You suspect fresh and cool tech, smart watches, especially, and you can, you can see anything from very budget oriented smartwatches to more premium solutions which cost quite a lot of money. Uh in that regard, im really happy. I finally have a chance to try out the moto 100 moto watch 100 by motorola, its something that got released in the states in early 2022 and finally, its a global release. So i have the chance to try it out for a couple of weeks and figure out whether that really is a good device. Probably you remember that since a few years the brands motorola is operated by lenovo. So inside this body there is a lot of lenovo dna and well thats. A wealthy choice were gon na find out in the next minutes priced at 100. I think this might be among the good value smartwatches of 2022. If it delivers, the performance were hoping for. Motorola used to offer wear os based smartwatches in the past, but this one is the beginning of an entirely different series based on a much simpler operating system which promises up to 2 week, battery endurance per charge and bunch of health tracking features. It stands up against devices like the first generation of mi watch. Huawei watch gt series in a mazefit product line each one of these is famous for really good battery backup, but also for reliable fitness oriented ecosystem unboxing. Since this is my first motorola branded smartwatch, i was quite excited and eager to try out something new from the very first moment seems that you can feel the spirit of motorola.

Despite the facts, i mentioned a little earlier small box, good pack. Most top features are noted on the box inside heres, a beautiful looking watch two color options. This is the glacier silver theres, a black edition as well theres, the user guide with some easy to follow instructions and the charging cable. It is magnetic based connection similar to the charging concept on most fitness. Trackers design at the first site looks very cool, motorola advertised, the body which is made from the most durable materials. The last one was a quote, its aluminum body, not too large, and i can agree that it totally looks durable. Most of the sensors are located at the bottom side and will be pulling the data from the area around your wrist. The strap also feels nice. It is 20 millimeters of size, quick release, option included too now lets talk about the main hardware specifications so that we can set the expectations about the performance right 1.3 inch circular lcd, touchscreen resolution 360 by 360 pixels basic system on a chip 355 milliamp hour battery Bluetooth, 5.0, gps, inbuilt accelerometer and gyroscope hr monitoring, sensor, spo2, sensor 5 atm waterproofness and weight of 29 grams without the strap beyond the numbers and the fancy sounding characteristics. I think we should appreciate the fact there is gps inside meaning that you can go outdoors and you can track an activity and also have information about your route, also about the performance. If you look at the scrolling, its probably something like a fitness tracker responsiveness, also the display, i was very surprised by the choice of default watch – face because if you look into this watch face, it feels as if thats a tft screen actually thats amoled a pretty Good one, but with that were kind of exhausting all the good things like um.

There are a lot of opportunities that motorola have missed, for instance, the display, although being great it only has manual display brightness levels, no ambient light sensor. There is no speaker and no microphone, meaning that you cant make any phone calls and you cant rely on any smart assistant. There is no nfc chip, meaning that you cant make any contactless payments, no internal storage, meaning that you cant store any music files or other types of files. And generally, this whole thing feels as if motorola have taken a fitness tracker added the gps and packed everything into this fancy. Looking body operation, wise things are quite simple and if you have ever used the smartwatch before its gon na be easy. If you havent heres a super short tour top button, it acts as a home button an app launcher. The second button is configurable, but i insist on showing you the configuration just select key from the menu. Then youre brought to something that looks like the app launcher and you select the action extremely confusing, still its a nice to have long. Press options also have their implementation, but i doubt youre gon na use any of those swipe up and youre gon na read the messages you cannot respond, you can only read and there is a character limit per message. So you cannot read long emails swipe down, and here are the quick, toggles, theyre, okayish, swiping, left and right shows the main cards which can be configured by the smartphone app.

But i really insist on showing you a side by side comparison to a similarly priced smartwatch. The moto watch 100 turns out to be annoyingly, laggy and slow and animations are very irritating. I think it is slower even than the huawei watch gt generation 1 from 3 years ago, not even on par with the basic fitness trackers, and i think this is indeed its biggest weakness. As for the app availability, theres a good amount of them, but i underlined that this is not wear os and you cannot install any additional apps. Essentially, what you see is what you get. The health tracking apps are nice heart rate monitoring has been consistent and accurate. So is the spo2 tracking both are pretty well implemented and hr is being tracked. 24. 7.. I can also praise the way moto utilize, the sleep tracking card, excellent way to show the summary good to notice that it also detects rem. The remaining apps are rather helpful for either tracking some health parameters or supporting you with some basic daily tasks like stopwatch and timers theres, an alarm option: vibration based, you can set it from the watch itself and it works great. Also. The watch can be used as a remote shutter for your smartphones camera, which is also nice to have, especially for group photos since going through the settings. Wouldnt. Take that much time either, because apparently there arent too many settings to configure lets speak of the smartphone app.

In short, if so far you enjoyed the watch, i do believe the app might turn into a deal breaker for android. I was unable to make it run on miui based roms, no poco, xiaomi or redmi devices. It can start you can pair the watch, but after a while it crashes all the time, hopefully at the time when you watch this video, its going to be fixed with a samsung device or an iphone, it is a little better. The design is excellent. No light theme, though, but thats alright, good grouping of the data and correct me if im wrong, but it resembles a lot from the feeling of garmin connect. So everything is easily accessible. Cards are customizable, but i cant say im too happy with the way it looks. Some other apps, like huawei health, are, in my opinion, better designed the other really limiting moment are the watch faces. There only are a few default watch faces, including and nothing else that you can add via the app every time. I do this review so thats limiting on top of it. None of them are customizable. If i have to say one good thing about this whole experience, it will be about the battery consuming around 10 per day. This has been refreshing and with some smart tricks, you can really go for a two week cycle now, if i have to put all the drawbacks in a single list: the lack of microphone and speaker, the lack of local storage for music and other files, no nfc For payments, no automatic brightness adjustment, no always on display limited watch, faces buggy, smartphone, app, quite weird operating system, very poor animations, no access to google fit or strava, and the list goes on.

Maybe i can even think of some more and obviously i cant recommend this smartwatch for everything ive mentioned so far, perhaps if youre kind of fans of the motorola brand – and you enjoy this really excellent, looking display and you like the build quality as well. That could be a good choice, but in terms of feature, it lacks a lot of things which are present with competitive devices at the same price, niche from amazfit huawei, even samsung, and this is why i dont think thats a great start for this new product line By motorola, maybe they could improve some stuff by firmware, updates and significant updates on the smartphone upside, but generally, i think most of these drawbacks they can address through a new generation. So hopefully someday were going to see. Moto watch 200. so now its interesting to see what you guys and girls think. Maybe in the comments below you, can share your thoughts about the motto: watch 100 canvas stunning design, make it up for all the missing features that we have in terms of hardware.