Everybody you're watching SmartWatch dicks were a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com takes you right into us. This is the video we talked about making for a while. Now it is the quintessential comparison, video primarily between the three latest flagship Android standalone smartwatches, that incorporate two processors inside of them a standard, Android processor and a specialized one for doing a long standby of what they call bracelet mode. They are known as the lympho le m9. The cost bet optimus pro in the middle there and the zi blaze, Thor 5 and we're gon na jump all over the place help you decide the differences between these, of which ones are important to you. So you can make a buying decision if you want beyond these three, though, and an important comparison is a little hypothesis I'm putting out that we can either validate or not the hypothesis is it. You guys studied the scientific method right we're, going to hypothesize that these watches are no better than the ones that don't have the dual processors in them now I'm, going to test that hypothesis and you decide the theory is the theory, true, that these are not nearly As good or equal to the predecessors, or are these really hot stuff and you got ta – buy one to do that I'm gon na? Do this move these guys off and in the lympho category LEM we have lympho lef. This is a comparison watched the lympho lef 3, that has the always time ambient display mode, but does not have the bracelet mode.

First thing i want you to see is they're both in ambient mode right now. Yes, they are when I turn this on bright. With a similar type of watch face same on here, set at the same brightness level, you can see they're, nice and bright, but they're set to turn off in 15 seconds and when they do notice the on the right flashes and goes into a really dark ambient Mode, the one on the left goes off and then lights back up relatively bright that's, one of the differences already by the way later on, you're gon na see a battery test and in addition to the lef three I brought in its sister brother, the final x7, Which is basically an identical watch, at least we thought so until we did the battery test. So if you're interested in one of these two make sure you stick through the battery test, okay, so the lympho line has the flagship le m9 and I'm, comparing it with the le f3 as an alternative. Now, when you go to the thore line, the Zi blaze line, they have a whole bunch of Thor for watches out and then the new Thor 5. So I grabbed the one we've been playing with a lot: the Thor 4 duel let's, look at the same thing and moving the bands down a little bit. So you can see the Thor 5, always time display versus the Thor 4 duel and its brightness level.

When we light them up that's how they look like when you're at the same brightness setting, basically with the end, the full on SmartWatch watch face and after 15 seconds, they both time out this one gets a little bit. Dimmer goes off that one flashes and goes even darker, so again, we're, seeing that the dual processor watches have a much dimmer ambient mode than the peer in there exact same company line, so we'll be looking at the Thor. The Thor watches within the Z blaze brand. Then finally, and we've been waiting for this, the optimus pro and the Optimus which I don't have here, but the Optimus is the center. You see that flash that flash was a quick adjustment of the time it moved the time slightly forward. I'Ll mention that in just a second, the Thor, the Optimus, the cost pet Optimus line has the basic optimus and the pro the pro has more memory: 3 gigabytes, 32 gigabytes of storage, 2 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes for the regular optimist which I don't have here. However, I do have the non dual processor watch from the same company: the cost pet light and the cost pet hope – and this is actually the hope – light I've taken the band's off of this one and I've slapped in this little connector. We'Ll talk about that too. But this is basically the 2 gigabyte, 16 gig third iived. I don't know 2 gigabyte 32 gigabyte on this one.

One gigabyte, 16, 3 and 32 check me if I'm wrong it's in the specs, and I will be messing up through all this there's just too many things to keep straight. If I make a mistake, the specs are the correct ones, not what I'm saying ok. I'M doing the best I can all right. We are on that ambient display thing again. Let'S give you a little bit of view space here and again, third time in a row, we see that the ambient displays amongst the non dual processor watches are brighter and, of course, when you fire these things up into regular mode, pretty much all set at the Same brightness they've got the same watch face on them and after 15 seconds they'll all flip off and you get to see what that looks like there. They go there. They go. Ok see the difference, there's a subtle difference in how it works and there's like an extra filter on here that pushes the brightness down even further on the dual processor watches, so we'll be looking at all three of these. Ok, let me get set up for the next phase. Well, get you a little piece of paper to write things down on cuz we're covering a lot of stuff. Let'S! Do wait! This thing set in grams, it almost is washed out it's, so bright, we're gon na start with the optimus pro 70 2.6 I'll read it out to you optimus pro now, because this is the COS pet watch I'm going to also compare it to the cost pet Light: seventy one point zero and the COS pet hope with a wire on it, instead of with the fans and holding the wire totally bogus measurement 53.

Okay, I imagine this is going to be the same as the as the light there's, not a lot of extra weight to the the bits that are in the memory. Let'S go to the LEM. Now the LEM nine weighs in at seventy five point: one: okay, that's lympho and the lef three was the one we brought out to compare with much heavier 100.5 solid, stainless steel, much bigger watch and it's pier the X seven hundred point five. These are basically identical. Watches we think so we did the battery test, but in terms of weight, they're the same okay and then the Thor. This is the Thor five. It weighs in at sixty nine point, eight it's at the light latest of the three like this and then it's a one of its peers, there's a whole bunch of Thor four from the Thor four four Pro on and on and on seventy point: seven. Okay, so that's just a little bit heavier to so that's the weight, but what about thickness that's, really something everybody's concerned about, like I said, you're gon na need a piece of paper to write all this stuff down. I'M, not going to be remembering what I'm saying cuz I'm busy saying it so well: I'm, just gon na throw the measurements out there for you, we're, looking at optimus pro I'm gon na give you the diameter, including the camera. Forty nine point further: I am hello. Everybody, forty nine and a half is coming in at forty nine and a half roughly.

If I go kind of screen to screen across here. Forty eight optimus pro that's cos pet, so I'm gon na grab the cross pet light and show you that it's forty, nine and a half a little bit bigger cross from here it's fifty point: eight. Now the lympho, the l, am nine right straight across the edge. Fifty and a half kind of the same thing from edge to edge up right near the bezel. Forty eight and a half and lympho is lef. Three was the other one we brought out in the mix. Much bigger. I get forty nine forty, nine and a half really. It looks bigger doesn't it and uh yeah it's it's round forty nine and a half all the way around and then finally diameter wise Wow. The Thor five is going to be an interesting one to measure let's measure, the small size first, forty, nine and a half for the screen. But then you got ta toss in that big camera ball and when you do you're looking at fifty four and a quarter roughly overall diameter for for that one yeah, so that's, overall kind of size, the the thickness is really what people are concerned on so I'm Gon na start, all over with the optimus pro telling you thickness wise seventeen and a third seventeen and a half, okay, call it about seventeen and a half okay. That means we're in the COS pet line and the cost pet light.

Now this has got a bump for the heart rate sensor, which pushes a eighteen point. Five three get that right on there, seventeen point: nine, eighteen, basically eighteen and without the bump, seventeen so that's, one millimeter or so for the bump. On the back whoa. Okay, we had that big bump here, which includes that bump there, seventeen and a half, but there is an edge to it without that that's 15 and 34 interesting, okay, Wow at sixteen. Basically sixteen millimeters and seventeen and a half when you account for that middle section. The hope hope light were just going to leave them the same. Then we come to the LEM nine, any kind of baby bumps on the bottom here, no straight across special, but it has a bezel now right right to right at the very edge there's, a bezel on this one 16 and a quarter ish little over 16 that's. Nice and thin – and it compares it in with the Thor for right. No, no that's, the lympho that's this one nice and thin 15 millimeters it's a big diameter looking thing, but the LEF 3 and the x9 are only 15 millimeters thick. Maybe they got a wider battery in there. Then we get to the Thor. 5. Who'S also got this raised bezel, which forces it up a bit 15 points. 6. I can't really measure the thickness. Otherwise, it's got a flat back on it, a little bit of a bump on the camera.

Not I mean the sensor not much, and then the Thor 4 is much bigger. Look at this, the Thor 4. Dual is sixteen point. Six five did we cover everything good from the Thor's and I've lost my thing there, just a quick look at the band's, the four five, the new one has more holes and they start closer because there's, I guess not as much antenna in here they closer to The watch, so you should be able to get it snug, er and tighter for a smaller wrist on the other side. You'Re. Looking like this again, this is the Thor 5. The new one and it's even got extra holes here for breathing, I presume because they go into the same kind of a class, so that's what's happening in the Thor line in the lympho line. This is really apples and oranges we're, comparing here, but here you go. Looking about the same number of holes but a longer tapered leather band on the lef 3, as opposed to the LEM 9, you got that cam addition on whoops that camera addition on here that you don't on there and then you've got this appearance on this end. With extra breathing holes on the LEM 9, so that's a new concept, it looks like that's coming out. We'Ve got these extra holes on here that those guys and then the optimus pro and compared with the band on the COS pet light. They are pretty close, identical, identical holes.

Everything looks like we go same bands on here, yeah yeah now remember on this line, the optimus pro and the COS pet light hope light and the hope the bands are removable totally removable. There'S no antennas in here the watches are waterproof. If you're looking for a waterproof watch, this is probably the line you want to consider because it's, the only one that you're gon na have that capability whoa stop the music wow. If I was in editing finishing this whole project, all of a sudden, I got a box in the mail directly from cos pet, with some cool bands specifically made for their watches. So we're gon na take a moment because the optimus pro and the hospital and hope light are the only ones of all of the fancy ones. We'Ve just seen that have removable bands, so Mel kit, why not Mel kit let's do that here's, an interesting box with what have we got? Wow black leather band now remember remember the original one is coming with this TPU type of a band right that's on the optimus pro easily quick removable, exactly the same size in looks like rubberized, just like the TPU band, but with a leather finish on the front. So you want a dress. Watch you ready there. You go elegant, fine leather dressy set whatever watch you face. You want with it nice, but wait. There'S more we've got something in this plastic package. That also looks awesome.

Let'S use this puppy out. Now, of course, you know you could put any band you want to on your watch as long as it's the right size, and I think these are 22 millimeter Wow. This is your true leather band, Wow, okay, compared with this one, which has kind of a leather surface but is still gon na, protect you from sweat and whatnot. Underneath now I were talking real leather. Oh, my goodness, okay, okay, there that's what that one's gon na come in looking like and finally that's it ur da drum roll in this box, we switch from black brown yeah. Okay, we got the same kind of band like this one, but now with a brown color, let's put it on. Oh, I really like this wood check it out. It'S got black highlighting around the edges, light stitching, a nice Brown and again rubberized on the back on the back side, so it's waterproof, really cool. Where can you get them? I have no idea. It just fell out of the sky. Honestly, no idea they were coming, but I will look around and I will have links for you in the show notes of where you can buy the separate costs pet bands to put on your removable band, SmartWatch, okay, different kind of ceiling here on the light and The the basic hope you've got this cover that snaps in and out it could lead to water intrusion if you have to pop it out very often, and unfortunately you do, because you only have two connectors on the hope and the hope light and in order to Get data transfer over a cable.

You have to use the special cable that comes with the hope, but you have to order extra if you get the light that sits inside that contact and uh that connector area here, so you constantly have to pull off and put on the the cover which could Affect water proof Nisour this watch, so something to consider if waterproofing is important to you, the only brand that has it is cos pet and these two are a little challenging if you're going to be doing wired data transfer or putting in a SIM card so you're Down to the optimist, pro is probably your best overall choice for waterproof water resistant able to dunk underwater in an android smart watch at this point solve the problem for somebody: okay, yeah, I see some of the viewers are leaving now. They know which one they're gon na get okay cool. With the LEM line. We have antennas in the band they're relatively stiff they're non removable with the le f3, though, which is also a limb phone. I could have chosen so many different lympho watches, as you know, so I mean just for comparison mostly for the displays is why I picked this one. It looks like they should be removable, but they're not there's, actually antennas in it. They'Re non removable, so we're not gon na, go into a lot of detail on that, and then the the Thor line could be a Thor for dual. This watch also has non removable relatively stiff bands that are not going to be waterproof, although they're getting better at sealing.

Everything up is still not quite to the same par as having the band's totally removable. Alright, let's move on to the next topic. So have we got this wired or what well not exactly? We got some wires. We got some thoughts and we've got a big mess on the COS pet, oh wow, alright and the hope light as well. Look at what we're dealing with we've got this really hard to install and remove data cable. That is how you pass information to and from the watch. Unless you set it up to do it wirelessly over Wi Fi, which I highly recommend, then you can just forget about all of this stuff because um you could just keep this tsimko ver on your watch. But if you do use this, one you're gon na have a bit of an interference with this one because believe it or not, yeah it doesn't go this way. It goes that way, so you got ta kind of make sure you got them hooked up right. If you want off charge it and use it for data Wow, but that's, not why we're here right, we're here for the flagship, watches, okay – and this is the prospect of de mis bro and beautiful, oh yeah, and with the new bands on it, you like huh. It comes with a dock. It comes with a really nice stock. It'S got this recessed cutout, so you're not gon na get it confused with all your other docks, the four pins snaps on magnetic nice and strong hooks up with a micro USB plug it.

In anything, you want to charge it plug it directly into your computer for transfer data. All four pins are covered, so my estimation, a big step up in the optimus pro for a getting us what we really need in terms of data connectivity, but you are stuck with a with a dock when they're kind of hard to come by. So if you want one at work and one in the car and one at home, make sure you try to get an extra dr., so cuz that's that's what you got with the optimus pro with the hope and the hope light you've got the two pin wire For charging you got to get the data, cable comes with the hope. I know I know I'm repeating myself does not come with the light. Okay, you got ta, buy it extra that's, the cost bet process for charging and data transfer. You know let's bring in the lympho line in our flagship, dual processor, LEM nine. You are using a doc as well. You'Ve got this nice little dock. Here fits right over the circle, four pins, a little tab that fits in a slot. So you get the alignment just right. Super strong holds really well microUSB pretty much. The same is what you saw on the optimus pro for charging. Okay, the comparison watch that we brought along with just for the purpose of a lot of other things like looking at the display, brightness and and whatnot, to show you the Elly f3.

It also comes packed with a dock, and it's got the four pins and a little receptacle Bott le F, 3. The le M 6 comes with a wire and it turns out that that wire actually works and, of course the dock would probably work on the LEM 6 as well. So if you're looking at an le F 3 or an X 7 – and it comes with the dock, we do have a buying link under the LEM 6 video that you can pick up this wire believe it's, also under the le F 3 and the X 7. So you could purchase the wire, have one of these in the car and at work, and maybe just have this by your nightstand at home. So you basically charge it overnight on its dock. Ok, that's. The way lympho is handling data transfer and charging for pins direct data transfer. Then. Finally, we're looking at the Thor 5 with the Thor for a whole bunch of Thor for line, but we've got the Thor for dual that we're showing off, and here we've got a specialized cable. That is right. Angle does not cross about the back but comes off of the side by the camera that's our charging mechanism, nice and strong – no dock on this one. But you definitely have that big protrusion on the side. If you wanted to wear it with the charger loop through your finger and around your thumb and through your nose and and back into your upper pocket, so you could charge it with a brick.

You could do that. It'Ll actually work the connection for the Thor for duel gosh. I didn't bring that charger over, but you can see it's a little curved charger that fits right on here and that's in the Thor for review. Oh, I just got carefully reminded that for the COS pet hope and hope light with the two cables you don't need this one for charging, if you're, using that one that has all four pins data pins and charging, so you don't have to wire it all up. Like you're in an ICU ward in the hospital just to get charging in data, sorry about that live and learn: okay, that's all about charging what's! Next let's talk cameras! You see these numbers I've written on the tags that's the resolution of the images from actually taking pictures with each of the cameras on the Thor five front facing camera here: it's a 5 megapixel up interpolated to 8 megapixels. That means it shoots in true 5 megapixels, but when you multiply these two numbers together, you see you get a matrix of eight Million numbers, eight million individual pixels that are on your screen. This one now, which is the optimus pro, has its camera on the side, and it has the same basic numbers related to the camera. Five megapixels up to eight and likewise the LEM nine, which has its camera down below facing at a 45 degree angle, is the same resolution size, so no decision to be made on better or worse camera resolution.

The point here is: do you want a front facing camera, a side, camera or a weird camera honestly, when you put it on it's, got to point it down towards your belly or your chest on the LEM 9, the other ones. Now that we were comparing them to the Thor is 2 megapixels up interpolated to 5. When you multiply that out, you see you get 5 megapixels, so smaller resolution camera but it's a front facing thing: you're going to use for conferencing andor chatting and a side camera on this one. You got two cameras but they're. Both low resolution on the the lympho we've got nineteen twenty by twenty five sixty, which again is the 2 megapixel up to five, as opposed to the five up to eight so lower resolution here. But then the COS pet line where we've got the nice picture. A nice camera there even on the cost pet light and, of course, also on the higher memory, cos pet hope. We'Ve got the same high resolution camera all of them being on the side. So if you like a little bit brighter ambient mode screen, you don't need the bracelet mode and you want the good camera. You have these options as well, but remember the bands are removable, but the waterproofing depends on how much you use that space and you got to use the extra cord to hook up to transfer files and such you do have a cord.

You can just charge it with, which is a two pin separate one, whereas this one, you have a doc, and you don't have to worry about getting in here, except to put the SIM card in once. If that's, what you're doing you don't need access in order to get to the data cable, we got all that covered all right. Let'S twist one thing: I've learned, if anything from reading your guys comments is never enough. Whatever I do it's never enough. So there been people asking me what's the difference when you twist your wrist, which ones fastest, which one lights right away, which one does it do they do it consistently? Alright, for at least these three watches I'm going to entertain you by doing that with these all on my arm at a similar angle, with the same velocity you ready and twist, and then they're gon na time out, I'm, also checking to see if they're based on Gravity or not because there's some that they say when you twist your wrist and they turn on, but they're really just gravity. So if they're exactly level they'll start to come on all by themselves, as opposed to actually doing it with velocity let's turn it again and twist it uh huh. I am NOT gon na even make an interpretation I'm just showing you I'm gon na. Let you guys decide yeah somebody was out of sync weren't: they, okay you're there that's what you guys, timeout hello optimist, bro! Thank you! Okay, they're, all damn and one more try, one two! Three there you go.

You happy! No I'm, not gon na, show you all the other ones doing it enough specs. I know how to get you guys off of topic: specs, clear off all the specs and talk about specs we're gon na talk, these flagship, dual processor watches so there's got ta, be a great reason to buy these over the original ones and that must be inspect Right, how fast are they mr. end to do well, let's find out. I just spent the last hour running specs on all of these watches and we're about to show you, starting with this one: okay, the Thor 5, when we hit power when I press and hold – and I come up with my recent tasks boom. That is the end to to report on the Thor 5 washed out on the screen. 29000. 785. Remember that are you writing these down great that's, the Thor 5? How does that compare with the lympho le m9 get into it the same way: whoa. 30000. 379. Interesting lymphocyte, a bit faster, huh, well, I'm sure you're all waiting to know the antutu report of the Optimus bro is 3200 80 uh huh, uh, huh, okay, optimus pro is the fast this amongst all of them, but quite a bit actually. But it begs the question: how about the non dual processor watches let's check that out, if Optimus Pro is the fastest I'm gon na brine over the COS pet hope and compare with that one, so both of them we've seen that one at 3200, 80 31 318.

For the non dual processor cost pet hope, Smart Watch same memory, same RAM configuration in these right very interesting, all right, the lympho line. How does the lympho le m9 compare with the le f3? We got 30000 300 here, we're getting 2909 t7 a thousand lower. So, quite a bit of a difference, we got a nice bump up on the le m9 compared to the LEF 3, but there's a lot of other lympho watches we could compare with and they all have different antutu reports. Then we look at the Thor line with the Thor 5 coming in at the lowest of all of these 29 785 and the Thor for dual way down. There get my spec off of the screen. Oh oh 2028, did it say? Oh I just wiped it out. Well, you saw it on the screen, the 28, something so the Thor for dual, unfortunately, is one of the lower ones, the lowest one of the ones that we tested here and that, but look at how bright the screen is when it's in the standby mode. That is a lot to be said for balancing everything, so all in all the Z blaze, watches have lower scores than the lympho watches, which pale by comparison to the cost pet watches as far as antutu benchmark testing. One last thing I want to cover at least as far as I remember now, there may be more tacked on at the end when I'm finished editing if some other stuff comes up, but I want to talk about phone calls and using these now, none of these Watches because they are all using Android 7.

1, none of them will do Bluetooth, calling it just doesn't work yet for Android. Seven, if you want tethered calls with your phone, you are in the wrong video and you just wasted an hour, because you need to go with an android 5.1 older watch that has the Bluetooth calling icon in it. Okay, that's important you're, not gon na get Bluetooth calling out of these, but you are gon na get sim calling sorta. All of these watches in Android mode will provide SIM calling messaging yeah. You, like the ring I'm gon na talk about that soon, oh yeah, it collects all kinds of data, my deviation and body temperature at night, my heart rate variability. How many breaths I take on average at night and the whole sleep cycle stuff, but go away not yet when your uh gosh. Where was I when you've got the sim card in there, you've got messaging and and phone calls and data right. You can turn data on to do cellular data and stuff in Android mode. These guys, here with the orange tags, the dual processor ones, when you put them in bracelet mode, not good, they turn off the radio for your cellular you're, basically, two completely disconnected from the phone line. So if you're wearing one of these watches it's the same as if you were wearing one of these watches – and you just powered it off – okay – and you turned it completely off – nobody can reach you unless you've got voicemail set up.

Somehow you can't do a third party voicemail type of a thing or any of that kind of stuff. As far as I know, and when you boot back up into Android mode, it's got to go out and reacquire the cellular all over again. So just think about it. If you are planning on using a SIM card in a SmartWatch you're, most likely going to want to have it on all the time, and if you are you're, probably going to take advantage of using the ambient mode that's the always time mode that's built into the Watch, in which case you'd never go into bracelet mode it's, my hypothesis making sense now. Is it possible that the older watches are actually better overall, if you're going to be using it for phone calls than the new flagship dual processor must? Is it possible this whole dual process? Bracelet thing is just a gimmick: well, we haven't looked at it yet have we let's do that next to get into the bracelet mode there's a couple of ways you can go over into the app drawer and you can hunt for a long standby in here boy That with smooth wasn't it or the easy way, is you press and hold the back button now you get this display on all of them and you get this little gear here before we go further. Let me show you that that gear has a different always time. I know we've covered it in the reviews, but some of you haven't, seen it we're gon na set this up with the always time off.

So you can see how well it works in the twist. Your wrists think when this is off there's three screens we're going to get into an ambient mode. The one of those screens that is dedicated to time will act literally, like your watch would on the Android side in in the case with that turned off in that it'll have a display, but after a short moment, it goes off and in order to get it Back on again, you need to twist your wrist and then it goes off. Okay, if you had that switch turned on, it will stay on that one's set let's. Do this one, the optimus pro press and hold there's the little thing at the top again we're gon na make sure that is off and come back out of here and give it the check, mark and that's gon na go into its mode. And then we do. The same on the Le m9, there, it is notice, it's, different right and that is already turned off. That'S good and we're gon na give that a check mark to so while that's happening I'm gon na come back over here and just turn these on and by golly I'm gon na have to like be pushing the button there. We go there's different layouts of how they're displaying the time here you have heart rate step, count, calories, burn time date and everything on it. No battery indication, though, here you've, got step count.

Calories burn no heart rate from what I can tell, but big digits, but they're in color, which makes them hard to see outside which one would you prefer, or would you like this one, ah sorry, I'm, getting into the other screens there, so you've got basically how Could I do this these three different time screens there? These two are similar, but still slightly different, thicker digits on here and you got calories. The only one that's got the actual heart rate on that same screen is right here, but it's really really teeny whoo. Now the rest of them, I don't have to go as fast, because it'll stay on the second and third screens, all the time, always on and here's how they lay out. You'Ve got basically your step. Count calories burned distance, traveled right here in blue red and green circles, with white writing harder to see against a bright background here. You'Ve got the display that way, and that way so in terms of ease of visibility, if you're into step counting and whatnot, but get them far away from the camera. That'S gon na be your best bet, the optimus pro then one more push of a button and you get to the heart rate function. This is this is really the only reason. I'D say the bracelet mode is better than just being in the ambient mode. On the Smart Watch side is this continuous heart rate, the ESR, showing the digits differently again, the optimus pro and my book wins out in terms of brightest, best visibility, digits and whatnot, and none of them are giving us errors right now.

So if I strap it on in a way that it's over my skin – and I give it a moment – I'm – not gon na – go through that it's, just if that's too hard to try to get them all lined up and doing it. But if you've got them on properly, you should be able to get a continuous heart rate out of each of them. It will show you the totals and the dates and times when you've done it down below. However, none of this information is transferred over anywhere. You don't get like a map, a graph, a table of your continuous heart rate information it's, just for when you're using it live, but man if you're using it, live if you're an interval, trainer or you're trying to stay in a particular zone. You'Re not going to get an alarm for that, but you are gon na be able to get the data live when you're looking at your wrist as long as they are not outdoors and it's too bright, because these are actually pretty dim right now as well. Much dimmer than the regular of screens in the SmartWatch are in the eat. You can tell I'm getting tired in the yeah Smart Watch mode, not the bracelet mode. One last thing to cover that I know of and then we're out of here, but for that I got a switch us back and for those of you timing, everything let's see if I can get the least two of them going at the same time, I'm going To press and hold holding, holding, holding and they're rebooting and now, of course, this one I have to do separate because I just didn't have another finger, but we want to get it booted back up into SmartWatch mode.

Holding there we go hey you get to see all the different logos, pretty cool and I'm, letting it run I'm, not just cutting it and editing it. So you can honestly get the feel for how long it would take you to get out of your bracelet smoke. Bracelet mode and back into a regular Android SmartWatch to check if you had a phone call, but you can't check. If you have a phone call, because it doesn't notify you, if you missed one, because the watch was off, I guess you'd have to call voicemail and see if anybody called you yeah. It is it's got some more work to go. Okay, that one's the first one up beat that one. Of course, this one was late starting, so there you go they're all back up again and the third thing. The third thing in my hypothesis that you may want a regular Android watchin as opposed to the dual processor one is in Fitness. If you're doing any kind of fitness, you know by now that these ones that involve distance like running walking, not the indoor run but riding a bike, maybe hiking those ones where you accumulate distance. You really want to watch that's gon na base that distance computation on GPS and on all three of these. So far now we understand there's a fix in the works there's going to be an app that you'll be able to install that will change everything I'm saying, but it ain't here yet and I don't believe it till I see it all of these are giving you Your step, your distance data based on your step count as opposed to GPS.

So that means not only the distance travel but if you're using it for maintaining a certain pace, any of that kind of stuff you're not going to be accurate, nearly as accurate by basing it off of step count than it would be off of GPS. We know that this technology exists because we see it in the regular watches here's the Thor for dual. What you saw, what I just did over there didn't you let's go back into now. An outdoor run I hit go, and the first thing it's gon na tell me is: I need to go to location services and turn on GPS. We didn't see that, on these watches, did we now it's on come back here and hit, go and it's saying it's going to go out and acquire GPS now it's endorsed, and it would take a while when it locks up? Oh guess it did. Okay, you get the countdown and you begin now. It looks similar to what these look like. Allow us back to go. It should have kept going that's, interesting, okay, it looks similar with a 15 second timeout, except the blue thing is flashing here, see that and about this one, okay that's still going. Maybe I just didn't hit it right in Scott it's timer going and when I slide over here to stop that. That says finish this says long over. If I hit finish it stops it. If I hit this, nothing happens.

Oh I'm. Sorry. I'M off the screen. If I hit this, nothing happens, I have to press and hold the circle goes around it and then it stops. You have the same, save or delete it. Everything else is pretty much the same it's just the way that app operates and this app, which is integrated in the watch, ties into GPS, and you get GPS data out of the original Thor for dual with a slightly brighter ambient mode. Then you get on the brand new flagship Thor 5 and with that said, I'm complete, we've, measured them we've, weighed them we've smelt them we've, tasted him. If there's anything, I miss put it in the show notes. If one of you guys can answer it or I can we certainly will, I may do some more battery test information for you and definitely give us a thumbs up on this one. Okay, a lot of work on this one and if your subscriber thank you, if you're not you may want to consider it if you've got hours and hours to waste, these reviews tend to go like that and yeah. We will see you again soon. I got buying links for you for all of these in the show notes as well. If you haven't bought yours really appreciate you using our links. Yeah we get a little bit of a financial reward when you do get confirmation for getting the latest flagships from my sponsors, because they're happy they're selling, watches it makes everything work in this whole business of YouTube blogging.

Okay, we will see you again soon again thanks for watching, okay, okay, I get it along about now. Some of you are going. This is just like the Game of Thrones, or this is worse than the Avengers infinity wars. Ending he didn't talk about watch faces. What am I gon na do? I was gon na buy the watch based on the face exactly I'm gon na show them to you. Yes, all right I'm gon na show some of your custom pages on here as well, and remind all of you guys that the custom faces you used to get are still out there. They'Re available check the show notes for links to Al rod stuff to the custom watch face designer stuff, all of it yeah. Well, one of these watches come with actually installed the lympho line, here's the lympho le m9. Has this really fun graphic watch faces it's it's premier face and it's a nice one to have on it's constantly changing it's got digital time, it's a little bloomed out on the screen right now, because we've got the brightness set a little high on the watch. When you press and hold you can check out the other ones that are install with the gray color. You know this, you have a blue bezel or a grey bezel. This one looks really nice all in all on the watch, an analogue style, and then you have one that's, a little more sports fitness appropriate with digital time and your date believe it or not your power level, and it looks like your step count on the outside.

Now this one I usually have on when I'm, using it because it's a nice easy to read digital and it's, just a disaster, and that comes on the the lympho watches as well. Then you've got this fun little thing. You saw the dots and things moving as it settles down to the actual time with hours and minutes and yeah. Look at the second hand, going what happens when it gets to the 60 I've always wondered and never seen, and though it shoots right back over there. Imagine the HTML code behind that one guys huh here's another one kind of a classic busy watch with the illuminated light shining on it as if the Sun were up in the corner there here's one that brings in gold and lots and lots of layers of numbers. So you can never forget that it's, twenty five twenty five five F to the hour here's a bright, bold one with big hands on it. This is one of their trademark ones, I've seen that before you've got the date time and all sorts of goodies. Again, lots of fine definition with the lines in there here's a different style of design with go on it. All these so far are the installed watch faces. Is that beginning one that said lympho, but the rest of these are unbranded, so they don't actually have the name on it. There'S a really nice nighttime, subtle right, just the gold it's actually in gold dates down here.

Rather soft, then you've got the full white one. If you want to use this thing as a flashlight, this is a good one to point out the edge to edge screen on the lympho watch. It'S coming really really close right to the edge. You can tell that with a bright colored screen here's another one. This one with the circles that are intertwining with each other, going in opposite directions. Digital time in the middle we've, got one with the date analog and some very slowly moving, but they are moving gears down there. Another one. A lot of watch faces on the lympho here's red, okay, yeah; pretty bold, right, easy to read time. Oh okay, interesting this sort of looks like some other ones you can download from the server that's very creative if things that angles now to which actually, when you're thinking from coding is a little bit tricky to do that another one with moving gears, I know I've Lost a lot of you only the diehards who, like watch, faces they're still with me, which is why this has been tacked on the end. So again, thank you guys for watching and bail out whenever you like, but if you just want to have this on, to check them out there you go. We are still in the stock lympho phases now we're getting into the custom faces, and I got a whole variety of them in here. This is, I believe, the a section I just grabbed all of the A's in al rods, premium faces and dropped in here.

We'Ll. Just one through to show you a couple yeah, because there there's a bunch of them a whole bunch of them, and they are of course easily installable. We'Ve got videos and there's descriptions all over the web on how you install these watches here's from the Avengers. Actually, as we speak so we'll leave that one running stay up now: okay and we'll move on to the Optimus line. What does cost bet? Send you out of the door well as its premiere first base. Is this one and a very similar one here, and these things are really cool and of course we got the new brown bands on the watch too, so you could really make some funds combinations. The bezel, as you notice, is much more subdued here than it is on the lympho line on the LA m9. You definitely have all your information and your buttons are labelled and whatnot here, it's very subtle in a reflective bezel, but you do have the information on the screen. You also are pretty close to edge to edge. These are well branded. It says cos pet there, another one with their logo on it. All these are stock watch faces. Here we got some blue coming through different kind of design. Yeah we get into a nice night watch. This is just blue highlights on here unbranded. As far as a name goes these that we're, seeing this one in particular, has been around since the very beginning of Android watches that one too, these are old old styles that were probably downloaded from the XDA forum years ago.

There'S, your big white one, and if it's not too washed out on the screen, you can really see the edge to edge capability of the face and now we're getting into the collection again of custom faces here's. I think this the B section or D or something anyway – I grabbed of them and threw them in here just to give you yeah we're in the bees right, there's, the beetles, okay, few samples of owl rods faces shown off here on the optimists that one works. Well with the brown band and then finally, the Thor five buttons are on the left on this one remember it's on the opposite side, because the cameras over here these are the stock faces that come with the Thor five that's, your first one now remember: the dot Has nothing to do with the faces that's floating toucher that's, the app that I install that when you tap it brings up a bunch of things that you can do, including all listing all of your apps and stuff like that, so it's, a it's it's, a launcher Of sorts – and it floats so that's why it's there, but the faces themselves, look like this there's another interesting one. There unlabeled of circles, unlike the LEM nine with', which had date and powerlevel and such here's a bright, yellow, again non removable bands on this that's. A definitely making a statement and easy to read, i with oh sorry, digital watch and what else have we got another curved one all right here we go with a step count and power level and i don't know something else, but they're all full.

So, oh, i see it just points up to the numbers: they're just taking creative license, making that arc here's a typical one that you see in a lot of the pictures for this watch and stuff it's, showing your power level and whether down here as well, a Step count and heart rate that's a busy one, but it has everything a blue one. Now that says, z blaze there we go we're getting into some branding on these watches. Finally, they're putting their own name on it, here's a simple watch with some circles that are representing stuff by the way. If you see the power levels are jumping all over the place, sometimes they're going lower and some back up to a hundred percent I'm charging him in between. So don't rely on looking at anything in this video to judge what the power drain is like here's an interesting face. I think this one comes from the watch developers community if I'm correct, it's an astrological, and I grabbed one off of there to make sure they work to get to that it's really easy, just to remember: full Android watch. Okay. These are full Android watches, but no ass on the end of it. Full Android watch com that'll, get you into that section and then here's a bunch more that were competition, watches that we ran when we did a giveaway of the Thor 4 duel recently, not that recently it's been a while now these were all the different competition faces In here I think some of these are al rods, and some of these belong to other folks do this is one of the best representations I've ever seen of that flywheel.

That really looks like it's, spinning and oscillating back and forth. Excellent excellent design and a few more different ones in here, too that's creative. So there you go you've seen the custom faces that are on the watches, as well as the stock faces that came with it so for the diehards that are still with me. Let me give you my opinion on all of this. These are nice, really nice watches, but I don't see any purpose for the standby mode other than using it for the always on heart rate sensor. If you really want to be able to glance down and see the actual heart rate beyond that, having to boot out of the Android watch and back into the bracelet mode and even longer outer bracelet and into the Android mode, is time consuming challenging and not really Worth it if they could fix it, so it's a quick thing or even better, yet when it goes into ambient mode, you know when it times out, instead of bringing up just a little and watch face, if it could be those three different ones that you could Cycle between or set up ahead of time, and it really went into the other processors low power mode during that time, when the watches otherwise off and if the phone calls would still be in the background and could bus through. So that would automatically put you back on line to answer a phone call or perhaps even other notifications, especially texts whatsapp, all those other things then we're talking, but for right now, having this hard and fast Android or bracelet mode and when you're in bracelet mode it's.

Basically, your Android watches turned off that really doesn't seem to be very efficient or effective. So, given the fact that the other watches that are out there, that are non dual mode, do not have the bracelet mode, but have all sorts of cool capabilities, all of which are supporting these ambient mode. Always time displays – and some of them are really really super bright and the fact that all of these guys are dimmer than all of these other ones. Well, if you're going to use this outdoors and you're gon na rely on that ambient mode I'm thinking, you probably want to go with a a watch that doesn't have the bells and whistles of the bracelet mode built into it, because the trade off is you're. Getting really really dimmed down ambient mode in the Android partition, not not even just talking about the bracelet mode. So what would I take home with me, which rich watch with I really really want to be with either the COS pet hope or the hope, light honestly, if I'd lose this thing and I don't need it or if I use it and I transfer all the Things over to at one time, and then I seal it up and from then then more. I hook it up wirelessly, you know to my computer or whatever, and I rely on just a two pin charger to keep it going with the memory with the removable bands, with the waterproof that really nice bezel that's just void of everything.

Some subtle marks on the inside the camera on the side is fine, it's high resolution enough. For me, it matches the big boys right, it's, the full 5 megapixel camera that's. What I'd go with just got a lot going for it, but that's me, you guys all have your own opinions and your own reasons for choosing what you do and totally respect that my job is to bring you the information you can use to make that choice.