The only watch that polar is announcing today so polar is also announcing, the regular pacer or basically a non pro version of this watch right here, which is also aimed at runners, but it just comes with a few less features. The pacer pro is available to order as of today and then the regular pacer thats going to be available to order in about a month, or so i think like may 2022 and ill have another. Follow up video on the regular pacer so make sure to subscribe. To get a notification when that video drops, but in todays video ill be going over everything that you need to know about the new pacer pro, including all the features that it has to offer, how it compares to other polar watches, including the new, regular pacer. As well as how accurate it is for sports and fitness, including gps and hardware accuracy, and as always, if the information this video does help you out at all, dont, be shy by hitting that, like button down below, as it really helps the channel – and i appreciate It so the pacer pro shares very much the same kind of style as polars high end vantage v2, with the same style case buttons, and even the integrated style band that wraps around the wrist. It has a 45 millimeter case versus the 47 millimeter case, thats found on the advantage of e2 and the pacer pro comes in at a very spelt weight of 41 grams.

The vantage v2 uses more premium materials like an aluminum body, but that also does cost more. So they chose a resin case with the pacer pro to keep the cost down and it comes in five different color options, so theres a carbon gray, midnight blue autumn maroon, aurora green and the snow white version that i have right here and the pacer pro also Comes with polar shift adapters, which they have these adapters, which can simply go in place of the integrated band, and these will allow you to use industry standard 20, millimeter watt straps, and they do include the shift adapters with all the pacer pro models. The regular pacer, which is coming out a little bit later, comes in four different colors, a purple, dusk, color, deep teal cloud white and a night black. But the pacer and pacer pro use a five button configuration with these nice grippy buttons, which also resemble the buttons that are found on the advantage of e2. But, unlike the advantage v2, the pacer pro and pacer dont have a touch screen. The display, however, gets a slight upgrade, so it still uses a 1.2 inch transflective display with 240×240 pixels, and this display is optimized for easy readability outdoors in bright conditions, just like many of polars other watches, and the display is protected with gorilla glass 3.. But what theyve done with the pacer and pager pro is reduce the distance from the glass to the actual display so like here on the vantage v2, you can see that theres just a little bit larger gap from the top of the glass to the actual display.

Now, with the pacer pro and pacer theyve reduced this by about three millimeters, so its just a little bit easier to read polar, also, went ahead and redesigned its precision. Prime heart rate sensor on the pacer and pacer pro, where they no longer have the metal bumps. That were found before so those metal bumps served kind of two purposes, one to detect skin contact, which was supposed to help produce more accurate results, and those metal bumps also served as charging points with the charger. But theyve reworked this heart rate sensor and they claimed that they can now detect that skin contact optically rather than with those metal bumps. This reworked hr sensor has 10 leds, with four light detectors in varying colors, which are designed to work in different wavelengths and ill. Have more details about the hardware accuracy later on in the video and since the pacer and pacer pro did get rid of those metal bumps which were previously used for charging polar had to come with new way of charging? So they have a new magnetic charging cable. On the pacer and pacer pro and then for battery life, they say you can get up to a week between charges and that will depend on how many activities that youre, tracking, especially outdoor activities and for me, i got about five days out of it, including tracking Some outdoor activities and then for gps battery life. They say you can get up to 35 hours and that is with both gps and heart rate.

And then you can also get up to 100 hours, using some power saving modes and then the pacer and pacer pro. Also come with a new, faster processor thats supposed to be two times faster, and i think the speed improvements actually are a little bit noticeable and then, in terms of software features. Polar chose to include quite a few features that they thought would be very beneficial. For runners – and it really comes with quite a bit, especially compared to polars other watches, and although the pacer pro has a lot of running features and i think its almost being marketed as a running watch, it still has the capability of being a full on multi Sport and triathlon watch so, if youre looking for a watch for triathlon, this is a good option, especially at this price point. But back onto the running front, the pacer pro has a barometric altimeter, which allows it to have a few features that can be really beneficial for runners, the first of which is that the pacer pro can collect running power directly on the wrist without the need for An additional foot pod or anything like that and pullers generally just reserve this feature for some of their highest end watches the pacer pro also comes with polars hill splitter feature again because of that altimeter and the hill splitter feature. Basically, it will automatically detect when youre, climbing descending or on flat, ground and kind of gives you in context, data as youre doing those and where this can be beneficial is for something like lets, say: hill repeats, where youre doing the same hill over and over again And youll be able to kind of gauge your performance in real time and then youll be able to analyze that data later on in the polar flow app.

The regular pacer, however, does not come with a barometric altimeter, so you wont be able to get running power on the wrist, nor the hill splitter feature on the standard, pacer and then in terms of new software features. The pacer and pacer pro also come with polars new walking vo2 max test, in addition to the running vo2 max test, as well as their cycling ftp test to get a gauge on your fitness performance. So with the walking vo2 max test. When you start the test, youll go ahead and start up with a warm up period and then once youve reached about 65 of your maximum heart rate, you can initiate the actual test and the test is super simple. You basically just walk as fast as possible for 15 minutes and then, if your heart rate drops below the minimum threshold during your test, the watch will basically alert you to work a little harder and raise your heart rate. And then, when youre done and after a cool down period, you can see your results. However, i didnt find the results of this test to be all that close to my actual vo2 max for running, which tends to hover around the mid to high 50s, and i did try this walking test a few times, of course. But then i also wanted to go and compare this to the running performance test, which is also available on the pacer and pacer pro. And although it may be a bit high, the running test produced probably a little closer result.

And then i also compared this with the running index score that puller can provide you, which is going on a regular run, and i found this number to be closer as well to my actual vo2 max. So, im not exactly sure why the results of the walking test and the running test were all that different. But i feel that the running index that puller provides after just going out for a regular run, seems to be pretty in line though, and then the pacer pro also comes with polars training load pro, which helps provide some insights based on your training history. Giving you indication of where youre currently at whether that be productive or not, and then based on your training history, you also get polars fit spark training guidance which provides suggestions on what you should do next, whether that be some strength, work, cardio work or supportive workout Sessions – and this is where i think polar – does a really good job with providing quite a bit of information, thats available for you, and then you also get polars weekly summary watch face view, which gives you kind of like a rundown of your training this week, or Even past weeks, and then you also can get weather information, so you can plan out what youre going to be doing and then you can also control the music playing on your phone with music controls and then on the notification side of things. Youll be able to receive one way, notifications from your phone, like text messages and calls, and then on the health tracking side of things.

The pacer and pacer pro come with polars nightly recharge sleep tracking feature and their sleep tracking is probably some of the most comprehensive. In terms of what data it provides, so it provides stuff like hrv breathing rates, along with sleep stages, including rem, deep sleep, light sleep and interruptions, its kind of crazy. How much data to provide in this department – and i find their sleep tracking to be pretty good. The pacer pro also comes with polars fuel, wise nutrition and hydration reminders, which you can set up for longer activities. You can also import routes for breadcrumb navigation, and it also has turn by turn navigation in conjunction with routes from commute, and then it also comes with a back to start feature which can point you back to your start. But this isnt a track back feature which i would have liked to see and then it also does come with strava live segments and then, in terms of external sensors, the pacer and pacer pro can connect to a whole bunch of external sensors, including external heart rate. Sensors speed and cadence sensors, as well as power meters, but you can only connect bluetooth, sensors with the pacer replacement pro, because these watches dont support and plus sensors. And then, when it comes to gps, the pacer and pace for pro come with a new gps antenna design, which is designed to be more accurate, and i found the pacer pro to be pretty darn accurate for both running as well as cycling, so like on.

This run here, the total distances lined up really nicely to some other test devices, and then, if we take a close look at the gps tracks, its pretty solid throughout the entire run. If i had to nitpick maybe right here on this curve, it wandered a little bit but thats incredibly minor, and i really had to look for that overall, very good stuff and then for a longer activity on this road ride. Again, everything lined up just fine and then for the finer details of the gps tracks and that road ride on nearly the entire ride the pacer pro did well. I did notice on a handful of corners where it overshot just slightly, but nothing crazy by any means, and i think gps accuracy looks pretty good for me and then for hardware accuracy, id say the pacer pro was okay, but i did find it to be a Little bit shaky in some spots so on this indoor bike ride right here you can see a few little dips and a few little mini spikes here and there, but overall not too bad on this bride at least and then taking it outside for a road ride. Heres, where we start to introduce more variables like road vibration and bumps on the road – and we do see a bit more shakiness here but funny enough for road right outside this – actually is not bad for a wristband optical heart rate sensor and again, the average heart Rate over the course of the ride was totally usable, so the pacer pro is rather interesting because it really does offer quite a bit for 299 and it sort of puts polars higher end watches in sort of an awkward position, because again it offers so much for Runner or even triathlete.

I think this is a really good option and i think its priced competitively and then, when you compare the pacer pro to polars own vantage m2, which also does have full blown triathlon and multi sport capabilities and is priced the same as the pacer pro currently. Well. Again, its kind of puts in an awkward position, because the vantage m2 doesnt have an altimeter, so it doesnt collect running power from the wrist. However, the advantage m2 does have a little bit more premium. Look to it anyhow thats the new pacer pro, and if you have any questions about anything, i didnt cover in this video make sure to leave those in the comments section down below and on your way down there.