Ticwatch has a very unique experience when it comes to smart watches. They feature dual displays and some really nice upgrades from the original series that weve seen before this is tk, and this is the techwatch pro 3 ultra gps lets check it out. Music like and subscribe and make sure you hit that bell icon so that youre always notified whenever we have new videos on the channel, and here we have it the brand new ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. Now the title may be long. Essentially, this is the latest edition smartwatch from mobvoid that features the dual display technology that weve seen before also still powered by wear os by google. Now, currently, we dont have wear os 3.0 thats going to be coming up as a later update, and we know, based on the two watches that were released earlier this year, like the thick watch 3. Pro that was released by mobvoy is that there are going to be receiving wear os 3.0 at some point, hopefully later this year or maybe early next year. But overall, the experience that were getting here is a pretty much tried and true solid experience that my boy has refined over the years with the different iterations that theyve released. But the benefit here is that this is literally the best. So the ultra is going to be featuring a couple of new things: a were looking at the same processor as the pro 3 thats, the qualcomm snapdragon 4100 platform, with the assisted, so theres a co processor built in by my boy.

So its going to be basically similar to the 4100 plus, although it is based on the 4100 platform with the co processor, the military 810 g capability here for protection. So if you bang, this thing is not going to get damaged at all up to 72 hours of usage with the standard mode and, of course, up to 45 data in essential mode and well talk about those some new improvements in that area: 20, plus professional workout Mode of course, all the way up to swimming with ip68 water, and it is featuring the google assistant. So it is an android wear watch that features google assistant and the only reason im mentioning this is by the time we get over to the samsung watch, which were gon na, be talking about the cloud at the watch for thats, one of the things samsung changed There and one, of course, the new features that theyre bringing here is the irregular heartbeat and the atrial fibrillation detection and, of course, fatigue assessment, theyre going to be brand new and unique to the the ultra pretty much built in compass and gps. This is a gps model, so im not using the lte uh dual display with customized color backlight thats branded the brand new features that they added over to the essential mode, high density, heart rate, stress and sleep tracking. Google pay, of course, with nfc support and up to 1000 plus watch faces and, of course, all the other options we can get from the google play store as far as the packaging, its pretty simple safety product information.

Of course, charger magnetically two pin connector pretty much standard for the last few generations of tick watches and it is connected with usb type, a works with almost anything, and, of course, last but not least, is the watch itself now. First thing well, talk about is obviously the construction and the material that we have here now lets go ahead and compare it real, quick to what we saw earlier in this year. This is the thick watch pro 3. This is the pro 3 ultra, so were just going to call this the pro 3 and the ultra over here youll notice. The design is very similar. The buttons changed a little bit of where all uh. You also notice that the material around the actual bezel that changed a little bit overall same fitting size as far as the bands themselves staying replaceable bands, same placement for the speakers, same placement for the microphone on the right side and, of course, with the arrows on The bottom, for the most part, they look very similar again same pogo, thin connector for charging and, of course, the sensors that we have at the bottom. Overall. The functionality since both of these are gpss are going to be very similar. 477 milliampere is powering this with the dual display that we have here so thats, one of the main benefits here. The only thing i would probably say is that, even though this is not a 4100 plus, both these processors are running at a much higher clock.

Speed than what the standard 4100 plus is that runs at 1.7 gigahertz. These are actually overclocked to run at 2 gigahertz with the always on display, which is actually whats, powering the secondary display, as always on connection. So when youre running the device in more of an essential mode like this one, this is running on the coprocessor and not on the main processor helps us save battery and almost definitely gets us around that 72 hour worth of usage. Now, when we put it against the samsung galaxy watch 4, this is the classic edition. Youll notice, theres, obviously a few differences, but overall the aesthetics are pretty similar. There uh samsung did change the band size where, while boy decided to stick with theirs, and although both of them are running android wear in a certain version, this is where three and, of course this is the current generation, where two uh, the biggest difference, is that Only the mob boy features the assistant as an actual functional option. So if i swipe from the left, i have access to the google assistant on smart watches from samsung, although we are running android and were back to that were still not able to use that only bixby is the assistant available here. So thats one thing that actually may keep you working with one system over the other uh. You notice right there once i set the name, it recognized it and it started to launch it.

As far as on the back, we have obviously an array of sensors on the watch for here from samsung. It is basically more like a wireless charging youre able to charge it also from your samsung phone, but overall here this is pretty much standard. The experience is very similar both have speakerphone and microphones. Both have two buttons configured to use into the ecosystem that theyre in and one of the other things that the actual smart watch here that does not have here on the thick watch is the ability of moving the digital crown, and that enables us to actually move Through the ui were still able to swipe and get access to different information now on the the one of the other differences in the ui elements, if we swipe up from both sides here we have the app drawer. On the left side, we have the notification panel uh, but as far as the watch here, if i swipe to the left, i have access to the notification panel swiping down from the top gives us access to the toggles. Both of these are connected via bluetooth. Right now to the same phone, although the watch for that i have here also does feature lte no word yet from mobvoid. This is going to be an issue a release later with an lte model, although they typically do provide options like that, and of course, you do need to download the moboy application to be able to get the full benefit of this.

It is available on both android and on ios and youre, able to customize it and just log in and set up all your information fitness report. You can see it in here. You can obviously see the mental fatigue and energy level. Of course, step counting and all the different options, its still early in the morning here. This is why its so low and, of course it has tracking, on my sleeve from last night, about the seven hours and 28 minutes of sleep oxygen level and, of course, resting heart rate stress level, hasnt been measured yet today, but definitely will be really nice. Also, we do have the ability of measuring the ambient noise level in the area. I ended up running a measurement this morning, just to be able to get some numbers for us here now. One thing to also keep in mind is that theres different generations of this. I do have the techwatch pro 3 gps thats connected this. Is the one ive been using uh honestly, the way it ended up being for me this year i started my year with the tech watch pro 3 ive been using it. The whole time then ended up. Switching over to the classic four or the watch 4 from samsung and, of course, about a few weeks ago, i went ahead and switched over to the thickwatch pro 3 ultra. One of the other things that we can do here is access the audio recordings directly that we get out of the watch.

So if you ever want to do a voice memo, youre able to put it straight on the watch record it and it transfers automatically to your phone and youre, also even able to transcribe it if its a long message that you want to be able to play This is a test of the voice. Memo on the tic watch. 3. Ultra hope you guys enjoyed now, as you could hear there, the audio is definitely very nice. I was actually pretty close to the watch itself, but youre able to take really nice voice memos straight on your watch and again the beauty of it is actually translates directly into the watch and youre able to do this also with even their smart recorder that they Released earlier this year, other than that, i think overall, the information is pretty straightforward. All the health information that you want to be able to track under account youre able to see some of your additional options, youre also able to share your health and tracking fitness with other mob boy users, and that was something that they introduced earlier in the year. With the ticwatch pro 3., so its very nice, and if you have friends and family that you want to be able to do kind of like tracking, you can jump in there to take care now. Obviously, im following myself, but the benefit here essentially, is that you can actually jump in and then can actually see the information you can actually follow and have other people follow you that are in the same ecosystem and then, of course, at real, easy access to voice Memos now youll notice here is that we are able to configure this or actually pair it to our smartphone, using the android wear app and thats, something that were not able to do here with the samsung watch.

You do need to use the samsung app and it is proprietary to that so again, samsung incorporated android as the ecosystem or the base of what theyre running here, which essentially is a skinned version of android, wear very similar to the way tizen was running on samsung Watches because the experience that youre getting here very much looks like feels like and essentially still runs as if its running tizen and thats, one of the main reasons were actually able to run applications like this, the wear for tesla. This is my favorite application to control. My car and it definitely works perfectly great now i have it installed here on the tecwatch pro 3 ultra, but thats. One of the things that you want to keep in mind. Samsungs watches are definitely very nice. They are incorporating android but theyre not fully vested into the android ecosystem, yet, as we still have a lot of the remnants of what weve seen before now, one thing ill keep in mind here. This is where youll be able to customize your tiles and, of course, you can actually add additional ones and theres no more limit that we used to have a five tile limit, but thats no longer there. We can definitely go in here and see the additional watch faces that were able to get and one of the things i wanted to share with you guys. Real quick under the mobvoi application itself. Youre also able to jump in into their app store for watch faces and they have a very large selection now, as far as the ecosystem, pretty much straightforward.

Google assistant on the left notifications on the bottom and then, of course, the toggles at the top, and one of the main benefits here is. I wanted to share with you guys. Real quick is that you show that im actually still running the battery here for up to three days almost and im, using this with the obviously its 577 milliampere battery that we have here. I do have essential mode uh set to kick in at about five percent. So if that kicks in well be able to see it, we have the step counter. Uh, the heart monitoring and, of course, calories burnt, were able to change the watches, of course, very easily tick. Health is actually very easy to access directly from the main page. You can just make it as a secondary tile and, of course, we can see here. The high intensity measurement havent done exercise yet heart rate, which is what been measuring for the last few hours and, of course, heres. The oxygen saturation, which is also measured a couple hours ago and, of course, the tracking for this weeks, information activities for as far as sleep youre able to track that, and all of these are basically interfacing uh toggles. So you can actually go in here and interface with them. Under the heart rate, you can initiate the heart rate tab or you can go into the tick heart application now, youll notice, right there, its measuring the information shows the heart rate information.

Now one thing to keep in mind is every single tab that youre seeing here is actually accessible by means you can actually tap it and itll. Take you straight into the appropriate app. This is more kind of like an aggregate think of it as an aggregate area to get all the information, so that was the tick hard to be able to jump into it, see all the different information and, if youre done with it, you can pretty much swipe Back and you can go to the next one, as i showed you guys before, the wear for tesla app has its own tile. I actually went ahead and added it. Of course we have the weather app. This style enables us to actually jump straight into the tick exercise app or you can actually keep the customization out of the box its configured to run with the bottom button. You are able to reconfigure this button very nicely and, of course, you can add different tiles and all the other options that you want, and it actually just makes everything work perfectly now. The bottom button is configured to run with the thick exercise, but if you press and hold the bottom button for a little bit, youll get a few other options. Here. We have the speaker draining mechanism. This enables us to actually drain or emit a sound in the speaker whenever you get out of the pool to clean and make sure that theres no water residue sitting in there and damaging the water seal that they have in there for the ip68 rating essential mode Kicks it up into directly into essential mode, if you want to force turn it on start, restart power off and, of course, customizing.

The power button gives us or that bottom button, so you can change it again right now its configured to be tick exercise. You can change it to be whichever one you want, if we press and hold on the top button here, pretty much it just initializes the assistant, so you dont have to use the command, but although you do have the option of turning it on or swiping straight From the left side – and that gives you access to it pretty much straightforward there, obviously at the top we have google pay. We have do not disturb movie mode, find my watch and airplane mode. Of course we are able to jump into the setting customize the display. The sound the functionalities, all the different things connectivity set up, wi fi here, personalization now one thing i will say this much: it does actually run a couple of things. This is running the mob void launcher out of the box. If you want to customize and use it in the original android wear experience the way you used to see it on other watches its very much state forward. You click it and then youll notice here that the app drawer changes – and it goes back into more of that carousel experience – that weve seen the notification panel doesnt change much and google assistant and the tiles dont. But overall the experience thats pretty much. What youre getting is the launcher itself changes to be able to switch it on and off directly within personalization and jump into the mob void launcher the benefit of having one gig of ram and eight gigs of internal storage is that this watch runs smooth fast and Very efficiently now, one of the other things that weve covered here is obviously the new heart tracking information, but under essential mode we now have the ability of actually customizing the back color whenever were using the essential mode.

Now, at the beginning of the video, i showed that to you guys real, quick but youre able to customize it and change it to whichever one you want. One thing to keep in mind, though, if you have tilt to wake, unfortunately, that feature does not work. You do need to disable that for it to stay on in that mode, for us to see an example would be here right now. It basically turns on, if i just tilt it a little bit youll notice. It is a blue color and i went ahead and switched it over to purple youll notice right there that the purple color comes out and it looks really nice. You can customize it and make sure that it works with you and keep in mind that the watch itself gets its long battery life because its using the coprocessor to power, the secondary display and the fact that it has a secondary display to make sure that were Not using the full color display all the time every time we want to basically just do a quick glance at the watch see how what our step count is because youre getting a lot of information with the watch, and one of the reasons is because youre able To get so much information here, so if you just want to get the time and again at the step counter and of course, with the battery level and of course, the date all of that information is there and if you just tilt to wait and press the Button youre able to interact with the full color you do have the ability of doing tilt awake as well as an always on display.

Now the watch will inform you that if you try to use always on display, it is going to drain the battery a little bit far faster. But here you are basically, this is the always on display version of this watch. So if lets go ahead and we just go home, this is the smart watch or the watch face that im using right now, if i go to basically here, this is what it is on always on display still easy to tell the time. But again, it just helps us have that experience jump into the display section and, of course, either turn on or turn off always on display adjust the brightness change the watch face. All of those things are very easy. Of course, press and holding here is very simple. We can switch between all the different pre loaded ones or, of course we can add over all the ones. This one is the one that came out of the box with it and, of course, looks really nice um. I personally like uh this option here. This is the universe, and it gives me all the information with a nice little color option. Modboy has been focusing on a couple of things for the last few iterations of watches. First and foremost, is long battery life. The ability of going up to three days with a full charge, but again the battery that we have here, is one of the largest batteries that we have on a smartwatch to date.

The fact that we married that, with the dual display functionalities that we have here, the ability of getting that extended longer battery life than typical smart watches is very nice. The ability of going all the way up to 45 days or 30 to 45 days with essential mode thats, actually also something that you want to keep in mind. You have the ability of turning on essential mode that essentially disables the color display and uses the external display. Now that one is running on the coprocessor, and that gives you the ability of going for the really extended long battery life. Coincidentally, if i my watch battery does drop around five percent, essential mode does kick in. So this gives me that extra stamina to be able to be aware that my watch is not going to totally die now. Unfortunately, no new notifications are going to be coming in here and most of android wear functionality gets disabled, but the watch doesnt disable itself, meaning its not just going to be not working. You have the ability of turning on essential mode whenever you want by just pressing the bottom button and activating the secondary menu and then turning it on from there and thats. Something to keep in mind that very much only tick watch to date offers us that opportunity or that capability on a smartwatch. So overall, what ill probably say is the ability of customizing, the backlit or the external display background is actually very nice.

It makes it a little bit more customizable not to say that it is boring, but its more about something to make things more unique to you. So i feel like thats. A very nice feature. The ability of having the additional heart tracking and the extended health tracking is actually very nice as well. The brand new constructions, a little bit of minor updates from what we saw earlier in the year, makes this into more of an upgrade to earlier generations of thick watch pros, and that means anybody that picked up the pro 3 or the e3 earlier this year are Probably not going to be looking uh to upgrade to the ultra right now, for the most part, a lot of the functionalities we got with those are going to be running very nicely if somebody at the end of 2021 is looking to pick up their new smartwatch, A new smartwatch to augment their experience to make it so that were not very dependent on our devices. I feel like what we get here is some of the best experiences available dual display with a long battery life, the functionalities with the the one gig of ram and eight gigs of internal storage youre by the way able to basically pair your earbuds into this and Listen to music straight off the watch. We have access now to youtube music and google maps, as well as spotify to be able to play music off of this uh.

Wear 3.0 will obviously bring with it a lot more optimizations, better performance, and all of that once we have that ill, definitely make an updated video for you guys to showcase. How does mobvoi uh? How did they incorporate that into their smart watches? We know pretty much anything released in 2021 from mobvoy is going to be covered and upgraded to wear 3.0. The timing, unfortunately, is not available yet so do i recommend the smartwatch absolutely for somebody thats looking to upgrade to a smartwatch from anything earlier in lets. Say 2020, 2019 or 2018. This is definitely going to give you not only a much better ui experience. A faster ui experience a longer battery life, a lot more functionalities, better health tracking, longer battery life, because we do have a bigger battery life than some of the other options on the market. So it comes down to comparing it is. Should you go with lets, say a ticwatch pro 3 ultra, or should you go with the classic four from samsung at the end of the day, both of them are running, android, wear, thats, true different versions of it and at some point theyre both were going to Be running the same thing, but it is such a heavily skinned experience on both of these watches its very much like a smartphone right. You get android as an aosp base, but then you have the android skin. On top of it, be it one ui or whichever one and at that point its hard to tell what runs in the background and thats pretty much the experience on the on the galaxy watch 4.

, although its running wear 3.0 its very hard to tell that it Is running android wear, with the exception of the google play, store that youre able to access and, of course, installing android applications there so thats one of the main benefits and, of course we dont have the assistant. We do have samsung pay, which pretty much is the same as google pay, because theres no longer mst functionality, so both smart watches are going to give you the same. You are going to get a longer battery life with the thick watch pro 3, as well as the assistant and it closer to stock android, wear experience since modboy doesnt really skin too much. They really focus on giving you the best experience and they did basically change the app drawer mostly to make it easier for one handed. So you can actually have more apps on the screen, as opposed to having to scroll through the entire ui, but its going to come down to personal preference and ecosystems. If you like, samsung and youre, pretty much happy to use samsung on your device, its just going to work, the way you wanted, i feel like, like i said ticwatch for me, gives me the options that i like, and the things that ive always come to appreciate From them that dual display is much more functional for me and, of course, the ability of integrating and having everything set up to the way i want it just works.

The best way, both of these watches are definitely going to be great options for you. If you decide to pick one up for yourself and upgrade your experience, thank you very much for the support. Let me know what you guys think of the brand new ticwatch pro 3 ultra. I know its a long title, but definitely bring in some new features. Uh to help keep android wear going, even though were not running on the latest version still feels very snappy and almost snappier than what we see with wear 3.0 on the galaxy watch. This is tk.