So today in the house, we have their brand new GTS 4 mini Smartwatch and upgraded version of their previous gen GTS mini series, and this one actually packs some pretty impressive features for this price point. There are a lot of aspects that these guys have upgraded and today well be unboxing and checking out this Smartwatch. So here youve got some of its highlights mentioned its got like an ultra slim and lightweight design comes with HD AMOLED display 120 Plus Port activity, tracking its full waterproof and these sort of stuff, and talking about the colors, we have the black color Edition guys and Its also available in three other different color models, and that is it theres nothing much written on the packaging, so lets quickly get started with the unboxing. Let me grab my knife and cut the seal on the package and there you go as soon as you open. The package weve got our brand new smartwatch at the top. Amaze fits all new GTS, 4 mini, and, oh my God, look at this thing. It is so small and compact. Well just come back to this in in a moment in the package. You also get some paperwork and a magnetic poker Pin cable for charging. That is it. These are all the stuff you got in the box and there you go our first look at Amaze fits all new gts4 Mini Smartwatch and initial Impressions. I have to say: Smartwatch looks quite beautiful guys.

I mean its like very slim and Compact and looks quite cute. Actually, let me just peel off the stickers, so youll get like a better look at the Smartwatch, so this one actually packs like a squarish form factor display guys very similar to the previous gen Smartwatch and on the front side, it comes with a 1.65 inch HD Amoled display that too, with a 2.5 D sort of curved glass at the top tempered glass and also has like anti fingerprint coating on it. So, basically, like a premium sort of look and feel over here, you also have like a beautiful metal crown on the right side with the Amaze fit logo on it, and I have to appreciate a misfit for the finishing its got: a beautiful chamfer Edge at the Top side, which gives you that premium look and feel build quality is also very good. Its like a mix between metal and polycarbonate watch case is made of like aluminum alloy, while the bottom panel is made of polycarbonate material and not to forget. Gts4 mini is also like five atmospheres: water resistance, almost 50 meters water resistant guys talking about the straps traps. Quality is also very nice. You get like soft and durable silicone, straps and theyre also replaceable to change them as pure convenience and thats it our complete overview and first look at the watch. What Ill do is Ill quickly set it up, use it for some time and then be back to continue the video, so boys Im back to continue.

The video and Ive been using the Smartwatch for the last few days and Ill be sharing my complete experience and feedback right now. So there are both pros and cons Ill, be talking about this model, so make sure to watch this video till the end. In case you plan to buy this Smartwatch first of all, now lets start off with the display. Amaze fits gts4 mini comes with a 1.65 inch, HD AMOLED, squarish form factor display and theres. One thing I can say guys display, looks absolute gorgeous its a stunning display, guys now come on AMOLED Matlab. There is nothing less you can expect guys and on top of that, its got like very good resolution, guys it has like 336 by 384 resolution and everything looks crisp and clear at this size. No matter it be text or any sort of content. Now it just pops out on the display and colors also look very rich and vibrant thanks that AMOLED panel, especially like you view any sort of artistic wallpapers or maybe like watch faces right. They look stunning on the display and talking about the viewing angles. Viewing angles are also nice. Brightness of the display is also like very good and bright. You can even view the display in bright outdoor situations, also no issues at all see for this price point. You will be super happy with the display on the Smartwatch now moving on, not to forget that the watch is also five atmospheres: water resistant, so basically 50 meters, water resistant guys you can even like throw it in a swimming pool.

Nothing will happen to the watch. You can even put the watch and take a shower guys now things going to happen and good thing is, it also has like swimming activity tracking as well, and once you start and you know, start swimming or go to a pool, it will automatically recognize that and Start tracking your activity, so pretty cool stuff well come to the activities and sports stuff in a moment. So what Ill do now Ill just quickly give you like a closer look at the watch in the display and Ill show you all the software built in apps and stuff, and well talk about all of that. So there you go. This is how the Smartwatch looks. Like so, this is how the display looks like guys, and here weve got like a default watch face applied on it and talking about the watch faces by default. You get around like two to three watch faces pre installed on it, but not to worry. You can download so many cloud based watch faces using Amaze feed zip compatible app guys its available on both Android as well as Apple app stores. You can download that install it on your phone and then you can download lots of watch faces so as usual guys. The whole UI is like very similar to the other Amaze fit SmartWatches, and one more thing I forgot to mention, along with your race, to wake function, since it has like an AMOLED display right.

This particular model also has always on display support. A lot of people keep looking for this and you keep asking me in the comment section so yes, that feature is there over here. Swiping down on the home screen gives you an access to the status panel. Here youve got like couple of quick access toggles as well. It shows you, the current battery level and youve got like a mini Torchlight option. Dnd mode is there. Auto. Brightness function is also available on this thing and some other stuff. Now by swiping up on the home screen, you can quickly access the notifications area. Here you can check out all your recently received, missed calls, or maybe like any sort of social media messages now by swiping, left or right on the home screen. Now you can quickly access the widgets present on it. So swiping left now gives you this quick access to your Fitness summary. This is again your current Todays Fitness level, like how many steps youve taken distance, traveled calories burnt and these sort of stuff moving on. You got your HR measurement app and then you got the weather widget, which gives you like a complete weekly forecast and then youve got Amaze fits Pi score app and then youve got sleeper data analysis, and this is your complete list of widget summary guys. So here youve got some more quick access, toggles, and these are also like customizable, using your Zip, app and best.

The part about this watch is: it also has Alexa Voice Assistant support guys. This thing actually has like a microphone on board and you just need to link your Amazon account using the Zep app, and that is it. Alexa is like enabled on this thing. You can ask any sort of question: just click that Alexa button and ask maybe like whats the weather right now or maybe like any sort of general knowledge question guys and Alexa will give you the answer on the screen. I really wish this thing had like a speaker on board, and maybe you know it could even give like Voice output. Currently, this is not available. You only have like a microphone anyway. Still, I have to appreciate guys pretty useful feature on this Smartwatch, so that is it our complete overview on the UI and navigation, and if you talk about the watch performance watch performance is pretty good. Overall, UI navigation, app opening and closing everything felt, smooth and stable didnt face much of lags, or starters, though, I wish the display had like 60 hertz. You know refresh rate that would have made things like much more smoother, but unfortunately thing is now. These watches are like designed to offer like longer battery life wants to offer longer battery life with lots of features. So that is the reason they you know, keep the refresh rate a bit limited, because that will help you get higher battery life, so that might be the only reason theyre not going for 60 hertz.

Now suppose, if you want to access the complete list of apps present on the Smartwatch, you can easily do that by pressing this crown on the right side and just press that guys there you go, you get the complete list of all apps available on this thing. Now I wont go explaining every each and every app guys, because this is pretty much the same on all amazfit Smartwatch youve got the complete lineup of health related features like 24×7 HR monitoring is a blood oxygen. Spo2 measurement is a stress level measurement sleep, sleep data analysis. Basically, all all of these things are covered. Moving on, you got like 120 Plus Port mode detection, so variety of sport activity tracking is available and, lastly, in the general and more related section, youve got all your Smartwatch related applications. For example, calculator is available. Compass is also their sun and moon title phase, where their app is also available. Uh stopwatch timer countdown world clock. All of these are available, so theres nothing amazfit has missed on the Smartwatch, so that is pretty much it guys. Our complete overview on the design, UI and also the software stuff. Now let me tell you about the health related features, so, as Ive told you just now guys, the GTS 4 mini has like complete lineup of health related functions. You got 24×7 HR monitoring blood oxygen, spo2 measurement is a stress level measurement is there. Breathing exercises are built in and also as like, Auto sleep recording and all of these functions were working very well.

Sensors were doing a good job and giving accurate results. Almost 95 percent of the time, and apart from the that talking about the Sports and Fitness related stuff, Ive told you right its got like 120 plus sport mode tracking youve got your walking running cycling. Treadmill lots of sport activities are also there like. Swimming is also included because its like complete five atmospheres, water resistant right, so that is also available and best part about this Smartwatch is it comes with built in GPS function, guys and not just simple GPS. It has GPS with five satellite positioning systems, and let me tell you during my testing, I found the GPS on this smartwatch to be like very accurate guys now again, amazfit is not a new brand guys theyve been making these Port related smart watches since many years, And you wont be disappointed over here. Gps on this model was working very well and that you, like quite accurately guys it tracks the GPS signal very quickly. It catches the signal very quickly and gives you like an accurate geolocation data both on the Smartwatch, as well as a compatible Zap app youll get like full details on the app okay. Now let me show you how you receive no notifications on the watch again, for this youll definitely need to install the compatible Zap app on your phone and then enable some permissions, and that is how youll be able to receive all sorts of messages, social media messages Or any sort of notifications on the watch and there you go, this is how you receive messages.

So basically, it shows you the name or number of the person sending that message or either it be from any social media, and it also shows you the content of the message, and this is how you receive call notifications guys. Basically, it shows you the name or number of the person calling and you can either end or dismiss the call All right. We are almost coming to an end, so let me tell you about the battery life now. First of all, let me tell you dont judge a book by its cover guys, even though it might look like a small watch battery life on this thing is actually quite impressive. So this thing packs like a 270 milliampere built in battery, and you know on a typical sort of usage. For example, you set the brightness to like auto level, and you do a little bit of sport activity tracking and your little bit of health related feature functions. Use using and then with this sort of usage now you can easily expect around like 14 to 15 days of battery life, so once you charge the watch, you can easily forget it for charging two weeks and it will non stop keep running for you now again. If you are a bit of heavy user, for example, you always connect your SmartWatch with your phone via Bluetooth, keep getting notifications and keep using health related functions then, for you, people The Watch Might last for around like seven to eight days again.

Lastly, if you are like a super heavy user, you are like a complete Fitness freak. You use GPS a lot for your outdoor activities. Then you can expect around like one day battery life guys with continuous GPS usage. So this is the sort of battery you can expect on this model, and that is it guys. Our complete video on Amis fits brand new gts4 Mini Smartwatch, absolutely beautiful Smartwatch. I love the design very stunning looking watch, I can say beautiful, AMOLED display and on top of that, youre getting like five atmospheres: water, resistant and youre, also getting like great GPS plus five satellite positioning systems and also like very good battery life. The only thing I felt it was missing was like a built in speaker guys because it also has a microphone right. So if only the brand could have provided like a speaker on board, you could have done things like Bluetooth, calling or maybe like voice recording or maybe Alexa could also have given like a speaker output feedback that would have been like pretty cool and talking about the Price now so Amaze fit is actually having like a special launch a day offer. So this particular watch will go on sale on the launch day for 6999 rupees and after that, itll come back to its original price of 799 rupees. So if you want to get this Smartwatch, this is the right time. Links will be in the description box below you can check it out there and thats it.