Well, what we're about to reveal in this box is a new member of the club before we have the lympho le m9, the zi blaze Thor 5. The optimist pro from cos pet and now mokuba's is presenting us with the m3 let's talk about. It comes to us from geek pine, really, really think you get geek buying for sending this I've been working for about two months to get ahold of this and it's been withheld and withdrawn and put back in and they're not available. But finally, finally, we have it for you. Unfortunately, it mists the wave of all the comparison reviews that we did of all the previous ones that support this dual processor capability. But we're going to show this to you right now and, as I can do some of the comparisons in the background I'll list, the information I get in the show notes down below by the way the buying link from geek buying will be in the show notes. As well and look at the price it's already really good, if I can get a discount off of that one for you, I will so use our link. If you can that's gon na help us out over here, it's a 4G Smart Watch, Android 7.1.1 got the same processes and everything here's. The big difference. It'S got 2 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of ROM. Now, if you remember the optimist Pro and you're gon na see, this looks identical to the optimus pro.

It comes with 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of rom and a lot higher price. So this is giving you an option at a lower memory, configuration same as the optimus itself, which is a little lower than the optimus pro so 2 gigabytes and 16 bytes of memory, which may end up letting the battery last a little longer. Don'T know those are kind of tests that need to be done. What'S it got in it yeah. You see it all here. The wireless connectivity, the frequency bands, all of this stuff is the same across the board in all of these watches. Android, seven one one watches so I'm, just gon na show it on the screen. You can freeze frame and if you want to read it or head on over to the link cuz that's, where I printed this out from you're looking at a beefy 800 milliamp hour battery, that they say, gives you talktime of 3 hours standby time of four days. In the 4G mode five days in the bracelet mode, Wow awesome, okay and the basic standby time is three to five days and Mormon information. The the app is gon na be the. Why watch to actually app that they all use so no difference? Is there let's open it up and take a look because we've done such extensive reviews on all of these watches, already I'm going to bounce around and highlight some things about this one, and if you want the full beginning to end review, if you really are brand New to the channel, then I invite you to take a look at the optimus pro review.

The COS pet optimus pro, because it's gon na be pretty much identically the same as this watch here, even down to the buttons and the camera and the screen. Wow. Look at that look at that bezel on this one, that's, brilliant it's, almost like diamond flashes on it really nice. This is not a screen protector per se, for the glass is just a cover. We take that thing off. Take a look at it. We'Ve got the same band with a little hook thing that goes in there all looks familiar right, the back well, the back is different. Okay, here's one change check the other ones out. This has got a big flat plate with a screw on it and your heart rate. Diode information is right here, the others, I think, have a little lift up plastic snap, so this may actually provide better waterproofing capability water resistant anyway, screws holding the whole back in yeah, flexible bands, removable bands, just like the Optimus line, nice okay inside the box itself, Along with it now come two boxes in a manual in this one, we have a screwdriver for getting into the back cover where the SIM card goes, it's a nano SIM by the way and it's a mm connector, I presume, into a doc which is probably in This box right silica, gel okay, oh it's, way up in there whoa. You know what it's it's this in. I got ta push it all out there.

There we go that looks familiar to the other band for the optimus pro the four pins they're. The watch itself is gon na just line up with it. It'S gon na be magnetic pretty strong, holds well and then you're just gon na plug this. In here you want to try to use to walk a wire that comes with your watch. If you have a variety, these some of them are a little bit different. Some only provide power and no data, and if you want to load up data from your computer, you know you're gon na be probably doing it through there. So keep a hold of that wire that comes with the specific watch. Okay that's. All of this last thing is the user manual and, as we always do, version 1.0 will page through it now there's no mention of what watch this is so take a look and compare. This might be the same manual that we've seen on some of the other watches oftentimes they'll just toss the same manual in unless the pictures are specific to that particular company or watch a lot of times. A difference on otherwise similar watches is the watch faces that they install some of the companies, create their own custom faces with their own name on them, and when you boot up the watch yeah your choice of those watch faces and a few others that are usually Stock for all of the different watch faces or watch companies that produce that same line of watches, okay, very much a text oriented book that's, all the English part Chinese – is on this side now we'll charge it up and turn it on.

Okay, we are charged up ready to go, but before I turn it on, I wanted to bring over the optimist Pro to show you that, basically they are the same design. Now I have a different band on this one, but the back. The cases are the same. With the one screw that holds them on so three gigabytes: 32 gigabytes here, two gigabytes 16 gigabytes here, there's the old bands, they're, basically identical that was on this one and I will just see what the differences are pressing. The top button. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. This comes up with its name cos pet. This is the generic balloon on here on the m3, they don't have a Mac, IBAs logo. To start it out with on this one, both really bright, as you can see, the camera kind of dimmed down to accommodate for the brightness in the watch. The lower memory started faster, which makes sense less ram to check for integrity before it begins and their booting up now, this one's already on Wi, Fi and I've, used it quite a bit. This one is starting off right from the get go, so you get to see quickly what the different languages are goes all the way up to here. I'Ll just leave this one alone for a moment and work our way through here when you first get your watch, and I think we showed you this on a few of them. You'Ll have this option it's always set for English United States, and at least here in the United States, where this one was mailed to if you're lucky.

Maybe your watch is set for your country ahead of time. If not, you get to pick your country right from the list right here and there's, a lot of them a whole lot of them, and I believe this is all in Android 7.1.1 experience. So all of these languages should be available on all of these different dual processor watches, not just the m3. Then you put in your waiting all this kind of stuff for the fitness, and then you hit confirm now. This is where you do the QR code scanning. It to install the app and you'll open bluetooth and then click on the button to get into it, and this is the QR code, the app. Why watch to wants you to actually scan in order to pair, and we showed you that in a specialized video on using the, why watch to app so there we go. We have booted up into the first watch screen, which looks alarmingly like this one doesn't it. Okay, now again, we are not yet on Wi Fi, here I'm gon na turn this down quite a bit Wow. Okay, I, the differences between the brightnesses, are really intense, let's turn that one down all the way, okay, that's a little bit easier on the eye. So what differences, maybe here would be in the watch faces, but so far they look. The same here is cos pet, and here is something different for Makeba, so they kept this first couple of them come here.

You you need to get in. This is why I like that app display brightness that I'm always raving about, I have just limited control. Actually somebody showed me something which is really cool check this out. If I go down here on both of these, if I press and hold on the brightness, I bring up a slider and I can I can actually adjust it just right, so it's, just the right, brightness, okay, press and hold this should work on your watch. If you have an Android watch, try that there now they're a little bit better, you think okay, let's bail out of here. How do we get out of it? Did I just sit all up? I think I did em all right down a little bit. I guess hit the button there, so okay we've got cos. Pet watch faces galore here. They all have the name, you see them there and then it gets to this blue one and then we get in here to there and a few more and again now. These are custom watch faces that I've put in here. These are al rods. I believe that are on here. I could put them in here as well, but I haven't. If you're on the internet, you can hit the plus button and hit the server and get a whole bunch of other watch faces and that little button you hit there resets everything. So it goes back to the beginning counter, if you will so, I don't want to put it on this watch face, because I wanted you to see the band on the optimus pro here with brown brown leather.

This was a custom band that they sent out. I think they have it on their watch face, but again this isn't an optimist review. This is an m3 review, so we're gon na take a look at this one here and one of the first things I want to do because the screen time's out so quickly that looks nice against the black doesn't. It mm hmm let's, go over to settings it's, always a good idea to get into your settings and extend your screen life if you're gon na be messing around with it sleep it up to thirty minutes. Why not for right now, now notice we have the always time feature and the notification brightness screen, and we do want to turn that on it's already on and active on this one, I want to compare how bright is it when it goes dim there? They are sorry about the background reflections they're about the same level of brightness. Now that does not change depending on what brightness your main screen is. This one seems to be quite a bit brighter right now: let's go and do that adjustment down even further, try to get them a little closer to equal and when you turn them off, they flash and then they go into that ambient mode which is relatively dim. But it's nonetheless there so a couple of the other things we always want to check is when you go into thee God there he goes again right.

You go in here, we're checking to see. If we are on GPS or not, do you know the answer? You should already buy that. Does it support GPS integration with Fitness, and the answer is no and the way we tell that, is this isn't flashing and a lot of other things, but the easiest one is to go over here. If that says finish, instead of long press, then you're using the old version of the fitness app. So unfortunately, we do not have an update on on this on the new m3, just like we don't have it on the optimus pro either. The other thing we look at was camera. I know I'm skipping around but, like I said, if you want to see the review of all of these apps and stuff watch the one on the optimus pro that's gon na give you everything you need in order and all of that when we get into the Camera yeah, I got my new ring on. I am really gon na. Tell you about that I'm collecting such incredible data from that ring. It'S awesome. Once I get done with all of the smartwatches we go into details. You see us at 24, 48 by 32, 64, meaning it's, an 8 megapixel picture, it's a 5 megapixel camera and they up interpolate it to 8 megapixel it's the same on here. I don't need to bother to show you that's in the other review. We did want to know, though, what happens when we zoom one two and back again it's a little fuzzy.

I moved when I took the picture, so apologies for that, but we want to see if we have pinch and zoom and we do just like we do on this one. So all of the camera features are the same as well. We really haven't found any differences, except a couple of extra watch faces here that aren't on there that I have the name cost bet on it. Where we might see a difference is in the long standby, which is the second app on the screen here and I believe they've rearranged the apps here. To put it that way as well or you press and hold the button on the side and there's a difference. You don't have the access with the button on the side to get into this feature. You actually have to hit launch standby. Now there may be a firmware update a little firmware update for this. If there is, I will mention that in the show notes and give you the numbers and information we'll check it in just well. We better check it now because I got to reboot otherwise let's go into settings, let's go down to about and let's look at the build number on both of these. So once we go into that long standby, the only thing we can do to get out of it is reboot the watch right, which is kind of a pain settings and about and where we go. Okay, can you guys read that there are different dates, all right? Those are the dates that are active on them right now, so check yours and we're gon na check and see if that build number is what we're looking at is, is higher or not and we're running for point for point 22 on both of them.

It looks like they're, okay, so we're gon na go into long standby, but not this way. We have to go on this one in from here and hit the check mark. Oh, I didn't hit the symbol up at the top. That symbol is where we can specify whether we want it to have. Oh it just vibrated whether we want it to have the always time switch on or off it's normally off. I believe I'm, just gon na hit the check mark there. Just so, we can see what they look like, that toggle will just make it so that it goes off, and then you have to twist it to see it or it'll make it so that it stays always on. I guess it was always on we're waiting for this one to come up, so we can see how they match same fonts same colors same everything. What do we got come on? Where are you there? You go oh by the way you guys notice, it's, all in 24 hour time. Okay, this one is in the off mode, yeah it's gon na be 1517, which is more of the time. This is the time that it just happens to have, because I haven't synced it yet when you press the button once you get your step count stuff, once again, you get your heart rate, monitor stuff. We cover the little green diodes, and last thing we'll do is compare to see how these heart rate systems turn out now once again on all of these standalone SmartWatch phones, with the dual processor and I'm doing this bracelet mode stuff, they've been going through dynamic shifts And there may be firmware updates coming for all of them, some of them.

They may see some changes over time. Okay, right now, the COS pet has kicked in a little faster than the the m3 but it's coming in and with one heart and two fingers on either side, I'm tracking, pretty close being that I'm talking and vibrating us so that's looking good. This is one of the few good features I find of the bracelet mode. Is this always continuous heart monitoring situation when you have it on it's, always gon na be on the screen? Will stay on it's, never gon na go off you really. You can't even turn. It off you have to boot. Out of this, you know back into time to get it to get it to shut off. So you're gon na have continuous heart rate monitoring, with the watch very easy to do and it's true on all of them. As long as it's a dual processor SmartWatch with the bracelet mode and being that this is the m3 review, I'm gon na put the m3 back on. To give you the total look of this thing, it's a little bit on the thick side, but nonetheless it's a nice attractive, watch, it's, not too big it's got a really sweet bezel and it does all things Android, just like all the other ones do, but it's Cheaper because it only has the two gigabytes RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage, you can pick it up for about a hundred and forty bucks or less.

If I can get you a coupon and, of course, from geek buying they're the makitas outlet. You really don't see these anywhere else through a main outlet, then get geek bind so Deb.