We are a YouTube channel on the web. Smart watch ticks calm and this is the tick watch. The tick watch Pro the tick watch Pro 4G LTE, and this video is all about that last mumbo jumbo it's. All about phone calling texting and data connection using the 4G LTE network which this tick watch has and the original tick watch Pro does not that's really. What sets these two apart. We have some other videos up to talk about little nuances, like a change in band and it's lighter weight a little bit more memory inside of it a few things like that improvements over time, but the really big difference has to do with cellular data communications, which You'Re gon na find, if you compare the operating system between them back and forth, you're gon na get into this thing called connectivity, and in here you have a new entry called mobile. When I tap into mobile I'm, going down the rabbit hole with Alice and the rabbit, because I go into this thing, where I have three options on automatic and off, I know I've lost you already, I'm lost as well, but I'm gon na dig us both out. I just wanted to show you that, because that is the foundation of where we are going with today's talk about. Do you need a watch that does 4G LTE? In order to answer that question, you need to know the answer to these questions. Yeah. Let me walk them through you with you for just a second.

This is how we're going to take those lemons and squeeze them drop by drop into lemonade. First of all, do you want to make and receive phone calls from your watch? Is that something you're ever gon na? Do I mean really with the watch on your arm? Do you expect to make and receive phone calls? Think it through now sit with me here? Are you gon na be out in public into your arm? I do I got over it at first. I thought I was really strange, but I was even in Costco talking to the guy about phone upgrades and got an important call. I said sorry I got ta. Take this. I answered on my watch. I carried on a conversation and I looked so cool. I look like mr. Jack Wu. So do you want to have a watch that will receive and make phone calls and text messages? Maybe all you want to do is text from your wrist. If the answer to this question is yes you're in the right place, if it's? No, you can stop this video right now, because you really don't need to know anything about calling from a SmartWatch all right. We presume you do now they're little really three. Actually, four different scenarios that you could be interested in. First of all, are you always gon na? Have your phone with you or you, the kind of person that you know basically has your phone glued to you and you want to be able to whip up your arm, dismiss a call or answer it on the fly using your phone's phone number.

Okay, do you only want your watch to be an extension of your phone for calls? You will always have your phone with you within 30 feet or so for Bluetooth tethering, because that's required. If this is one of the things you want, you may have answered. Yes, answers to many of these so check this one off if that's, something you would like is for your watch to be able to answer or place phone calls using your phone simp, but you're gon na do it from your watch. That'S called a tethering watch. Okay, it's tethered to your phone or, and do you want your watch to be actually like a tiny phone with its own separate phone number and stem texting plan that is completely separate from your phone. In other words, you could call your phone from your watch or your watch from your phone or you could call anybody from either your watch or your phone and then they get the call and it'll come in from two different numbers. Your phone number or your private watch number huh. Do you want to do that? That is called a standalone watch. Tethering standalone. Do you want to do both of these in one watch? You can, especially with this to watch Pro 4G LTE and in that case, it's called the dual mode watch, get to all your terms down so you'll know what you're talking about okay, tethering standalone dual mode, now let's throw a little monkey wrench into it.

How about this, do you want your watch to act like it's, a clone of your phone? In other words, it uses the same phone number, two phone from and text from either your phone or watch will use the same number. This is the big caveat when they're not near each other, in other words, it's, almost identical to the tethering, where you're watching your phone or using the same phone number, the one that's in your phone same thing here, except you, leave your phone at home you're out On a jog or something – and you can still receive the call from the babysitter to your phone right, but you don't have your phone with you. You can answer it and reply using just the watch. Well, this is a much more detailed, separate kind of thing. That is not really so much a part of the watch itself, as it is a service from the carrier. That Verizon is the carrier that is handling the TIC watch, bro 4G LTE, and they do have a special thing which we'll talk about at the very end. That lets you set your watch up, basically as a clone of your phone, so you can use it in this mode. Hmm, where do you get these got ta, throw in the little commercial part help mr. dicks out tinyurl.com, slash tick, watches just go there. It'S gon na take you into Amazon using an affiliate code that I've got so roam around.

Whatever tick watch you'd like in fact whatever Amazon product you'd like if you go here first and go into Amazon, whatever you buy, mr. ticks is going to get a little support to help. Keep these videos coming so check that out. Also, if you want to watch more overall videos on all of them, oh boy, tick, watch line, I've got them all consolidated in a playlist that you can get to at tinyurl.com. Slash tick. Watch reviews head over there you'll see the other watches. We have a detailed hour, long review of all of the functions of the original tick watch, bro and, of course, whatever we're doing on the 4G LTE. In addition to this, video let's begin, shall we now once again, we're gon na be talking about the standalone switch for cellular communications. We get to that by going into settings connectivity mobile and you have under here the mobile setting, where you have three options: onoff and automatic, depending on how this is set. You'Ll get different, behaviors, so let's run through it. We'Re gon na presume that you have your watch tethered to your phone and a phone call comes in to your phone's phone number. So what happens with the three different settings for the standalone mode in this situation, where we do not have cellular service at all? Yet in this watch it does not connected through Verizon it's, just basically working as a tethering phone extension. They all three work the same, whether it's on offer auto that's selected.

A phone call coming in to your phone's phone number is gon na ring on both your phone and your watch they're both gon na light up. You can answer either on the phone directly or on the watch now, depending on how you have your watch set up when you answer that call from the watch, you can press a button and it will say, take the call on the phone and you'll have to Grab your phone and communicate okay, the watch can be set to answer the call and talk through the phone or you can set this up as an actual tethering watch, which means when you press the button to accept the call the call will be routed over Bluetooth Directly to the watch and you can speak to the purse and hear them from the watch. So how do you do that? This is important to do ahead of time, no matter whether you're going to be tethered or or not, if you're going to actually do this? For phone calls you're going to go back into settings and into connectivity which is down here, but this time instead of going down into mobile you're gon na go into bluetooth. Now bluetooth is turned on, shows you what you're connected to and down here you have an option: play phone voice, call on the watch. If that's turned off, you just have a button that you can answer the call with, but you have to grab your phone to talk to the person.

But if you touch this button it goes off and makes that Bluetooth connection and sets things up. In the background on your phone to be able to route the call well directly to the watch and from now on, it's turned on. So when a call comes in place to your phone's phone number, the watch will ring. You can answer it from the watch and you can speak to the party directly from the watch. No SIM needed no activation from Verizon needed, it's called tethering. Okay phone call, tethering that's. The first part, second part is, if you do have the sim card in here and you have it activated, what happens if a call is placed to your watch's phone number right, not the phone's phone number, but the actual separate phone number in the watch? Well, if the standalone mode, we showed you that is set to on that means. The sim is active. The call will ring on the watch you'll answer on the watch and the phone is basically not even involved in the call at all. In fact, it doesn't matter whether it's with you or not in this situation, sorta it does matter if it's tethered. Well, what stick with me here if, but the phone is not a part of the of the call coming in directly to the watch. Okay in the on mode, it really doesn't matter if you're tethered to the phone, if you have it near you or it's, turned off or it's nowhere around.

If that switch is set to OFF, it means you're disabling the standalone mode and a call is not going to ring on any device. Okay, the wot sim is literally turned off it's the same as having the the watch in airplane mode. So what happens to an incoming call just rings and rings and hangs up? Does it drop into voicemail? Can you retrieve the voicemail? More importantly, when you turn the watch back on, do you get notified that you missed a phone call that came in all of those? Are questions we don't know you got ta find out once we get that Verizon service, but it is an important one to recognize it when you have the standalone mode switch set to OFF – and you do have this thing with its own separate SIM card. You'Ve basically turned off the phone service right here's, where it gets really tricky the auto mode yeah when you're in the auto mode. If your watch is tethered to the phone, the system is going to set the sim to the off position to save power. So basically the internal sim is set off. You can receive phone calls made to your phone that will ring over on the watch. We covered all that up here, so you can still make and receive phone calls as long as you're still tethered to the phone, but the internal sim is turned off. So a call place to the watch's SIM card will not ring on the watch or the phone same as off.

However, if the watch is not tethered to the phone well, then it knows that you want to use this for sim communication and in order to make sure you're gon na be able to get phone calls from any source. The sim is turned back on and the call will ring on the watch and you can answer on the watch. So the scary thing is, if you are set up with a sim card in your watch, expecting to get safe private calls to your watch. While you have business calls coming to your, if the watch is tethered to the phone, those calls to the watch using the watch's phone number will not go through. They won't ring, you won't know they happen and you won't be able to answer them. Oh very important. Key point to keep in mind now the last thing – and this is kind of the most important one, because I most likely this is what you probably want to set up if you're gon na put a sim in this anyway, unless you really want to keep track Of two different numbers most folks want their watch to basically operate as if it were a clone right of their phone. So Verizon has this feature called number share mode and it's a service that you have to set up through Verizon. What it does is lets people share their primary phones number with multiple devices, not just your phone. Your tablet, another phone, if you wanted to as a result with this mode activated, people can go out with the watch, only receive calls to the primary phone's phone number and also call out from that primary phone's phone number with the watch.

Okay, as if you were out with your phone incoming calls will ring on both the phone and the watch and the tablet and the other phone up to. I think five different devices is different for each phone company and it's, a different name for each one, but Verizon's is called number share mode. The calls will be handled by the first device to answer. So if you're out with your watch – and you answer it they're great, if you grab your phone first and answer it it'll stop ringing on your watch and great you'll talk on your phone. If you have both of them, but your wife or your husband has another phone that rings on that same number, say the house number for the family and that person grabs and answers that phone the year just suddenly stop ringing it's. That kind of a thing they're. All shared and it's, whichever extension is picked up first, is going to get the call again. This is an advanced procedure and it requires setup through Verizon directly. Now everything I've told you here is conjecture on the assumption that this service is going work. This way, when Verizon activates it this first section, though the calls placed to the phone's phone number. I verified this directly with a call to my phone tethered to the watch and can say for sure that if you do not put SIM service in this watch that all three Mo's will end up ringing on both the phone and watch and you can answer on Both the phone and watch almost the same way as if you had the numbers, share in fact it's identical process, except they have to be tethered together.

This one gives you the advantage of being able to separate beyond Bluetooth distance and get the same basic effect. Okay, when you activate the verizon sim, I don't expect this to change regarding the tethering but it's possible. It might and you might go into some special mode that turns off tethering when on is set for the sim. It could could get more confusing, but we still don't know that until the actual service is fully tested, but as far as basic basic operation, as you think about what you want. If you want to watch that you'll be able to call and receive phone calls on, you can do it directly with the new tic watch Pro 4G LTE or the original tic watch pro. If you're gon na tether to your phone either one of them will work for that. This one's lighter a little bit more memory, nicer, actual display in the LCD they've refined that a little bit different bands, but not a lot. A whole difference not a whole lot of difference, not a difference whole lot of between all of those with anything else, you're really paying for the extra cellular circuitry in here. That gives you that opportunity to to do the sim card thing. So if you can get a really good deal on one of these cheap or if you want to get the old version with just a little bit less memory by all means, you could take up either one of them.

But if you want to do separate sim calling or this number share mode stuff, you're definitely gon na need the 4G LTE version of the watch and you can get it and support mr. ticks here. Smartwatch tix, if you use this link, tinyurl.com slash tick, watches will take you to amazon.com or you can buy this one or you can buy this one or you can buy any of the other tick watches that are out there. In fact, you can review all of the tick watch versions that they've made so far because we've we've looked at them all. Believe me and I've got the reviews up at this linked tinyurl.com, slash tick. Watch reviews check that out. Look at the ones you want to review then decide for yourself what will really really fit. Your particular needs. The newest one, the tick watch Pro 4G LTE is a hot new product. It'S available now and Verizon will be the dedicated carrier to support it. With sim 4G capability you've been watching, smart watch ticks, we are on the web at smart watch ticks calm, and we look forward to seeing you here again thanks for watching. Oh just one more thing: a couple of people have wondered when it's in this essential mode, the LCD screen mode, does it shut everything off and you won't be able to get phone calls if they come in if you're set up properly to get them. I can tell you about tethering phone calls.

The good news is yes. If it's in catnap mode, I made that one up catnap mode it will bust through this LCD and a call will come through. So what is catnap mode? Well, it's, when your LCD mode flips in because of a time out like that and it's kind of hovering, but it's, not permanent or you have it on, and you palm the watch there you go and that causes it to go into it's, essential mode, it's lightly. Snoozing. Okay, however, however, if you use the button or the option, to put it deeply into the essential mode, which is what it's in right now, if you have the normal touchscreen to wake up or something that doesn't work, nothing turns it on, except for pressing the button. When it's in that mode, the deep sleep mode, it will not receive phone calls it's only acting as a digital watch, so that's, something to be aware of as well. You will not get a tethering phone call and I'm pretty sure you will not get a sim phone call with a call directly to the watch, because all the radios and everything else are turned off. To give you that super long, 30 day life you got to have it turned on and then, if it goes into essential mode now, it's active in the background with the radios and you will receive phone calls.