I believe this is a fashion and a design brand from asia, which i’m not too sure which car country it is from, and but this is how the uh boxes look like how i put it on just now, but uh that’s, how you open the box, like Put it from the side on top bottom and let’s, see in the front, you got like a clean, uh, whitish kind of look here, but there’s a little bit of a bomb on the amelia brenden on top of here in the middle here, and some japanese words Here so i believe this is like japanese company maybe and on the bottom you got a color which is like in a white color canton here, on top on the left side right side, nothing, there is some specifications on the spot, watch and it’s called spot watch. You can see it over here with a 1.3 inch screen and some kind of uh description down below the functions that it got, some of them here and it’s powered by uh and actually on android apps and also for episode on ios. So let’s just put this inside here and let’s, see how it looks like okay. So you just put it up from the side. It’S a plastic kind of uh cover here, and you got some logo down below there as well and it’s, pretty minimalistic, but then again, it’s kind of like um, a typical kind of designer kind of uh box unboxing.

I would say retail here i would say so. Uh you got the you got the charging cable here and let’s see the charging cable is a proprietary type, as you can see here a couple of a pin meter here and some magnetic field on the left and right edge of it and it’s a usb port. Typical one, i would say this is probably i don’t know like a half a meter or so okay length, pretty decent land. Okay, so here’s the watch i’ll put it inside first and see what else you got in the box. Yeah appears to be nothing, but a kind of like a styrofoam kind of um form to you know, cover around the watch pretty basic and a little bit of a it’s, a chinese manual, and if this might be a china fashion, design brand actually and also chinese Version on the back more of it: oh there’s, a scanner here, i’m gon na scan it like so here’s the scanner barcode. When you scan the barcode, it will direct you to the app store you can download it and it’s called daffy dafit and they’re supposed to be the apps that’s connected to the watch. I’Ll just install it for now, let’s see all right as the apps is downloading. I’Ll just quickly go through the watch itself. Okay, so you got a plastic cover on the top here. Please fully charge the smartphone watch before using right. So for a way for you to connect this to the charging pin – and you can see that there’s a couple of pins here – it’s where you stick it up like so yeah you have to when it sticks in that’s, how it looks like uh.

Hopefully, you can see it better like here so uh it’s like protruding out a little bit when you’re sitting on the table. It’S, like you know, there’s an angle to it, but that’s how you supposed to put it because so the other way it won’t fit in it’s like a magnetic so that’s. The only way you can fit it here so uh yeah, if i think it’s pretty fit snugly inside there, it’s not gon na move around. Of course, you cannot, like you know, hold watch while picking up the cable, only you’re gon na drop. Your watch, but who’s gon na do that anyway. So down below here, as couple of them is like health, centering model and so on and you’ve got a little bit of a million and cold bringing down below here and yeah and on the right side is where you’ve got button couple of them on top in The button both of them on the right side on top and bottom, you know, got some attacking meters all around here and even say: smart watch on the right side a little bit here. You can see that and uh yeah it’s a 1.3 inch. You can actually see the screen is a little bit inward, a little bit uh starting from here to here. It’S, not actually. The whole of this screen is on the screen so because it’s like 1.3, but the watch is pretty nice on my hand, i would say it’s a fit.

My relatively usual hand size, i would say, but i would say, on the left side it’s a little bit. Thicker, i would say uh it’s, not very much, but definitely can feel a bit of wear to it, and here i believe this is where the speaker grill is. I could be wrong. I’Ll check it out again later right so for the strap itself. It’S, like a two tone: actually, you can actually see there’s uh kind of like a two kind of a blackish kind of here, because on top here you got the leather feel around here, but on the bottom, it’s actually rubbery silicone rubberized uh. So you can actually wear this, for you know, exercise or for jogging or running or whatever it is, as it is still a sports watch, as opposed to like a smartwatch. So the way for you to turn it on is press on the right bottom right side. Here for a few seconds and you straight get into the main menu you don’t get. Any kind of you know greetings at all, so that’s how it is, and this is the main menu itself like black and white kind of tone to it and apparently there’s like four options of watch face, you can choose from and digital as well. As you know, analog kind of sense to it for now i’ll just stick it with the let’s see stick with this one. First, all right. So what i want to do here is uh.

I want to see what’s the episode about right. So again, it is called a dove fit when you press it in it’s. This is how the ins – you know – apps interfaces, looks like you get today’s kind of uh stats over here on the middle is where you link it to your device, so uh on the right side is your own profiles, your your height and weight or whatever, and Your goals is whatever it is, and so let’s see let’s just connect it to the device right away, all right, so uh. As you can see, the the model for this watch is called z08. We press on it. It will straight away. You can see that it’s already connected and it’s actually two percent here. Actually, when i receive it it’s only like zero percent. So i charge you a little bit until it’s 24 and then i re record this again what i was trying to regret the first time: there’s no juice at all, so uh that’s how it is and when you got into here you can see the watch face. You can actually download more watchers here. Let’S see there’s a lot of oh, i actually there’s a lot of uh watchways available here, so i think you can check it out, even though i can see that some of these, like that’s interesting let’s, see uh let’s, see if, if i let’s say if i Download this will this work on circular kind of a shape to it, because i believe this is more two words it’s uh, what is called a rectangular kind of a shape instead of a circular kind of the shape of the watch? Well, it actually is also downloading.

So interesting, so i guess this works on both triangular i’m. Sorry, a rectangular or a circular kind of watch. Okay, so uh it’s already downloaded. Oh, so you can see that it just works, it’s actually uh, always so so nice and i’m totally digging this kind of a screen. Well, anyway, let’s move on to the next one, and you can see that there’s also notifications, alarm shadow. You can actually use this to take phones, uh let’s, see if it works, so i’ll just place it on here shutter three, two one! You can see that there’s a tree uh timer here before you take the photoshop that’s awesome. Actually you can uh do that. Favorite contacts said: if there’s any update at all, so the firmware is on later versions, that’s great. What are the things i have here so obtains we’ve got time unit system do not disturb remind to move continuous heart rate. So if this depends on your battery, you will drain your battery much more if you put it on conditions high rate, which i don’t recommend you to do so you can always change it in the phone, but for now i don’t know there’s even drink water reminder It says here it is remember that you drink at least two two thousand milliliter or two liter of water every day, so you got it folks, you have to drink two little waters every day. So basically, i don’t do that myself, because i don’t exercise every day to be honest, but then i do drink water every now and then psychologicals.

What there are three reminder: modes, menstrual management, pregnancy condition and gender health. Oh wow, psychological cycle. I don’t see that every day on the uh honey apps on a smartwatch event, so that’s pretty much it. I guess uh yeah and here’s the steps for your steps, sleep, okay, so sleep! It cannot detect sleep. You know moderator your sleep uh heart rate, bp, blood pressure, blood, oxygen; okay, so it does include the blood. Oh, she joins uh options here. Okay, so brave mountains are for the apps uh phone apps interface, so we’re gon na move on to the watch itself. I’Ll press again so now i think i should have like okay yeah. I i do have a five watch face now, so maybe just i’ll move it back to the one i just download, because this looks kind of classic kind of cool. Looking, i would say just like a typical watch if you want to move around okay so for the first one, if you swipe it out from you, got this tier mode. Okay, tier mode is like you, you uh, solve it, okay, so this is for changing the brightness one. Two three, four five there’s five options you can choose it from this is for vibration on or off, and the weather watch is not pair. Okay, i got it so this is the option itself. So what i get from the option, so i’ll start watch alarm countdown brightness phone okay, so i can also answer phone with this watch.

Of course, i cannot speak it directly from here. I would, i think, whether you can use this watch to answer, or you know, cancel your phone or whatever and also shake your watch to you know vibrations, on and off it’s kind of funny that you put shake here, usually it’s a vibration, but then i think This is more towards the translation from a chinese language. I could be wrong, but that’s, how i see this as of now reset power off about let’s see what’s about so this is some bunch of uh you know, quotes and a serial number for this watch don’t. You supposed to do that but anyway, so if i swipe down from button, i get the notification which i have nothing to show right now. If i swipe to the left side, this is where the colorful kind of a publish app’s going on all around here. So i can move this around. You can see that the bubbles is moving with me, it’s kind of well, i would say, it’s really smooth doesn’t like lay that much so uh yeah there’s a lot of options here. You can see that the heart rate i can uh bp and well. I think this is like a sports or kind of you can even use this uh to play music on your phone, so this is more to towards, like a you know, on and off kind of uh watch here, so you can.

Of course, you cannot download the music because it doesn’t have like a storage here, but then you can use it for play, pause or you know resume or stop the players, music players, and also you can also have a career called here to download the apps right From the watch here same thing, it will directly direct you to what’s. It called in the feed just now and i’ll catch these the camera options and uh all right yeah. So this is just my pretty quick, okay, pretty quick, unboxing and overview of this immediate and core smartwatch, and i think this model is called magnus smartwatch, oh wow, for my type of uh hand. I think i have to put it all the way to the last third, or maybe even the last second hole here for for it to fit yeah. I think i have to put it on the last second, i kind of have like a, i would say, like small, to me, size of a hand, so that’s pretty nice still have one more hole to spare. But, of course, if you want, you can also change it to your okay. This is uh double kind of a. What would you call this thing cover here for the the one that’s inside here and the one outer here for it to snap fitly and uh yeah that’s, pretty much it? This is my okay, so uh. I want to check out this uh respawn, oh pretty, responsive! Actually took like maybe less than a second or one second, the most yeah, so the wake up you can turn it on or off depends on your liking.

For for, for me, my usual use, i just turn it off because it it it drained a little bit of the battery. Of course, uh supposed for the specification i can get about like 10 days to maybe two weeks of a battery. I will definitely test it out and show you guys again in the next video to come, but for now this is just a quick unboxing and overview of this media and co.