So the first thing you should know about these two new watches is that theyre a kind of whole new experience for samsung. This is the first watch to get googles. New wear os 3, which is going to be on samsungs watches for the first time, samsung had its own os before this new fusion os is supposed to provide the best of samsungs apps and googles apps, all in one to sync, with your phone more easily and Feel more interconnected with even things like the galaxy buds pretty interesting and it sounds like its pointing towards being the ultimate watch for android owners. The watch starts in two different configurations which ive got both right here: the galaxy watch 4. The galaxy watch 4 classic one starts at 250 dollars. The watch for the watch 4 classic is a step up model that one has a rotating bezel stainless steel finish that is 350 now the galaxy watch for 250 seems like its got all the features that you want and not have to pay up. Quite so much same promise on battery life and performance same high resolution, super amoled display, which is higher resolution than the previous samsung watches, and they both have a completely new sensor on the back, which you can see in a moment that bioactive sensor has a combination Of optical heart rate ecg, which is the electrocardiogram for checking possibilities of an arrhythmic atrial fibrillation, that is a one particular part of something you should see your doctor about its.

Not a complete heart scan. Remember just its a one lead ecg and the third sensor, which is totally new, is electrical bioimpedance. Now, what that is, is an electrical circuit that uh gets started when you put your two fingers on the buttons on the side of the samsung watch that will scan your body to see what your water levels are. What your muscle mass is what your bmi is. This is supposed to give a comprehensive body analysis, its the type of stuff that you might see on some scales um. We dont know how this is going to work on a watch. This tech had been on some watches, going way back to the jawbone up 3, and we havent seen it recently samsungs hoping to give a total body analysis and ill see how it works. On my wrist, the os is totally new. This samsung google os has all new gestures. All new, apps and watch faces new, updated google, apps uh, and so we can swipe through that in a bit. The charger is once again a magnetic snap on charger that comes in the box, the charger snaps on magnetically, but its a standard usb end and thats pretty much all i got inside the box with both of these. The silicone watch straps feel nice. They have a little pin to release them, so you could attach a standard watch straps that fit that size getting the pin in is a little bit challenging and the watch looks really sleek.

Samsung watches have always looked really good. The hardware looks like its actually lighter weight, more compact than previous samsung watches. What im really interested in is how that new os, how that software interfaces with a new samsung processor, with the extra ram 16 gigabytes of storage and their support for apps, like spotify, for music, their support for strava com and other fitness apps that are going to Be compatible. This uses samsung health as the main fitness ecosystem. Here now it should eventually work with google fit as well, and there seems to be kind of a transition with google with google fit and fitbit, which will probably be resolved down the road but youll be kind of living in samsungs fitness, world and thats the stuff That makes the most of the bioactive sensor and sleep tracking, which also does snore detection, which you can do using the microphone on your android phone, which im going to test in the next few days, so thats pretty much all. I know right now about this watch.