The good thing about the smartwatches is that they are durable. Water resistant and compatible with both ios and android devices so lets get in guys. Music number one on the list is the amazing rimo smartwatch, Music, Music. This smart watch is priced at 15k. Now it has 20 days of battery life. It shows text social media notifications phone calls. You can check your heart rate, show your calories and your footsteps its very light, durable empty. It also prompts your calories, its compatible with all devices, and you can connect it to your phone with a software called joyware number. Two fitbit inspire 2. Music. This map watch is priced at 53k. Now it has a heart rate, monitor that can monitor your heart rate. While you run jog swim or more, this smartwatch works hand in hand with an amazing app called fitbits fitness and health. With this app, you can actually get your diet. It will give you infographics on your workouts and your heart rate. Your calories and the rest number three is the amazfit beats s Music Music. This map watch is priced at 40k naira. It has 15 days battery life. It also has an imbue gps, so you can actually drop your phone and go for jogging running or whatever its also very light, thin and durable. It has 10 sports modes sports modes for running swimming cycling, jogging different sports modes. You just have to choose one its also water resistant and has an activity tracker for distance and heart rate.

This might watch also gives you a notification like a social media notification, phone call, alarm, clock, weather forecast and more, and it also has a mobile app. You can connect it with number. Four is the game for runner s5 Music? This smartwatch is priced at 40k, naira, its a dead kittens fitness watch with beautiful outlets and fitness junkies. It has a gps and a heart rate, monitor that allows you to record and compare your heart rate over time. This smartwatch works hand in hand with an app called genuine connect, its compatible with all devices and the app is available on ios and android. So thats all guys, this support watch is a smart, durable, affordable and can compete with brands like apple and samsung.