Smart watch check it out. This is amazing. It'S got all kinds of controls in here, including weather for the town city that you choose in centigrade for or fahrenheit with forecasts you're looking at shins in china's weather. Right now, you've got brightness control and onboard flashlight. It just goes on and on lots of different things that you can do there. In addition, you've got messages pushed from your phone when you're tethered to the fit app last night's sleep time your basic step count information is here and other factors related to it. You'Ve got exercise routines that you can do walking and running cycling, skipping even swimming with this watch ip68. I believe you can measure your heart rate: blood pressure, blood oxygen, all those different things even has to breathe in breathe out for stress relaxation and mindfulness all of it's here. In addition, you can slide over and get to a lot of the same panels in big size right here, as you rotate around the watch, including the music player that will play music on your phone. You'Ve got a great selection of watch faces that are themed we're right now, looking at women's day and easter and astrological signs like aries and pisces. If you twist the wrist your knob, you can change to the stock watch faces that are in there as well, plus there's, one that you can change the background picture to meet your needs. It'S beautifully designed lots of different options in body of color for the case band color to match and it's got an extrude extruded.