Ive, been using it for at least two weeks now, and during that time frame, two things stood out for me, the screen and the battery.. If youre from the Philippines, this smartwatch will become available via the companys flagship, LazMall Mibro store on Lazada on September 27, at 3 PM., If youre, one of the top 100 buyers youll get free, straps in blue, pink, green and the black model that I have for This review. And as part of their promotion, you can get the Mibro Lite for as low as Php2249.. You can check the links in the description box below if you plan on purchasing the Mibro Lite. For a smartwatch thats, already cheap and affordable., But for a wearable that features a battery life that needs only one charge in 10 days and a screen thats spacious and Colorful youre looking at a deal thats hard to pass up. To all the subscribers welcome back and thanks for stopping by once again and if youre new. Here we make tech videos of all kinds so feel free to drop a sub to get notified of new content.. Apart from the HD AMOLED screen and the large battery, which well get into later, the Mibro Lite also comes equipped with the standard smartwatch package like the 247 heart rate and oxygen saturation, monitor sleep, tracker, workout, tracker and various health reminders.. But lets start with the design or the style of this smartwatch.. The Mibro Lite is wrapped around this, mostly aluminum casing that houses the 1.

3 AMOLED display., The black band, is your standard band, thats rubbery in texture, but soft in feel., Combining the display and band nets. A 48g weight that makes the overall package hefty, but not too heavy once you have it on., And the reason for that, in spite of the large display, is the thinness of the watch itself.. The entire watch may be large in diameter, but its thin profile makes it less awkward for those who have thinner, wrists. Its also IP68 rated meaning the Mibro Lite can survive under freshwater, but oddly swimming isnt trackable on this one.. So if you intend to use this wearable as a fitness, tracker, workout modes include outdoor running treadmill, walking outdoor cycling, trekking football, badminton, tennis, elliptical strength and even yoga. If thats your jam.. Now everything is stored on the Mibro Fit app, which is something Ive used in the past. When I reviewed the MiBro Color sibling three months ago., The app is pretty straightforward. The home section shows everything you need to know, including your daily step goal and fatigue levels and the equipment section where you can fully utilize. The capabilities of the watch. Now Im not entirely sure whether the software support for the MiBro Lite is affected by the time of release. But the number of watch faces that you can download. As of the making of this, video is limited to 33 faces. And most of them arent really my cup of tea. Hopefully the company pushes more faces in the future as they tend to get old quickly.

. So in the meantime, you can customize your own watch face with wallpapers of your own. When setting reminders the MiBro Lite isnt as versatile as the MiBro Color, as it loses the ability to track menstrual cycle phases., But it did retain sedentary water, medication, reading travel and Distant view, whatever that means., You can also set up to eight alarms that notify the user with a strong and buzzy vibration, but you can only do so through the app. Now going back to the watch. The button here serves as your wake and app button.. If you happen to be calculating your budget for the week, there is a built in calculator., And if you want to check your notifications, you only need to swipe up from the home. Screen. Take note that only a limited number of characters are displayed on the screen and you can only turn on notifications for a few selected apps.. Unfortunately, for me, I use Facebook Messenger a lot and this watch doesnt support. Push notifications for it. Swiping down from the home screen reveals one more feature: thats exclusive to AMOLED, wearables and thats, always on.. However, theres a catch here, you can only use always on for up to 20 mins.. I dont know whats the logic behind that, but Mibro just let us use always on until the battery dies. In the settings. You can set a heart rate warning for three modes.. This basically prompts the user with a vibration if the watch detects abnormal heart rate, which is pretty neat.

Mibro claims that the watch lasts up to eight days, with nearly all the features turned on and about 10 days with just the basic watch features well. According to my tests, thats on point., All thanks to the power efficient, AMOLED technology., But if you need to charge the magnetic charging, puck will require 2 hours and 45 minutes to fully charge the watch.. All in all, the Mibro Lite is a solid smartwatch. If you can live with its caveats., But if you want something that comes with better software support, you can always opt for the MiBro Color, which is also an affordable option from the company. Again. The links to the Mibro Lite are in the description, below., so thats. It for this one. drop a sub or a like.