I love automatic, watches and thats what my channel is about, but i also love technology, so the temptation to have a screen on your wrist had to be given into over the years ive owned. The first lg android wear watch a huawei, several samsung models and, of course, the apple watch. I hike nepal with my garmin fenix and also use various fitbits and basic step trackers. Yet, despite all this, my wife stuck around. Eventually, though, i had enough for the beeping, vibrating and general nuisance, of bringing charges away with me, notifications in meetings or on the couch and that feeling of always being connected got old. I started wearing my automatic watches only and i didnt look back, but here we are again and this time i have something special. This watch is almost impossible to get a hold of. I had to jump through various hoops and send money via the internet to unknown sources and a rather large sum of money at that on paper, or should i say, photos and info on the internet. It looked very much not just like a normal watch, but one that us automatic watch fans would wear without compromising too much on our high standards. So is it any good? Well lets find out Music. What were looking at here is the scan watch horizon from french company withings, its made from 316l stainless steel with flat sapphire glass and loomed indices. Its got a 5 year warranty a rechargeable battery that lasts for around 30 days and is water resistant to 1080m or 100 meters breathings even specified that the watch will do an additional 20 days in power reserve mode time and sensors only at 500 dollars.

Those are some interesting specs that would actually hold up well in this price range to any normal quartz watch and we havent even touched on whats hiding under the hood yet, but lets touch on the visuals and feel of this watch. First, the watch is delivered with a stainless steel bracelet and a rubber strap. We also get strap changing tools and even tools to adjust the bracelet. I removed it immediately since its fairly tinny, its not horrible, but this blue canvas strap from watch bandit, suits it well. In my opinion, the case is an all brushed affair, with no sharp edges anywhere. It feels well made and has a placing heath to it, its not small at 43 millimeters wide, but the thickness is a reasonable 13 millimeters. There are some prominent crown guards, which is good, since the crown does stick out slightly to allow for two things: clicking it to start an activity and also twisting the crown to move through the easy to navigate menu. Moving on to the dial, there are two complications: a monochrome amoled screen at a 12 position and a step counter. Just above the sixth position. I will touch more on that screen than a bit, but i think it melts in reasonably well to the dial when not lit up it certainly doesnt disappear, but its also not too much of an eyesore. In my opinion, the step counter gauge is something that all readings watches have, and i dont mind the design here, its graded from 1 to 100.

With 100 being your goal achieved, you can set what you want that goal to be so, if all you want to do is 2 000 steps a day, then youll achieve 100 every day unless youre dead, Music. This complication is a recently non intrusive way to see where youre, at with your step goal that you set for yourself. The withings logo 3 is unobtrusive, but id love, plume indices here instead, but show me one marketing department that would forego a logo for practicality. The doll has a subtle, but quite beautiful sunburst finish. I chose the blue one and there is also a green option in the right light. The blue reflects the deep royal blue color and its pleasing to see that the bezel on dial is exactly the same. Shade of blue the hands are an interesting design choice. They are skeletonized with a modest amount of loom applied. I suppose they are that way, so you can see through them when it comes to the info on the display. But, interestingly, if the hands are anywhere near the 12 dial, they will automatically move out of the way when you press the crown. Legibility is pretty good but would have been better, in my opinion, with solid hands. That said, presumably weddings trialled both options and they probably wouldnt have gone with this version if they felt it was harder to read, so i will trust them on this decision. As i mentioned, the doll is covered by a sapphire glass that is not touch sensitive.

I love this. I dont really have to worry about scratching it or bathing it too much. The specifications mentioned and the reflective coating its probably there, but i dont think they apply too many layers its not too bad, but definitely far more reflective than my other watches. The loom, whilst adequate, is unevenly applied. You can see here that the 5 7 and 11 12 are not as bright Music. The bezel is an interesting choice, its a click dial bezel made of stainless steel. I couldnt find any information on the bezel insert, but my guess is that its an aluminium insert its a matte finish, which is a good choice. It will not reflect any harsh light and im happy to report that all markers line up perfectly flipping the watch over. We can find three align connections for charging and also three sensors. This is probably as good of a time as any to touch on the many many things that this watch can measure for you. Let me take you through some of them. The withings horizon blue can do the following continuously: monitor your heartbeat all day and night. Count steps for you record an ecg through the vessel that can act as an electrode. It can measure dozens of exercises such as cycling, swimming surfing, running hiking and hiking is where the watch use your phones, gps, to track your route, if you like weights, elliptical training, and it will also measure your sleep on that last note.

Most smartwatches do this, but most smartwatches do not have the battery life to make that practical. The list seriously goes on and on here, thats all well and good, but unless you have an app thats, easy and fun to use all those things are useless. The great news here is that not only does weddings fully integrate with apple and google health, the app is so good that it stands on its own im on an iphone these days and apple. Health is very good, but i would say we thinks is better. The ability to turn off notifications completely makes it a comfortable way, but if youre that way incline you can get all kinds of notifications from text messages to emails beyond the scope of the washington review are the other options from weavings such as wi fi, integrated scales And blood pressure monitors it certainly creates a complete offering. There is a fantastic channel that i will link up in the description with independent scientific research. That will give you an idea on how accurate all these things are. Measured. Rest assured readings come off pretty well. I am very impressed by this watch and i will continue to wear it at home and when exercising, i much prefer an analog display, but i also want to measure my health. The only real problem is obtaining this one. They are already selling at a premium on a secondhand market, and the waitlist is reportedly quite long.

It is certainly not perfect and will in no way replace any of my automatic watches in the look and feel department, but its something i can wear at home in the gym without hating myself. If you really want one, i do have a connection out of us that will help you. He got me mine. There are many countries, including australia, where i am that are roman, not to get this model at all, so your only option might be scalpers or second hand that sucks, but even paying slightly above the asking price, still gets you.