Apparently we got news for the element crystal event. It’S me: co, op, Music, only okay, so we got two posts for this. So first off we have the element crystal event: co. Op event. Dear travelers, the elements of crucible, co op event is about to begin work together, uh travelers to shovel okay, uh work together, with other travels to shovel elemental clots into an elemental crucible to advance the alchemy process after the alchemic transportation is completed, consume original resident to Receive bounties, including character, exp materials, adventure, xp and more boundaries will be calculated based on the traveler’s individual world level, and you can also obtain awards, such as primo gems, character, ascension and materials. By and more by completing achievements in the alchemy handbook cool once the event is unlocked travis, maybe um may open the event by pressing f5 on the pc tapping the compass icon in the top right hand, corner on mobile or pressing l1 cool uh for event. Detail see the in game notice, Music, nope uh. You have to reach adventure, rank 20 and higher to complete, complete active two prologue tomorrow without tears and complete tamiya’s quip, one giant set for alchemy nope. So what we know about this from sleppanier? No idea, if it’s legitimate sorry so just you know, bear with me i i know i don’t know anything about this gentleman uh, but this is what he’s posting. Okay hope. You enjoy your beta this supposed to give you a general idea about the upcoming co.

Op event, element crucible. This is the alchemy handbook. You can complete 10 transparency for the elements of crucible and you get 80 primo gems for doing that. 20 transformations are going to get you another 160 freedom, gems, so free to play. Rejoice, you get free premium, gems, pog, ooh. Okay, here we go here, we go. This right here is a five. This is a four star artifact, but this is from a really good set. This is from the noble, so bleach set. This set is a top tier uh support. Dps sets like mona’s best set uh could be potentially ventis best set et cetera, okay, uh defeat a hundred assailants and you get like other four star, artifacts cool. You have three star materials nice. This is really cool, so um i mentioned before that. Uh there’s gon na be um a ton of different things that will be coming out apparently like over the next couple weeks for uh, genji and impact, and it looks like the official post here was on october 10th. This one was posted on, looks like july, 2nd a long time ago, so uh this one’s been out for quite some time. I don’t know like maybe this was on a closed, beta or what’s going on with that. I really don’t know so. This is interesting. All right, so the requirement the event menu is unlocked at ar10 and you can check it there. However, the only travelers with ar adventure rake are greater than 16 uh.

We will complete the prog okay, so this is the requirements getting into it great cool thing all right. I like i like cool all right. What do we got here? All right, so the elemental crucible you can see here has like a little pillar here. You need to uh, it requires resin. It requires resin all right, uh, um, mihoyo, hello. I just made it make it a a daily thing, not a resin thing. Thank you. Uh magic sales, educab session yep. You just get a co op session. You pull up cool um again. This is the test version. There may not be again uh the resin cost may not be in the final product. Again it says test version as in july, so hopefully uh. It is not as described um because we’re all hurting on resin. Okay, as we can see here, that you’re fighting in some kind of crucible looks like an arena where you’re fighting enemies, um and okay, as the challenge starts, travelers need to defeat occurring enemies and collect the drops of elemental, clot transport, the clots into an elemental crucible That will push the alchemy process forward. It is time limited, oh cool, so the timer up here just kind of like kind of like spiral: okay, cool, nice. Okay, you get these little things around you because of the elemental clots. They’Re talking about elemental clots can be collected up to three times and they must be the same element once travelers pick up a new element of clot, the one they’re carrying will be dropped.

So you you take the clots. Like you kill stuff, it gets you clots. You bring them to the center and then you drop them in there cool got it easy all right, uh, once the yellow bar is completed, the travelers claim the awards consuming up to 20 resin, which gives you exp and exp character books. Oh adventure, exp and character books for what pressure reward you need to complete the advantage. Events in the handbook, so um looks like the reward list right here. You can get in the uh you’re, basically it’s it’s, very similar to doing a ley line, but the drops are better than ley lines like they’re level. These are actually like ar level 40 ley line rewards right here. So if you want to know what the the level, if you’re lower level, this is actually like, interesting because that’s what you would get at a level 40 line um going over here, the the reward drop list is actually really really good, depending on the total amount Of alcoholic efficiencies, you get so it’s like you’re doing ley lines, but you also get additional rewards on top of that, and i put up a video yesterday about like what you can do after ar30 and uh, one of the things that you get hampered on hamstring. On right now is exp for character, xp, so it’s, not the worst thing in the world of giving character. Exp books, i mean i would prefer some other rewards as drops possibly like artifacts and other things between, but the the reward table that we’re getting here is actually kind of like make leads me to believe that it’s, okay, there are other things that i can see.

They’Ll be about the main issue i have with us, of course, is a resin system, and we can all kind of agree that a resin system on an event is not the preferred option. Uh mihoyo. We love your game, it’s amazing, but everyone in the entire game is resin capped right now and we want other content that does not rely on resin. You can create a separate system of stamina dependent on this. You don’t need to tie it directly to this. The other thing that you don’t get out of this, that i’m, seeing here so far, but it might change because we can only see the top part of the rewards. Here is there’s no mora rewards, which would be a really big help for a large amount of players uh. So those are the two main issues i see with this event, but the major issue, of course, is that is you know resin based, and the second issue, of course, is the one i just described but see how the resin rewards the words we’re getting are actually Ar level 40 and above rewards i mean, i guess like no matter what player is doing, it you’re always going to get the max rewards, but um and it’s kind of better for newer players. I would say uh that are really trying to get more character. Xp. So potentially good, but otherwise can you just not give us events based on resin any like just anything else like we’re, already capped on resin in every way, shape and form.

Just any event, you give us no resin make it a timed event for like different. Like things or like different way, you can do it. Hopefully this post right here um is not legitimate anymore, because it is again, as i said, it was posted back in july, and this was a beta test version of what this was and not the original form. So i’m, just hoping that mihoyo has changed it and is much better on the original post. Apparently it says: resin yep consume original resin there. It is no! No, they didn’t change, it’s the same okay, so mihoyo um. If you’re gon na make a resin based event. Like this and you’re going to do it, there is only one thing you can do for us. You have to give us resin daily there’s there’s. You have to give us more resin daily there’s. We cannot do this event unless you’re, giving us a free, resin daily. So if you’re getting us a free, resin refresh every day, i’m pretty sure it’s fine, then i mean if we get a free resin refresh every day, while the event’s live, then it’s, fine, i’m. Okay, with this event, as long as you’re giving us a free, resin refresh every day, um, if we need to do it three times per day, free resin, refresh every day, alleviates the burden on resin be fine and we can choose to do the event or not To the event, or we fish them in early, then we can switch other content that’s a great easy fix, so mihoyo that’s an easy fix on your end.

You can do this on the back end, send it to us, via in game mail, because you would like to because you know that there is a burden here, so easy fix. Please i implore you mihoyo. I implore you to do this. My name is secondpoco. Thank you so much for watching hope. You guys enjoyed this video if you guys did enjoy the video of course like and subscribe all the fun stuff. Let me know what you guys think about this event in the comment section down below and let me know what changes you think you can be made to this event in order to be a very, very good event, uh for the player base.