Video join me as i’m, going to have a review to our michael kors watch and, of course this is available right now here at forever 18 fashion hub, which is one of our newest stack. Okay, so let’s get started again. So this is our michael kors. Access go generation, 5 watch again, so this is in pink color. So right now i am still charging the watch. I am pusha so i’m going to remove this one from the from here. Okay, so here it is, as you can see, umila pusha – and this is the charger this one, the magnetic charger. Okay. So, by the way guys, this white here, young parent, um, hindi, hindi, removed um. I want it: okay, so guys when you’re going to purchase this watch again, um non charger, yeah, okay, so this is our watch. This is the michael kors access go generation, five watch, which is in pink color and all the materials is made up of pure stainless steel, so including this one, the buckle clasp and the metal here ayan, so young basal nyasa ayan. So it is a pure stainless. Steel again so natangal puyong, sargenia cassippo, okay, so by the way guys, the case thickness of this watch is approximately seven millimeters. I am so brown a piston guys. I swear the bandwidth. Overwatch is 20 millimeters and pusha again so 20 millimeters puyon, okay and the good thing of having this watch because it has a silicon strap and this type of material has a high flexibility.

Is it is a hypoallergenic water resistant at and does not absorb sweat again? So sobrang ganda put a lot on watch nato at sobranga and what’s nato promise again. So this is the tag of the watch again and, of course, and the good thing about being a smart watch is, it has really a lot of functions, including the vibration alerts, voice, control, music player, slip, monitor heart rate, monitor, call handling and more so. If you want to know more details about just this watch function, yeah, okay. So if you want to know more details about this watch, i am going to show you the modal number. I mean the code that you are going to use. Parapo is searching for online ayan, so that is mkt5070 ayan and pusha so i’m just going to put the watch by the way guys. This watch is made for the standard of women so bag and, of course it is um having a ammo type of glass super amoled glass again. So, look at the glass again just wait for a while, Music, okay, again, ah and that’s it okay, yeah, so guys nothing watch again! Michael cross watch os by google so i’m just going to open this one so guys again and then it took, and then this one is the access guide of our watch subbra. It has a michael kors access, quick start guide again so as well. What i have said: okay, again: Music, Music, okay, Music right now.

We only have a two pieces left of michael kors generation: five here at our shop um products and pusha; okay, ayan, okay, okay, so that’s it. The overall review of our smart watch by michael kors. So if you are interested in this michael kors watch, you can send us a query or email at and message, one of our facebook pages forever We are open at exactly 10 in the morning until 7. In the evening forever. Ethan also has the best offer, which you only need to have a down payment and we’ll. Have this item right away for more updates. Please do hit the subscribe button and click the ring bell icon so that you will be notified every time we upload new videos or item tutorials.