Fours got fossil gen six and now weve got the fresh new mob boy. Tick! Watch pro 3 ultra gps, not the catchiest of names, but hopefully a very good wear os watch its a proper premium smartwatch through and through fully featured a little bit more expensive than that samsung galaxy watch for the standard edition uh cheaper than the classic, though, and About the same as that fossil gen six as it costs you 290 quid here in the uk, but enough jabber lets whip the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps on out of the box, get it all set up and take you on a full on tour of the Hardware and the software and for more on the latest new great sec. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers so first up what do we actually get in the box? Besides, the tick watch. Well, youve got a proprietary, usb charging, cable product safety information and some silica gel and thats. Basically, it nice and easy so now lets check out the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps. Now this very much looks like your typical mob voice. Smart watch its quite chunky monkey, as you can see there, though, not horrifically sourced, certainly not quite as bad as some of the earlier models. 41 grams, its got a decent heft began. Nothing too horrific. The actual case itself is constructed from stainless steel as well as uh, some nylon fiber and unfortunately, the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps does only come in this one color black, not particularly exciting, although it is a standard, 22 mil strap.

So you can at least swap those out and jazz them up with all kinds of different colorful, vibrant efforts. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps comes with a flu raw rubber strap as standard as you can see, theyre not particularly exciting, but should prove nice and comfortable to wear, especially if youre exercising getting your sweat on. All of that. Otherwise, as i say quickly and easily rip, these buggers out get a new one on a bit of leather action. If youre about to hit the town, a stainless steel bracelet. Whatever you fancy – and i have to say that sometimes these traps could be a real bugger to get on and off could be really really fiddly. Indeed, especially if you chew your fingernails like i do, but these ones are actually surprisingly easy to get the grips with. As usual, with tick watches, youve got a pair of physical buttons. You can use to interact with wear os and we use those shortcuts as well and youve, also got some time markings around that bezel and that bezel does seem to be reasonably skinny as well. Certainly skinnier than on the samsung galaxy watch 4.. Sadly, no rotate and bezel action, though, as uh you got in the likes of the subs and galaxy watch, 4 classic, and if you want a smart watch, thats durable, well, the ticwatch and pro 3 ultra gps certainly takes a lot of those boxes. Youve got gorilla. Glass coating that display to hopefully prevent any kind of scratch and its ip68 water and dust resistant.

So you can do a good bit of swim tracking with this thing rock it in the bath to shower whatever you want, and the tick watch has also been put through a bit of military standard 810g testing. So its not too bothered by extreme temperatures humidity a shock impact that kind of thing now to get started with the ticwatch. What youll need to do is install wear os by google smartwatch then lets start the setup and then with your watch turned on just got to scan for it and there we go then, as usual, just got to follow the instructions to get your google account copied Across to the ticwatch and get it all set up and thats it all done. Setup literally takes about three minutes or something nice and simple and straightforward, and via the wear os app here on your smartwatch, you can fully set up everything to do with your tick. Watch including changing the watch face, you can change up the tiles that appear. There are quite a few available to begin with. That will, of course, increase. These are essentially widgets. Basically, so once you install more apps on your tic watch, then youll get further tiles to play around with the tick watch can, of course notify you when anything buzzes through on your smartphone, you can see exactly which apps are allowed to notify you on the ticwatch And youve got various other settings you can play around with including the ability to wick the tick watch up just by basically raising your wrist and also theres an always on screen option, although you wont actually need that thanks to the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gpss dual Screen setup so its a 1.

4 inch screen and the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps uses that same dual layer setup as previous take watches as well. Youve got a basic fstn screen which basically sits on top of your standard amoled display. Now the idea behind this dual display setup is pretty simple and straightforward, but also actually genius, because, obviously a lot of the time youll be glancing at your watch just to check what the actual time is or maybe see your steps count thats the kind of information That can be happily displayed on a very basic screen like the fstn effort right here. You do actually have a bit of backlighting on the go as well, which activates. When you raise your wrist like source, you can actually see it outdoors as well, although you might have to squint a bit if its a particularly sunny day, dont think well have to worry about that here in blighty for a while. On the other hand, though, if you happen to get a buzz on yours, you want to check what a notification is, or you want to do some proper fitness tracking or anything that requires the smart functionality just tap that button, or you can also tap the screen Itself and that wakes up the amoled panel, which then becomes fully visible, as you can see there, so the idea is that youre, not turning on that amoled screen every time. You just want to check the time or do something basic and that basically helps to conserve the battery life.

So mob boy ranks youll get around three days of full on use for a single charge, with the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps, which is very small, which is go its pretty damn good means you can go away for a weekend without having to worry about Packing the charge or anything like the samsung galaxy watch, 4 and uh that new fossil, they tend to only last about sort of 24 hours between charges, so definitely to get anything longer than that is a bonus and that amoled display certainly seems just as punchy and Just as crisp as any of its smartphone rivals, 454 by 454 pixel resolution, given 326 pixels per inch and the brightness of that amoled panel seems absolutely fine. You can actually tweak it if you go into the display settings as well. Otherwise, just leave it on full. Auto, but that should prove all right, even when using outdoors and its a good old size of screen nice wide viewing angles as well, so no issues with visibility. And yes, of course it is a wear os smart watch, but sadly wear os version. Two still you dont get the latest freshest wearers version 3 as found on those samsung galaxy watches. Just yet, apparently, google is still being quite cagey about sharing the version 3 with other manufacturers right now, so not really sure when it will get that update, but probably wont be until 2022 id imagine yeah. If youve used aware os smartwatch before the setup is, of course very very familiar indeed, so you can long press on that main watch face to change it up to anything else.

Youve got installed on here, youre, quite a few different analog and digital ones that you can choose from or with different kinds of information displayed there on the main watch face theres, quite a few others that you can add direct through the smart watch as well. Of course, you can go into the google play store and also do a good old search in there. Theres tons more smartwatch faces on there again quite an eclectic, uh selection. You can even fully embrace the led style watch face if you wanted to do a bit of that, and on top of all that, you can also download the mob voi app, and that also has a watch fear center. That allows you to chuck loads more stuff onto your small watch, its definitely quite an eclectic selection, but, as you can see there quite a few of them, you do have to actually pay cash monies for. Alternatively, you can set your own watch background as well. Uh maybe set it to a loved one, a small child or a cat or, alternatively, just your classic bit of anime action now check your smartphone notifications just swipe up at any point. You can then tap into any messages that excite and interest you. As you can see there, youve got the option to delete or archive anything thats, not actually as exciting as youd hoped, or you can actually reply direct via the smartwatch too. If you swipe down thats how you access the quick toggle, so, for instance, you can quickly activate likes a google page or full of nfc support here on the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps weve also got like some do not disturb in theater mode and all The other settings are buried away in here as well, which allow you to fully personalize and customize the tick watch pro.

If you swipe right, youve got all your google shenanigans. Youve got fast access to the google assistant just by tapping this little mic icon up top got a built in microphone and speaker here on the tic watch is the weather going to continue to suck today right now in orpington united kingdom, its 16 degrees, with light Showers, you may want an umbrella is a bit of an understatement, because ive already been absolutely shut on once you do actually get weather information direct to the google feed, as well as calendar info all that good stuff, and you can, of course, as usual, turn on Voice detection for that assistant as well, i wont actually see the words because ill be activating everyones assistant back home and then, if you swipe this way, youve got access to. Of course, those tiles which you can fully set up, as i showed you before. Basically, just widgets for your various apps and speaking of your apps, its a quick tap of this top button. Here that brings up the apps panel quite a lot of stuff packed on here to begin with, including all the usual mob. Voi uh tick apps, as you can see there, lots of exercise tracking youve got likes of tick zen to help you chill out and then youve got the usual google shenanigans, including calendars alarms, timers more uh health tracking, of course, obviously the hand washing app. In case, you still need help washing your hands after a global pandemic, and if you dive into the tick watchers settings, you can actually see what app this bottom button is a shortcut for by default, its tick exercise, which just allows you to.

As you see there track your various uh fitness shenanigans youve got support for over 20 different types of exercise, all of the major stuff, as you can see, theyre swimming jogging, cycling and mountaineering. All of the exercises that i do my level best to avoid on a daily basis and just use an outdoor walk in as an example. As you can see there, you can keep track of the distance covered. Your current pace, how long youve been walking for you? Do a full gps support on here as well, which uses five separate global navigation satellite systems and then, at the end, you get a big fat summary of everything that youve been up to and whether its actually been worthwhile and all of the usual health stuff. You get on smart watches, its all present and correct, basically here on the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps, including 24 7 heart rate monitoring and spo2 the blood oxygen monitoring. You do need to turn on that 24 hour. Monitoring, though, because otherwise, as you can see, there is deactivated by default and the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps can even track your heart rhythm as well, and if it notices any abnormalities and give you a bit of a nudge say, hey, maybe you might want To go to a doctors and get that checked out and one of the fresh new features here on the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps is the mental fatigue tracking.

So, apparently, if youve been wearing it for a while, it can come to learn exactly how knackered you are up top and it can also model your daily energy levels as well, and just basically give you a bit of a heads up when youve been working. A little bit too hard, maybe its time to go and lie on a beach somewhere and sip booze out of a coconut, so an impressive range of functionality overall and then, of course, if you want to download more apps just dive on into the play store, weve Got full wi fi support here on the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps uh, so you cant, actually download apps directly through the watch. You have to go via your smartphone and youve got eight gigs of storage here on the tick watch as well. For all of your apps, and also media as well, if you want to download songs and the like, as for the performance, well, the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps is powered by qualcomms, fresh new snapdragon, wear 4100 plus, as also found in the fresh new fossil Gen 6 watch and basically bugger all else. Youve also got a gig of ram on there as well, which is plenty for a smart watch and certainly so far the performance seems absolutely flawless. I noticed a couple of little stumbles when i was first setting up the watch and flicking around. I think it was just because it was downloading stuff in the background, certainly now that its had a couple of hours to sort of settle its been absolutely fine, so that right there in a nutshell, is mob voice.

Fresh dude tick watch pro 3 ultra gps ive completely lost count of how many times i up that name during the shooting of this video. Let me tell you and see that seems like a solid rival to the likes of the samsung galaxy watches the fossil gen sixers and, of course, the main selling point of this bad boy is that dual display design, which basically means that you should get a little Bit of extra battery life compared with most of its rivals, so are you tempted to be great to hear your thoughts down in the comments below? Please do poke subscribe and do that notifications bell for more on the latest and greatest? I can have yourselves a fan, bloody tastic rest of the week.