Some of you might have been deterred by the higher price point. Now, though, there is a new smartwatch on the block. This is the Mobvoi Ticwatch e3. The budget friendly younger brother to the Mobvoi Tic watch pro 3. and i’m very happy to say it comes with very few compromises. It runs on google’s, wear os, it’s lighter and even sports. The latest snapdragon wear 4100 chip, the same as the ticwatch pro 3, starting to sound like a pretty smart deal. So in this video we’ll do a quick unboxing review its features and, of course, do a heart rate and blood oxygen accuracy test make sure you keep watching as the ticwatch e3 might just be. One of the best smartwatch purchase opportunities of 2021 stay tuned what’s up guys, welcome back to tech. It easy so the ticwatch e3 has landed on the table for a review and unboxing. So i’ve had this thing for around two weeks now and full disclosure. They did send this out to me, but i can assure you it’s not going to make me any less thorough before we get stuck into the brand new ticwatch e3, be sure to leave a like subscribe to the channel check out our discord server and also subscribe To our brand new channel tz’s, top 5 links will be down below now. Let’S start things off by unboxing, the ticwatch e3, so we’re gon na see what’s inside the box, talk about the design and the setup straightaway.

I can tell you it’s a really great unboxing experience. First, impressions of the watch were awesome and it’s, not something that i would actually class as budget as sometimes that suggests it’s a bit cheap i’d actually call this affordable because it actually feels pretty good. So with the watch itself, we get a really nice long charger. It is a magnetic pin charger, so there will be no wireless charging on this watch, but that’s no bad thing. This is a sort of budget, affordable watch, so it’s, not something we can really expect and the fact that they included quite a long cable does make all the difference. I’Ve reviewed many fitness, trackers and smart watches, and they come with this horrible little dinky cables. I never know what to do with other things. I’M noticing. The watch is pretty big there’s two physical buttons, and we have a huge bezel. Now it would be nice if the bezel actually had some utility, for example, they could make it touch sensitive, not too upset about that, but i do feel like the bezels are quite large for 2021.. Nonetheless, so the watch does look great, so attached to the watch is a rubber, wrist, strap and the watch itself is a non metal body and it features 2d curved glass, something else that i think could become outdated pretty quickly. For example, the upcoming galaxy active 4 is rumored to be coming with a completely flat screen and in my head that is going to be something that’s going to look a lot more modern, so it’d be interesting to see how quickly the ticwatch e3 ages so moving On from the unboxing let’s, compare the ticwatch pro 3 to the ticwatch e3 and see what we’re going to be losing out on now.

The tig watch e3 is quite obviously the budget version of the ticwatch pro you haven’t got that nice bezel and it just looks a little bit dumbed down. If you are coming over from apple, you could compare it to the likes of the apple watch sc. If you do end up going for the ticwatch e3 you’re not actually going to be missing out on too much. In actual fact, it has a lot of similarities to its big brother, as mentioned at the start. We have the same chip, the snapdragon 4100 and for comparison to other smartwatches in the same sort of field. The fossil watch gen 5 uses the snapdragon 3100 so compared to the 4100 you’re looking at a 150 gpu increase 85 cpu and memory increase, as well as 25 saving on power consumption. Those are pretty big numbers. We also have the same storage and ram that being one gigabyte of ram and eight gigabytes of storage, as well as the blood oxygen 24 hour. Heart rate monitoring, vo2 max and, of course, your usual sports tracking features. It’S sounding like a pretty good deal, but one big difference between the two watches is the battery life. The tic watch pro boasts up to 72 hours of battery life in what they call a smart mode and 45 days in essential mode, which, if i’m honest, that sort of defeats the object of it being a smart watch. Because it really brings it back to its bare basics anyway.

The new ticwatch e3, which we do have here, goes for 24 hours, which, by today’s smartwatch standards, is dragging behind a little bit. That being said, in my personal opinion, if it gets you through the whole day, no questions asked you’re gon na be absolutely fine and from personal experience and testing it’s actually done me more than a day several times. In fact, i’ve not really thought about charging it too much. Every day, i’ve put it on charge. It’S always had around 20 to 30 percent left. I will admit: i’ve not been wearing it 24 7, but i have used it for a bit of sleep, tracking and, of course, wearing it throughout the day. So, if anything, i do think they’ve actually undersold themselves here. Less battery life could also be excused as the tick watch. E3 is a lot lighter and smaller than the tick watch pro 3., for example, the ticwatch e3 weighs in at just 32 grams, as opposed to the 41.9 grams. The tick watch pro 3 weighs in at and although it does look and feel bulky it’s, not weighing me down so let’s move on to the health tracking features, which is probably what you all want to hear about. So, as i mentioned briefly earlier, the ticwatch e3 features many different tracking capabilities, those being vo2 max sleep, tracking, stress, tracking blood, oxygen, heart rate, steps, stress and a few others. It also features over 21 different workouts up from the original 14 that the tig watch pro 3 had to name a few.

We have football indoor, slash outdoor cycling and even taekwondo, watches from the likes of samsung may have more. But, as i stress in almost all smartwatch videos, you don’t really need workouts. They all do the same thing just with a different name and in a slightly different way strip it back, and your watch is always just tracking the same things. So if you were hoping for more don’t, let it deter you in addition to these features. We do also have automatic, workout detection, so you don’t need to press any buttons and it’s, just all automatic there’s, no setting up and it’s really easy to use. Whilst talking about setting things up, i will mention that the tick watch e3 has been super easy. So if you’re not exactly a techie, then i’m pretty sure you’re gon na have no issues setting it up. The biggest thing you have to do is make an account download their app and that’s it, even without that you can still use the watch. So moving on to the app it’s, a really nice simple layout, this is, of course, where you can find your watch faces, but mainly this is where you get your fitness report and detailed breakdown of things like stress, heart rate, exercise and other bits. So whilst we’ve got the app open, we might as well move on to doing the blood oxygen and the heart rate accuracy test to do this as usual. I’Ll be using medical grade equipment, so, in this instance, i’ll be using the o tubing that the guys at well.

You provided me for a previous video. What it will do is put a live reading to my phone of the spo2 and heart rate, and we can match that to what is displayed on the watch and inside the app okay, so let’s jump straight into the heart rate accuracy test. So, as you can see straight away straight off, the bat is bang on. This is a really good sign, because i didn’t have to do any extra adjusting it just worked straight away. As expected, there were a few discrepancies at one time. It did shoot up. Quite a bit higher than your tubing, but then it did come back down and level itself out again. It is also worth noting that smart watches do tend to be a little bit slower with their continuous heart rate tracking compared to the o2 ring, which is to be expected, since the o2 ring is sort of medical grade equipment. But yeah really happy with the heart rate accuracy here, if it’s something that’s important to you, there’s no need to worry moving swiftly on to the spo2 monitoring. Again, i’ve done 10 tests off camera in total i’m. Just gon na show you a few of them. Every single time it was bang on the last test. I did it was one percent out, but in fairness on the o2 ring, the percentage had only just dropped, just as the tick watch e3 was giving its results. So out of my 10 tests, i had a 100 success rate, which is absolutely amazing, especially for a device at this price point, and i think that even rivals, some of the flagship, smart watches at the moment so 10 out of 10 for heart rate and spo2 Accuracy for me so now the heart rate accuracy test is out of the way.

Let’S talk about, wear os system ui and what are the features the ticwatch e3 has. So the tick wash e3 is running on the latest version of wear os and i have to say it’s been a delight, really surprised me coming from samsung. The last time i played around with wear os was actually with a skagen foster three and i have to admit it was absolutely god awful experience, but the tic watch e3 has sort of given me some hope and, dare i say at times it even feels a Bit smoother than tizen i’ll admit that it did take some getting used to, but it feels really fast, smooth and snappy and i have to say it is great to have such fluid animations and an uncompromised experience on a budget affordable, smartwatch moving into the watch. We have a great selection of apps and is really nice and simple and clear. A swipe from the top will bring you to your settings. Left is google assistant bottom. Is your notifications and a swipe right brings you into the watch tiles? This is where you can see your activity rings, weather and a few other bits, and you can actually customize these to how you want them now. I did briefly mention notifications and i do want to quickly talk about them. So i’m, getting notifications from things like discord. Even cryptocurrency price alerts, you name it i’ve got it and the best thing about all this is that none of it required any setting up.

In fact, i didn’t even know i had it set up. These are things i don’t really get on my galaxy watch at the moment, as well as it just showing up on your watch for reading. It does also give you a vibration alert, so you’re, not gon na miss anything important, quick pit. Stop on the subject of watch faces now, i will admit the tick wash e3 doesn’t have the best selection in comparison to the galaxy watch 3’s ecosystem. But then again you do have access to popular apps such as facer and watchmaker, where you’ll get thousands upon. Thousands of watch face choices and i will be dropping a top 10 wear. Os watch face episode later on in the week, so make sure you subscribe for that. So this video is getting a lot longer than i first anticipated. So i want to quickly go over the specs of the ticwatch e3. Just before we finish up, so you do get things like ip68 water resistance with this, so that does mean you can take it pool swimming with you. It also comes with built in gps, which is a big selling point for a watch at this price point. We also have things like always on display nfc and, of course, we have that 24 hour battery life. On the side note, the tick watch e3 does feature a microphone, so you can use your google assistant on this and you can actually make and receive calls on it.

So, in conclusion, i’m really really happy with the ticwatch e3. I will start off with the bad things, though i do think the design could become a little bit outdated. As i mentioned at the start, it does have a huge bezel and unfortunately, the screen is that curved glass and i think flat screens – are going to become a thing on smartwatches very, very soon, so be interesting to see how the ticwatch e3 ages. Other than that, though, you do get a huge selection of features on the watch, alongside flagship killing internals. It makes me think this watch is really a no brainer considering its price point of 179 pounds or a shade under 200 you’re, really getting a lot of smartwatch for your money. I guess to sum it up in a sentence: you’re getting a flagship watch experience. Just not a flagship design and for me that’s a pretty good compromise anyway, let me know your thoughts down below on the ticwatch e3. Also, let me know how you found the video if you did enjoy it, please do leave a like and subscribe to the channel.