This is an affordable watch with extra useful features which i think might be essential for you all so ill be sharing with you all. My honest review on this watch lets get started guys. The thick watch gth comes in a nice black box and it only comes in one black color. Just in case, you guys want to know things are kept quite simple in the box, you have a quick guide, simple one brief one and usb a with two pin magnetic charging cable quite strong. This watch has a very nice curved screen, which is encased in this metal body which feel premium to touch, and the watch strap here is 20 millimeter, its very soft and comfortable to wear for long hours and at the back here, theres a quick release tab to Remove the strap easily so that you can interchange with other 20 millimeter wall, strap to your liking. Theres, a 1.5 inch large screen here with 360 times 220 pixel resolution and it looks very bright and sharp colors are vibrant and there are some noticeable bezel at the surrounding of the screen. To be honest, but as long as you set, your watch faces with black background youll blend nicely with the bezel, so no issues to wake the screen. Either you raise the weight or press the side button here and scrolling on this watch is actually very smooth. Its like scrolling, a high refresh rate screen, i really enjoy it scrolling to the left or to the right, will lead you to the widgets, and you have this activity.

Summary calories, burn, step counter and also the distance you have walked during the day. Next one would be your sleep tracker and next one you have the workout modes, so there are total of 14 workout modes available, which i think able to fulfill most of your requirements: swimming walking, freestyle, auto, climbing indoor gymnastics and thats all, although i do hope that Modboy could have provided more modes on this watch, so more options, the better right and since this watch supports 5 atm waterproof, so you can bring it for pool swimming but bear in mind dont, bring to sea water or shower or high pressure activities like diving. The next one is that this watch can measure your respiration rate means your breath per minute, as well as your skin temperature measurement, and these two measurements are pretty unique on this watch whereby they are not usually available on other watches at this price range. So, together with the spo2 measurement here, these are very useful indicators during the copy era that we are leaving right now. Next is the heart rate measurement and the last one would be the weather widget swiping. Now is your quick toggle, dnt mode power, saving find your phone function torchlight and also this is to adjust your brightness and your setting adjust brightness okay swiping up. Is your notification center for whatsapp messages, etc, etc, and the maximum notification it can display here is only eight for your information. Pressing the right button will lead you to the apps notification, your workout modes, your heart rate, monitor your brief rate, monitor and also your spo2 monitor and your sleeping monitor, timer, stopwatch weather, app your to control, your music app and your setting Music yep thats.

All to enable this watch for the first time you need to connect to your phone via the mobile, app okay, and from here you can actually sync your heart rate, your spo2 skin temperature stress, okay, your sleep data from your watch to the app at the second Page, you can see the battery percentage of this watch available and you can access. The watch faces very colorful, so they are actually available for free from this app very nice. The next one is actually the smart mode whereby i already enable most of it automatically, and you have more features here, so this is actually to find your watch. So once you press this, your watch will actually vibrate and okay. Some of this you can change it to your liking and for this workout you have run walking writing whereby, if you need to track your route, you need to depend on your phone gps, since this watch doesnt have gps built in the next one. The smart reminder, okay and setting here, so you can always check whether theres a firmware update for your watch. The last one will be your help setting at the third page. Here you can explore the community activities and the last one okay from here. Apparently, you can actually sing your data from this app to run keepers java, google feed so its actually awesome and setting nothing much and thats all folks. So there you go guys my full honest review of the latest, affordable smartwatch from mobvoid, the tickwatch gth and for 229 ringgit malaysia.

You get premium metal, build bright and sharp wiring display extra respiration rate and skin temperature monitors on top of the heart rate and spo2 monitors, which are very essential to our physical well being plus. You can get around 9 10 days battery life with this watch, which i think is quite impressive. I totally recommend this sponge to you guys do.