm wrapping it around right there, which means it'll, fit bigger arms than mine.