They recently got in contact with me and asked me if i wanted to do a video review on their smartwatch, which i agreed to now, if youre curious, to learn more about this product and take a look at features that i may overlook ill leave. An amazon listing down below so you can check that out, but with that said, lets go ahead and get right into it. Now the box itself is very simple: its just this white box really nothing around, except maybe the qr code here. So you can download the app that you need to have. This watch connect to your phone, so you can use features like the blood oxygen meter and the heart rate sensor and other stuff like that. So lets go ahead and take it out of the box and inside we do have the watch there sitting very nicely im just going to go ahead and set this aside. For now you do get the watch and the watch bands looking further inside. We do have a little baggie here with watch. Strap bars, im, not entirely sure what these are called im not familiar with the terminology used for watches, but it comes in there. You do have a warranty extension card from 12 months to 18 months. All you have to do is just follow the instructions on here. A important safety guide just go ahead and leave this here, so you can read through it and we do have an instruction manual.

Of course, i did check the amazon listing beforehand and they do have a pdf copy of that on there, and i read it beforehand, but its nice to see that this is also included as well. And the last thing in the box is the charger and it uses a specific type of charger. It doesnt use, usbc or anything like that. Instead, it uses something that looks like that. Now, taking a look at the little holder here for the watch im just going to go ahead and flip, it around just push it here to get it out of the holder there, and it is a foam almost like foam core material that is used to hold This up, like that very nice, it says press and hold to turn on or off the watch. Please charge it to activate the watch before use, and you press these buttons here on this this one on the side to enter the training mode. Now the charger is very uh. Particular you see these two contacts there and the two contacts on the charger there and its magnetic so itll, just magnetically attach its not reversible or anything like that. You actually have to plug this in a certain way like that, and it should automatically connect to itself now scanning. The qr code will take you to this website here, which features all the different uh app stores that the app is available on in most popular cases. Youre, either gon na stick to the app store or the google play, store and thats.

What im gon na end up doing is doing the app store, because i am on an iphone here, trying to hide the notch, because you can see the little light there. I dont want to bother you, but you do have the app here. Onware just go ahead and get setting the watch aside. We can go ahead and take a look at the application here and uh. One thing that i dont like is that you need to sign in or create an account with them, but luckily for us we do have the other login options and we can log in with our apple id, which is what im going to end up doing to Install the watch band its very easy, its not as easy as with other companies but youre, going to see that it does have like this little notch there and in order to install it its easiest, if you do it backwards, but this down part here this. This bottom part there just going to go ahead and put this into a little tiny hole. Thats there once thats in there youre going to try to see if you can move this metal latch there and thats going to make the rod retract and then just put it in place, and it should lock in like so and once you got it there, you Go the watch band is installed and again im going to go ahead and use this watch for the next week week and a half so that i can get back to you with my final thoughts on its performance battery wise, both actual performance and how well it Does with notifications and other trackers so with that said ill see you then, after having used the smartwatch for the last two weeks, ive been able to gather my thoughts ideas, perhaps maybe recommendations for upgrading the smartwatch as well as target demographics.

That, i think, would be perfect for the smartwatch. Now when it comes to features. This is the most basic featured smartwatch you can find meaning you get all the basics. Like notifications, you get fitness tracking heart rate, sensors and interchangeable watch faces and stuff like that, but you dont get all the bells and whistles that three or four hundred dollar piece of hardware may have like text to speech or gps and stuff like that. If you dont mind missing out on those features, this is the perfect watch for you. Now, when it comes to battery life, i did get a surprising week and a halfs worth of battery life, considering all the sensors that it has and the tracking it does as well as a full color display and now keep in mind. I did use it straight out of the box with 80 battery life, so i could have easily gotten two weeks, maybe more from this watch, which i cant really say the same about my previous smartwatch, which i only got about three days now when it comes to The application its nice that i can control which applications on my phone push notifications to the watch, which i think is really neat, and you can change a lot of things about the watch from the sensors. It has activated notifications about standing up drinking water as well as changing the watch face from a huge library of different watch faces. One thing i dont like about the app, though, is that you have to make an account, but i guess you have to make the account so that it works with apple health and it stores all your health data and stuff like that.

So that may be something you that turns you off to the watch having to make an account stuff like that now ways that i would improve. The watch would be improving or optimizing the operating system that runs on the watch im, not sure if its android wear or something like that. But i did notice that it chugged a little in certain menus and scrolling the animations arent as smooth, but i guess thats one thing youd expect out of a 50 smartwatch, but improving on that will surely improve the user experience down the line. Another thing i would improve on is perhaps the display resolution. I would increase it and perhaps even pay just a little more for maybe another, fifty dollars more for a higher resolution display, but for most people they wont really notice that now the two target – demographics that i would recommend for this smartwatch – would be either someone looking To get their first smartwatch or upgrade to a more inexpensive, smartwatch or cant, really justify the three or four hundred dollar price tag on the more premium hardware. This would be perfect for them, because you get all the basic functions of a smartwatch without paying too much money for it. The second demographic that i would recommend this to is somebody looking to get either their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or somebody younger their first smartwatch, because it has all the basic functions like ive said mentioned. Prior has all the basic functions of a smartwatch but youre not paying three or four hundred dollars for a piece of hardware.

They may end up losing or breaking or getting stolen. So if they do end up losing or breaking it, youre only out fifty dollars and you get to see how they react or how they take care of a smartwatch leading to a pathway to a better smartwatch later down. The line. And this goes for both demographics and maybe anybody else. This is a perfect stepping stone of a smartwatch for those looking to upgrade in the future and just trying to test the waters with smart watches. Now, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this product, leave a comment down below in the comment section below and ill get to it as best i can ill leave a link to the product in the description box below as well and with that said.