I got the watch from the manufacturer for testing but i’m not getting paid for this video. Nor do they have any influence on what i’m going to say to you in the next couple of minutes. I’Ve been wearing the e3, almost 24 7 for more than a week now, and i was running swimming cycling walking and i went to the gym with it too. So i gathered some experience with the watch already, all of which i’m going to share with you right now, so let’s get started, but first let’s see what the ticwatch e3 actually is. Well, on one hand, it’s a cheaper, more lightweight version of the ticwatch pro 3, which i reviewed not long ago and, on the other hand, it’s meant to be an android equivalent of the apple watch, se, which is again a more affordable version of a flagship product And the ticwatch e3 tries to close the gap between fitness and smartwatches by adding loads of fitness and health related features to the google aware os system and to accomplish that the e3 got basically the same hardware inside as its bigger and more expensive sibling. The tickwatch pro 3. – for starters, there is qualcomm’s most advanced chipset, the snapdragon wear 4100, which was designed to be used in variables such as this smartwatch. It offers a much improved, gpu and cpu performance over the previous generation while handling the battery more efficiently, and yet, almost one year after qualcomm announced these new chips, i still cannot think of any other manufacturer on the market.

That would use the same platform, so that can be a huge advantage of the e3 right out of the gate, because this chip is blazing fast and using wear os on this watch really is a pleasant experience. There are no legs on screen. Animations are smooth opening, apps is quick without any hiccups. We also get one gigabyte of ram and eight gigs of storage on board, plus we have almost all the sensors from the ticwatch pro 3, namely an optical heart rate sensor, a pulse oximeter, an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a low latency of body sensor. There is also gps, glonass and beidou for satellite tracking and nfc for google pay as well. You also get a microphone and a speaker too, so you can make and take phone calls on the watch itself and use the google assistant for voice controls and let’s. Not forget the bluetooth and the wi fi connection that is quite a comprehensive spec list for a watch that cost 200 euros or dollars so that’s what’s on the inside and now let’s take a glance at the watch from the outside. At first look, i was not sure if it was made from aluminum or not, but the body of the watch is actually a mix of polycarbonate and glass fiber with a special treatment. The reasoning behind the decision of not using metal is to reduce the overall weight and to avoid any problems with metal allergies and the body of the watch weighs 32.

7 grams only so they definitely manage to deliver on the low weight promise and i know it’s a Matter of personal taste, but i kind of prefer the minimalistic more streamlined look of the e3 over the more robust and masculine design of the ticwatch 3 pro, and even though the body is made of plastic, the watch, doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. Build quality is great, but durability can potentially suffer from the use of cheaper and lighter materials, but only time will tell how the watch can deal with the everyday use and abuse. But after one week of running swimming cycling and sleeping with the watch, i have no issues to report on the build quality front. Yet the watch comes with 20 millimeter standard, quick release, silicone rubber straps, which are okay and it’s, easy to keep them clean and dry. After your workouts, for example, they are comfortable enough too, but they are not the most exciting. Looking so it’s handy to have the option to use whatever quickly straps you have of your own. The touchscreen is a 1.3 inch lcd display with 360 by 360 pixels and it’s behind a two and a half d curved glass. It looks good but it’s just barely bright enough to be visible in direct sunlight. So the screen is an area where the engineers had to cut some corners in order to keep the price down. Nevertheless, the colors and sharpness are perfectly fine on the e3, so the screen is still a pleasure to use and to complete the design overview of the watch.

I have to mention that we also get two buttons on the right hand side, both of which serve multiple functions but more about the menu in a second. The ticwatch e3 comes with a smallish 380 milliamp hour battery, which means that the battery life is not the best i’ve seen with mixed use, including some gps tracking. All the heart rate, monitoring and notifications turned on. You can easily get a full day of use out of the watch, but you have to charge it every single day with the supplied, 4 pin charging cable. The situation is nothing worse than what you can expect from other smartwatches in the category. But if you are used to having a couple of days or even a week worth of battery life on your watch, then you better reset your expectations here. If you are running out of juice, you can always switch to essential mode which disables most features in order to keep the watch running until you can recharge the battery. But you can still see all the basic information on the screen, but in normal mode you get loads of useful features and the full functionality and flexibility of using an android smartwatch with all the available apps and the integration with your phone. Of course, the ticwatch e3. Also works with ios devices perfectly well, but let’s be honest where os watches were designed to be used, hand in hand with android and again, the software is quick and responsive on this hardware, so it’s really a great experience using it day to day my favorites are The customizable widgets, which you can bring up by swiping to the left on the main screen here, you can have access to workouts a timer, a calculator weather forecast, a calendar and many other options.

Swiping down from the top on the main screen will take you into the quick settings menu with on off switches for the do not disturb or airplane modes, and this is where you can adjust the brightness of the screen too. You can also have a quick glance at your notifications and use the google assistant too, by swiping up or to the right respectively, and we only have used the touchscreen so far pressing the top button takes you into your app drawer and the other button can activate Either one selected feature which is customizable by the user or another quick menu with options like restarting the watch, turning on essential mode or draining the speakers after swimming or washing hands, you can find cool watch faces in the moboy app and in the google play store Along with thousands of third party apps, you can install on the watch and now let’s talk about the health and fitness tracking abilities of the watch. Beside google’s feed apps, you get mobvoi’s own suite of applications to track your heart rate. Your stress levels, your blood oxygen saturation, your respiration rate, your sleep and even the surrounding noise levels, and we get a redesigned, smartphone app to collect and display all your health and workout data in a well structured and visually pleasing way. You can see all your measurements and data on daily, weekly and monthly charts. The app is easy to navigate and it’s easy to find whatever statistics you are looking for.

You can share your health and exercise data with your family or friends through the new thick care feature, and you can also monitor the health and fitness status of others. Within your circles, i found most sensors and the provided data accurate enough. The ambient noise levels, the spo2 levels, respiration rates, stress levels and the all day, heart rate monitoring, worked quite well and gave me usable information day in and day out. The only feature i was not happy with was sleep tracking. According to my watch, i barely slept all week long last week – i’m, not a good sleeper but i’m, not nearly as bad as these results might suggest. Maybe a firmware update in the future can refine how the sensors work at night, and you will get a more accurate representation of your sleep patterns and different sleep stages. You go through every night, because the smartphone app itself is definitely ready to display all these informations. For you, but for now the sleep tracking is just not good enough. The other issue i found was the rather hectic heart rate data the watch recorded during running or in the gym. I compared the results of the built in sensor on the watch to that of my chest, strap which was connected to a garmin forerunner 745 and the heart rate data i got from the ticwatch e3 was way off compared to the reference values coming from the strap. As you can see here, heart rate values were much closer to the reference when walking or cycling, though, but with third party apps, you can always use bluetooth, enabled external heart rate, monitors and even power meters on your bike.

So you don’t need to rely entirely on the data you can get from the watch itself. I barely ever not use my chest, strap even with my more expensive garmin sport watch, which arguably has one of the most advanced and precise wrist heart rate monitors, because i need the most accurate heart rate data possible, especially since i had some heart related issues earlier On this year, but the all day, heart rate monitoring works pretty much as it should with accurate enough measurements most of the time. The same goes for the resting heart rate. Satellite tracking was accurate too, and especially when i had my phone with me, i found it really precise and quick to connect the measure. Distance and speed data were within a few percent of the reference data coming from either my watch or my bike. Computer. The tick exercise app has 21 workout modes with all the usual suspects, such as running indoors or outdoors, walking, cycling, yoga pool swimming and a lot more. If you enable the tick motion feature, it will automatically detect when you start walking running or cycling, and it can indeed detect when you are on the move, but most of the time i started walking it recognized it as running so it could use some more polishing, But i like to control the watch and the exercise tracking myself anyway, so i just turned it off and since the watch is ip68 rated, the e3 can track your pool.

Swims too, the length of the pool is customizable and it can also detect different film styles. As well, i tested the watch a couple of times in the local swimming pool which only reopened last week after being closed for more than 5 months, and the e3 was tracking the number of laps and the swimming style quite precisely and accurately. Actually, it was spot on the only time the watch lost track of what i was doing was drills and the heart rate monitoring doesn’t work in the water, and you cannot track open water swimming either, but these are things only more expensive watches can do so. I was mostly impressed by the performance of the watch in the swimming pool, not so much with my own performance but that’s a completely different story. I also went out on a short bike trip with friends which again i wasn’t able to do for the last couple of months, but regardless the watch was tracking our speed and location quite accurately. The watch can also track your blood oxygen saturation and the actual readings. I got during the night are more realistic than what i can get from my garmin watch so that’s. Another thing that the engineers did an excellent job with with the built in microphone. You can take environmental noise level readings to keep track of your exposure to load machinery at your workplace. For example, stress analysis is based on your heart and respiration rates during the day, and you can always take five and do some of the breeding exercises.

If you feel you need to slow down a little, so as you can see, there is little to complain about the health, fitness and exercise tracking on the tqua g3, even using only the pre installed apps, and we did not even talk about the huge selection of Third party health and workout applications you might end up using on this watch and to conclude this review, i have to say that the mobvoid ticwatch e3 was a pleasant surprise, not only in how it looks and feels, but in terms of how capable the hardware is Inside too, the qualcomm 4100 platform makes the software snappy and that paired with the flexibility of the os system, you get a desirable little watch for 200 euros or dollars. The pre loaded, health and fitness apps work very well. The sensors do their job accurately and the mobo smartphone app is a joy to use. However, sleep tracking needs some work and the battery life could be longer too, but other than that. The tick watch e3 is a perfect example of how i imagine a relatively affordable smartwatch in 2021. So this was my review of the mobvoid tickwatch e3. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. If you have any questions, just drop a comment down below have a great day.