This is dab.o today, we’re going to be taking a look at a new smartwatch from a company called more pro. This is their f12 smartwatch now more pro isn’t, as well known as companies like fitbit and garmin, and obviously apple, but i try not to discriminate on this channel. All companies start out small, so i’m gon na give this one an honest review. Now more pro actually has a bunch of fitness, trackers and different types of smart watches, but this one is their f12 and the reason i got it. It has a really attractive design. Plus it has some really cool features and you can find it for around 50. Us more on that in just a minute, but first let’s cover what’s in the box. It comes in really attractive and slim packaging opening this up, you can see they have this service card on top. This is just a thank you to their customers inside here, and then you have the user instructions, also in here underneath that you have a black rubber band. That is interchangeable. Next, you have the proprietary charging cord and last you have the more pro f12 smart watch. So let’s cover some of the features of the smartwatch first thing: you’ll notice is this large round 1.3 inch color touch screen, that is 360 by 360 pixels and in my opinion this is a really good looking display, especially at this price point. The watch gets nice and bright.

The colors look great. Everything is super clear. It has pretty thin bezels around it overall. This definitely looks a lot more high quality than a 50 watch around the display. You have this black anodized aluminum and while i think this looks great i’ve had problems with anodized aluminum, getting scuffed up and scratching, and you can see the silver underneath and in my week of testing this, i have picked up a few scratches and you can see The silver underneath so you’re gon na have to be really careful about not scuffing this up too much now. This watch has a ton of features. It has all day activity tracking. It has sleep tracking. It has female health tracking it’ll track your heart rate and it’ll track your blood pressure. You can get notifications sent to your wrist for both android and ios. That includes calls text, and then you can also select from a list of other apps that you can get notifications from it’s quoted at six to ten days of battery life and it’s also ip67 waterproof. So let’s talk about how you use this smartwatch and how it’s performed for me over the last week to turn on the display. You have a couple different options: one is the wrist activation. So when you turn your wrist, the display will turn on. This does seem to work every single time, however it’s not quite as fast as sensing as say. My apple watch is apple watch the moment i turn my wrist it’s on this one takes maybe about an extra second.

You can also tap the display to turn it on or you can press the mechanical button on the side of it. You can also use the mechanical button on the side to turn off the display if you don’t want to wait for it to automatically turn off. First thing you see here is your watch face. These are customizable. So if you don’t like this one, you long press on the watch face and then you can select from a couple that are pre installed or you can go on the app and download from a number of different watch faces. So from this point out, you basically use the touch screen to navigate through the watch os and then you can use the mechanical button. To return back to the watch. Face swiping down on the display will bring up some quick settings. You can see your connection to your smartphone and how much battery is remaining going down. You can see there’s a do not disturb button a button to access all the settings, a find. My phone button information button and a brightness button swiping up on the display, will bring up your messages or your notifications, and it will store the last 15 notifications that you got swiping to the left will bring up your activity, tracking and some health data. You can see one swipe brings you to your activity tracking. You can see how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone and how many calories you burn.

Another swipe will bring up your heart rate. Your current heart rate, along with what your heart has done throughout the day and one more swipe, will bring up your sleep data, so you can see how much sleep you got and what stages you were in returning to the watch face and swiping to the right. Will bring up a menu of all the apps available? The first app is called data, and again this is just your activity. Tracking the next app is called sports, and this is where you can actually select an activity to track. So you click on that and then you can select between walking, running hiking, cycling, elliptical and yoga. The next app is hr, which is your heart rate. Again. This will show you your current heart rate and what your heart has done throughout the day. The next app is sleep, and just like on the summary page, you can see how long you slept the previous night and what stages you were in the next app is bp, which stands for blood pressure. So you can take your blood pressure on demand or have the watch just take it periodically throughout the day. The next app is called music, and this gives you music, playback controls for your smartphone. You can’t store music on this smartwatch, but you can control the music on your phone moving down the list. You have some pretty self explanatory ones like weather we’ll show you the weather.

Obviously stopwatch messages. Message is just the notifications. I showed you earlier. You have find my phone, so you can click this and it will make your phone vibrate so that you can find it, and then you have the settings app. The first setting you can toggle is the display. The first option is the dial switch that allows you to switch. The watch face that you’re using the next is the brightness. Again you can change the brightness here screen. Time is where you can set the watch to turn off the display after a certain amount of time, and the max is 9 seconds. So, no always on display on this guy and then the last setting is turn wrist weight where you can set how long the watch will stay on when you turn your wrist to view the screen. The next option down is vibration intensity. So you have three different vibration: intensities, you can choose from and then the last couple settings are language. You can change the language. You have a qr code here and then you have system where you can turn off the smartwatch or reset it to factory settings. A couple other things is that you can do a drink, water alert and a move alert if you’d like and then you can also do a shake photography through the app. So you can turn on your camera through the app and then, if you shake your watch, it’ll do a three second countdown and take a picture for you.

The app will also store all your activity, tracking data, all your sleep data, heart rate data and blood pressure data. You can also customize your notifications here set alarms, change the metrics or the units that you want to track change. The alerts that you want to get download, watch faces and download software updates it’s, also where you can integrate with other health tracking apps, like apple health and overall after a week of usage, i’m, really impressed with this smartwatch, and i think it all starts with the Design this looks like a way more expensive watch than a 50 smartwatch. It has that beautiful circular 1.3 inch screen with the anodized aluminum around it. It looks very high quality. The screen itself looks great too it’s, not as high quality as like an amoled display, but in my opinion, it’s still very clear. Really nice colors gets nice and bright it’s more than good enough, and because it’s not amoled, you’ll get better battery life and speaking of battery life. I have been using this for a week and i still have about twenty percent left so i’m. Guessing seven to ten days is about accurate and while the ui isn’t, the snappiest i’ve, seen out there, it definitely isn’t frustrating to use or anything like that. It doesn’t freeze up on you. It recognizes your touch every single time, so you can get around it pretty easily. It does have bluetooth 5.0, and i get my notifications almost instantly.

It hits my phone. Sometimes it gets it even before my apple watch gets it as far as accuracy when it comes to health tracking it’s a little bit of a mixed bag. I think the activity tracking itself, when it comes to steps, distance and calories burn, is pretty accurate and compares really closely to what my apple watch is reading in terms of heart rate, i’ve always been in the mindset that a wrist based heart rate monitor will give You a good idea what your heart is doing: it’s not going to be as accurate as a chest. Heart rate monitor and that’s exactly what this watch will give. You it’ll give you a really good idea of what your resting heart rate is doing and what your heart rate is doing over the span of the day, but don’t expect this to track. Every single beat perfectly as far as tracking blood pressure, with a smart watch i’m, just not 100 sure how you can do that accurately with a smart watch. I know that the readings that it’s telling me is considerably lower than what i get when i go to the doctor’s office, so i would just highly caution about taking these readings as medical grade and basing your diet or your life on these blood pressure readings again. I see what they’re doing here they’re trying to give you a good idea of your overall health, your blood pressure, your heart rate, but it shouldn’t be a substitute for actually going to the doctor and getting accurate readings but overall for all the features you get, and This great looking design for 50 bucks.

I highly recommend this smartwatch it’s, one of my favorite budget, smart watches that i’ve ever reviewed and i think it’s more than worth the price. So if you’re interested in it i’ll put a link in the description below so check it out there, if you like this video press that, like button, i really appreciate it guys if you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below i’ll get to them.