com, and I have a box of smart we're here and I got to tell you. The box is not big enough to contain what's inside, for those of you who have always been saying mister tix, these watches are too small. I want it huge. The bezels are too bland. I want them bright. I want them bold. I want them big. The bands they're just too skinny – I want a massive rubber band. Well for those of you who, like that and this carbon fiber, look in your watch, we have an entirely new design yeah. We do look at this. What is it let's talk about? It comes to us from Gear Vita. Your Vita is good at sending us some unusual stuff. I really applaud them for that. It'S, a micro aware, it's, now vh8 we've seen the whole H line here we got a lot of different reviews and micro. Wear also is kind of out there in different areas. We have a 5 megapixel camera in this 4G watch and a bunch of other stuff by the way check the show notes down below this video for a buying link to click over here and pick it up from gear vida. Ok, there you go what's inside it's, a 4G capable SmartWatch it's using the mtk 67' v. Now I don't know anything about that. One with the 67' v is. I know that 67' is the minimum required to do the always time display.

You know that analog black and white screen we've seen and as I understand that this watch does have it so we'll, take a look at that it's, your standard 400 by 400 AMOLED screen with again they say a 5 megapixel camera. Now that could be up interpolated from 2 megapixels, most likely it is that's what's the standard camera module there's, the different bands that it uses for communication and all the different features that are in it now. It says it has a sleep monitor, I'm. Seeing that analysis for sleep quality, I have not seen that in a SmartWatch and Android SmartWatch before so. I'Ll have to look for that one and what else 630 milliamp hour battery that's pretty decent, of course, it's a pretty big watch, there's its size and weight and everything I'm gon na verify a little bit of that for you too, okay, so it's an H, 8 That'S what's, the name of it and inside the box. We find the obligatory 4 pin connector charger, uh huh, and that should just snap in place 50 50 chance but I'm more than 5050 wrong. When I do it, it doesn't hold the watch. Cuz it's a heavy watch. Ok there, it barely does you're, not gon na. Do it that way anyway. I just do that to demo how strong the connection is and that's it. We don't have a screwdriver, although we do need a screwdriver to open up the back, which is where you would slide.

The SIM card hole different arrangement on this one. It really looks like it should be waterproof by the build quality, but I didn't know this waterproofing on the spec sheet, so that's an unanswered question. Obviously the bands are not removable. Antennas are in here, and you can even see the pattern on the on the edges. What else can I tell you that there's, a manual in here in Chinese in English notice the color on this one? You can get that with different colors, that little stripe blue and I think red. Maybe and of course this one is just plain grey: it subdues. It just a little bit here's. The English side will flip through this. For you in case, you see things I don't cover now I want to make a note to you, as it's been really crazy with this one. These are backward from what we're used to yeah. The homescreen I'm used to clicking the top and it'll go off and go on and all that kind of stuff then it's acting is the back. But now, even though it's painted red, like you, think, the power button would be so anyway. We'Ll see that in action here, but just a little notice on that it's backwards, a bit charging case more stuff, it's gon na tether, like they all do to the WI. I watch too app and we're gon na have some information in an upcoming video amplifying about that app and some conflicts that we're finding not good news.

Unfortunately, but I don't want to weigh it down on a watch review here, so we'll mention it under the video where I did a full, exhaustive review of the. Why watch and also might do a separate video on it here shortly, but just to let you know, that's coming here's, some more fine print and the rest of the manual is all in Chinese. So as we always do with charge it up clear. The field here turn it on and give you a look. As I mentioned, the buttons are backwards, so you think you pushed the top one to do the power because it's covered colored red and you don't get any response. You have to press the bottom button on this one, a little bit different. Oh yay! Oh hey! Guys! Look at this for all of you who have this love for a black border. We'Ve got not only a massive bezel, but a beautiful black border as well, so that your awesome, huge SmartWatch when you put it on, will carry that feel that it's even bigger, because it's got that small little screen on it boom. He says: oh there we go. Oh yay, I love it when we get a great big bezel like this cuz. I get all your guys's comments about how you can't stand it just like the ones with the flat tire. Oh my goodness. Alright, alright, I hear you, but what could I do about it? They make this thing they're all the same.

Android screens, basically you've got like three different type and that's about it. So far you got the little flat tire. I call it more of a low, wet low air tire right, the bigger flat tire on a really big watch screen and then the 400 by 400 screens, like this, all of which have an edge. Some of them bring the bezel all the way up to that. Little section the last pixels, and so it looks like it's edge to edge, but in reality, underneath it it's. Just like this. Some of these watches choose to go ahead and go right out to the edge of the electronics that's in the black space and then build the watch up to there and just make it larger and that's what's happening here. As you can see, in my relatively average male arm, it's a big watch it's a it's, a very beefy one, a very thick one and we'll get into that, but right now, I'm gon na run through just the basics. If you've never seen an Android, 7.1.1 watch before then watch another video, because I have gone over this a hundred times, you have weather widgets and music widgets a clean thing. That'Ll sweep up your ram. You'Ve got all these different icons. If you don't know what they are symbolically they're easy to figure out, and you got this overall thing – shows you your power level, whether you have a SIM card in it and a 3G or 4G, and whether your Bluetooth tethered to your watch using the Y watch.

2 app, which we have a whole separate review on setting up so we're not going to go into that today, either here's your step count average bar chart over the week. This is today's, step, distance and calories burned all tied to the pedometer inside so there's. A few demarcations that are different between these watches I'm gon na look at those for you right now. We swipe over. We get to the app drawer right swipe over once more you get to the fitness section. A demarcation is whether the fitness will tie into Jeep. Yes, so that your runs and walks will be more accurate, you'll know if it works by starting it up and getting this box, and it says you've got to turn on GPS in order to go further. When you do and you activate it, you're gon na see it looking for GPS it's gon na give you the countdown it's gon na run, and this little blue icon is gon na flash. If your Android watch doesn't do this, when you're in fitness, then it's just using the step counter when you're done you come over here and if this says finish, you got the old version. If it says long over like this is a long overdue. Mr. ticks you go on, and on and on about this let's get over it, we press and hold long over means. You see a little circle going around it. You have to hold it down in order to stop the whole thing, and that is how that fitness app works if it's been updated.

So yes, checkmark for this one, this one uses GPS integration. How about camera we go down here to our camera, it's, a side! Camera we go my fingers yeah. I got my ring on again. I swear I'm going to be doing a video on this really soon. This is an incredible ring. Let'S take a picture of it so that I can show you something information about it. In the details. 1920 by 2560, your standard 5 megapixel size but guaranteed it's, a 2 megapixel camera that's up and turtle. Interpolated. To that level, I can double tap the zoom in in double tap to zoom, more double tap and it goes back and then this was. It was one that's different on different watches, whether you have pinch and zoom, we do not. If I did, two fingers would zoom in on the picture so thumbs down on the pinch and zoom now, as we found out in the Janice, which was recently released, video there's also a new feature coming for the camera, so let's get back to the camera there. We go, and that is whether or not we have digital zoom in the camera itself. So to do that, I put my finger on the screen and I go up and down. If it has it, it would zoom in on the picture up to four times. If it doesn't as this one does not, then it doesn't have that feature another thumbs down, but that's, okay, because so far the janus is the only camera on the market.

What'S, the Janus it's, a two camera like the Thor for dual one on the side, one on the front uses a really large 1.6 inch screen and it has zoom on the camera itself, which is really handy and better than zooming. The picture after the fact, because you can literally zoom in on the subject you want to take the picture of and that picture will then be at that zoom level. And then I presume you could double tap and double tap again and zoom in even deeper on that so that's what we want to cover on camera. Nothing else is different in these watches that I can think of. Oh here we go. This is new. A barometer look at that: okay, whoa, look at that! I'Ve got relative height, huh there's, the barometric pressure. Alright, and this is the relative height. So I presume I can reset it and now, if I go hiking it's gon na track as I go up or down – and I guess the tiniest change in barometric pressure will adjust it by how many meters you are above or below your location. Again, its height is kind of calculated from the thickness of the air right. The pressure of the air so it's relying on barometric pressure, but it must have one of those sensors in here which is new double thumbs up: that's cool that's, something really new. What was the other thing? It said sleep time right.

We saw that as a nap where, in the heck is that let's look through the whole app door, contacts phones and messaging is for making and receiving calls. Yes, you need a sim card in it. No, you can't do this tethered to your phone Android. Seven watches do not allow Bluetooth, calling they refer to it as browser and downloads, and your calendar and clock is where you set your alarms. We looked at camera galleries, where you see the pictures. Music player sound recorder, we haven't heard the sound. I know I know we're still looking for the sleep stuff, but let's try this hello, everybody, I'm recording with the sound recorder and yeah. I talk a little louder than normal, but I'm still about a foot away or so from the watch itself. They'Re gon na hit done I'm gon na hit save I'm gon na hit here for the fire list and I'm gon na play it. Oh my gosh, I can't hardly even hear it okay, you know what we're gon na take one second one second I'll be right: back I'm gon na leave here, I'm gon na come back up the settings. We'Re gon na look at sound and we're gon na adjust. These volumes there, you can kind of hear the volume level this should be under media volume, and so now we're going to press and hold now see I press and hold the top, and I get back it's, not what I want.

I want a press and hole and get to the recent tasks. This is how I can quickly leave the settings and switch back to the sound recorder, and now I can go to that file list and play it again. Sam, I don't know if you can hear that or not because of the way the camera microphone and everything changes voicing. But I'll give you my estimation it's. Definitely on the low side at full volume, it's, not very intelligible and not very loud, which probably implies videos. Would be that way and possibly phone calls as well. I have heard louder, watches for sure so mmm there you go anyway. That was the sound recorder right there, we're still hunting down the sleep, monitor this heart rate file manager, whether voice play store Maps assistant. The barometer Fitness is Fitness's, we got when we slid over to the side, but it's got pretty color pictures and then there's an app store. Maybe we got it download it from here. Facebook and Twitter and whatsapp and YouTube are in here no and we do have. That was the Play, the App Store, which is different than the Google Play Store, but we do have that, but from everything I can see, there is no sleep app on here and we haven't found a good third party app either to run on android watches. So that's, probably an error in the overall listing all right, we haven't looked at watch faces let's.

Do that real, quick, here's, a really nice bright edge to edge, as far as the edge goes, that can show you that black barrier, you have to kind of see the reflection of the actual bezel in the light on the glass to get a feel for where They um the actual image, starts a few more interesting watches, here's, something new with the balloons there's that balloon starting it's like a background picture with a digital overlay, few more watch faces and I'm, not gon na bother to go into them, well, there's, something where the Second hand is going all the way around and if you get the right watch face with these alternate eating white and black sections, it doesn't make it look like the screen is really small within the overall watch, so you can kind of mask it. If that's, the right word, you can use a dimmer type of an overall screen again looking at the bezel it's, a tachometer design of sorts with bold numbers around the edges and a few more watch faces. I have not put any custom faces in here, but it's easy to do same as all the other Android watches they work just fine. However, I did add and look at all these – these are a bunch of the old stock watch faces that used to live on the Google. What was it the G community and even before that the XDA forms all of these? Why? Okay, I hope they got permission for them, here's, an interesting one that shows some fake shadowing on it.

That looks like it's, 3d or the bezel is a lot deeper than it is tricks of the trade same thing here with the the shading on the side and there's. A lot of watch faces in here very simple, datetime, bright white. If you want something to use as a flashlight few more some of these I haven't seen I don't recall that one, for example, don't go away: cuz, we're gon na measure. This thing look at that droid, oh wow, too bad the propellers don't turn, but we've got in a drawer. I mean it drone. We get a drone watch face. Finally, okay, this one, we see common on a lot of the fitness apps and then this one with a little minus sign. You see that that's one I added from the little plus symbol. This is where you go into the server and you can download all kinds of of watch faces. You hit that little curly arrow after you download some of these to make sure you reset all of these things. This one is where you can create your own watch. Face with your own picture and and add a digital time to it, and this is that stock face now, that is usually what you see in the always time display which we haven't tested yet because it actually is on this watch. This is all lit up. This is an actual watch face, see I've got the power level on this one to the the Collins clan designed this pearce and Tim Collins, but this one out I'm gon na turn it off, but not with that button with that button and in just a moment 3Do there you go, you see the really subdued dim analog watch it's.

Basically the same watch face without the time on it. Oh it lit up because I'm in that twist your wrist thing and it also lights up. If you have it at just the right gravity level there it went back out again, so you get the feel for both of those the brightness levels and, of course this brightness can be changed when you get in here. You have full brightness like that, and you have dimmest level like that. So if it's nighttime and you have it set on dim level and then you turn the watch off and it goes into ambient mode. There'S not a whole lot of difference between those two, but definitely big difference when you go to the brighter levels. Okay, while you've seen it on right, it is a thick band very thick, but it's pliable, it's soft it. It won't lay like flat with the the sides coming down, but it's not like super stiff either, but you don't want to bend the antenna areas too much. You don't want to tear those inside of there. Let'S grab this and confirm the weight it's kind of washed out on here, but where they said it was 60 grams. It actually comes in at 88 yeah. I know it's it's heavy because of the plastic. How many you guys take your shoes off before you get on the scale when you go to the doctor's office, only if you're, overweight, right, yeah it's still 88.

Can you see that I think you can well that's gon na change it anyway, 88 grams, very heavy watch and as far as dimensions, go let's, make sure we're in millimeters and zero our calipers I'm just really curious. How big is this sucker, especially how thick is it across the camera we're at fifty three thickness is? Is it gon na be an award winning camera? I mean watch 16 point six. Seven let's get it right in here 16 and 34. You'Re, probably calling it 17 to be safe, 17 millimeters, sighs grab a different face and yeah even even the diameter. The screen itself here is 50, I'm, sorry, 52 millimeters, so it's a large heavy man's watch for sure. But if you really want to make that kind of a statement and style it works, it definitely works so consider it here. Veta it's got the GPS integration with the fitness. It'S got to always time display capability. It'S got a 5 megapixel camera, they say, doesn't, look like waterproof, but should be splash proof. I don't see an IP rating on it. If there is oh whoa, I just saw it. I am so sorry I apologize IP 68. So we can dunk this one underwater yeah. It looks like a good solid build, especially where that SIM card is supposed to go. That it's, not one of those little plastic things you pop off, so it's got this ceramic base going for it. The heart rate.

Diodes are right in there. It even has a quality assurance pass level on it other than the sound being low it and it being really big. It'S got it's got to go a lot going for it as an Android. Smart watch, okay enough for now you've been watching. Smart Watch ticks again. We'Re at smart watch ticks calm and we appreciate your thumbs up or likes on the video and, of course, sharing anything on social media about our channel is very, very welcomed. It'Ll help us build viewership, a lot of people would watch if they knew we were here. The art of letting them know. We'Re here is something I really rely on. You guys for help.