You can purchase one of this for around the price of 20 uk currency, so it’s, very affordable and smartwatches. These days are very popular, so there are big branded smartwatches. That has a lot of features packed into it and is worth it. Some of them are too expensive and they don’t have that many features packed into it. But then again there are people that are looking for budget, smart watches and, and they can’t afford expensive ones. So this is one that has a lot of features packed into it, affordable and, at the same time, has excellent, build quality now it’s only around 20 pound uk currency, and when i got it out of the box, it has amazing metal design. So we’ve got that metal, build quality, not plastic heart rate monitor at the bottom magnetic charger here as well. So it comes with a magnetic charger here and it also comes with a screen protector, so that’s the first time i’ve seen a screen protector that comes separately for a watch so that at least it protects it from getting scratches and comes a rubber, strap that’s, very Flexible and you can also open this and replace these straps for a different strap. It also comes with a user manual here as well and giving you more information about this. How to download the app and the app would give you more features as well. Now the app is called wear fit pro. I will put down the description link for those who want to know what what the app is, and so a bit of information, a bit of information about this uh smartwatch.

It has a nice secure, strap, so it won’t come off very comfortable and it looks very classy, so it’s perfect for casual use or even for a special occasion. You can use this got two buttons here, though one here that will take you straight to their workout mode, and this one is more like the main menu one. So you’ve got a heart rate monitor. Let me go through them in a moment before that it has a built in 230. Mah battery capacity gives you up to five days of usage time 30 days of standby time built in bluetooth 5.0. It works with android 5.1 and above operating system or ios 8.0. Above the range is between 10 to 15 meters and between the smart watch or whichever bluetooth device it is it’s connected to, and it has a built in ip68 waterproof rating, so a bit of water, uh or splash. Anything like that goes in it. Won’T get damaged. It also has a great features for those who wants to know. You can actually put custom watch faces on this, so you can upload cops. Custom watch faces from your smart watch, uh smartphone uh through the app to this, so so for those who want to know that this also has that feature. It also has a magnetic charger that i’ve shown you and it has 20 sports mode notifications like all smartwatched smartwatches would have. But if you go to sports mode go run, you go walking.

Football batman turn tennis, basketballs car cycling, elliptical um on for just walking yoga strength, that’s working out, trekking free training, so i’ve got quite a few there and then it is full touch as well by the way for you for those who wants to know that this Is a full touch and look you can see all the steps counter is there and you got the weather that when you’re connected to your smartphone um, it will automatically update the weather there. If you swipe up all the notifications there uh press the button go to the right side, it will take you straight to all the menu there. So you got a lot of features there and some of the features, for example, um. For example, let’s start from the top, so you’ve got heart rate. Monitor you’ve got blood pressure, you’ve got met, you got breathe, you’ve got black blood oxygen, you got pressure, you got data, you got sports, you’ve got news, you’ve got music control, you’ve got weather and you’ve got a sleep report, sleep monitoring! Your take pictures. Phone calculator, stop watch timer settings. So if i go to settings, you’ve got adjust and brightness you’ve got a raise to wake. So you’ve got that feature. When you just raise your wrist, you will wait. This screen wakes up and then, if you go down, you go replace the dial, so you can change the dials there as well go off time. You’Ve got health reminder, you’re, constant and light time.

You’Ve got language settings and so you’ve got quite a few different languages. To choose from so that yeah basically covers all the languages, nearly all right. So if you go back again and you go the language saying that the sound and vibration do not uh disturb mode, we got password there as well. So this one this one has password as well, so no one can access it. You go shut down, restart factory, settings connection, mobile phone here and that’s that’s, the barcode that you scan to download the app. So you won’t ever lose that app or you won’t ever forget what app. That is because it has a built into the phone as well and the user manual. So you got two options there. So we’ve got all these features and it’s just got amazing. Build quality operates very smoothly, and so what for the price of 20 pounds, i highly recommend it. It’S brilliant, build quality, wise brilliant has a good battery life, a lot of features packed into it, and the app works perfectly as well. So thank you for watching my video.