Its Motorolas turn now to unveil their smart watch and instead of bells and whistles theyve opted for a budget conscious entry level Smartwatch for under a hundred dollars out of the box, we find the Moto watch 100 with silicone watch band that I really like a USB Pogo pin charging cable and a quick start guide. Its got. A 1.3 inch circular display a durable 42 millimeter aluminum case. Ours is in Black a whole host of smart Health tracking sensors and its rated for five atmospheres or safe to use at an underwater depth of 165 feet connected through Bluetooth, its compatible with both Android and iOS. But it runs on its very own operating system, known as Moto watch. Os looks are one thing, but lets see how she performs Under Pressure. Like other smart watches, weve reviewed on the channel, the Moto 100 has an app to configure and track back a lot of the watchs premium features. After connecting, you can monitor Health metrics like steps taken, Sleep, Quality, calories burnt, heart rate, blood, oxygen, saturation and much more theres, more than 26 different sports modes to track different types of workout activities and youre able to configure custom notifications based on any of the sensor. Readings when it comes to the Moto watch OS on your phone, its exactly what youd expect for a watch under a hundred dollars, not that great the navigation is a little confusing and clunky, but its easy enough to get used to now.

If youve come from a Fitbit or Apple watch, the difference can be quite noticeable. Unlike your more premium, smart watches, you cant, add additional apps to the OS meaning. What you see is what you get and while you can see text and email previews on the display, youve got no reply function and the text cuts off after a small number of characters, completely useless for long text or emails. The model 100 does have some audio and music controls, but with no inbuilt speakers just acts as a remote control for your smartphone. Lastly, the advertised 14 day battery life may just be an exaggeration. We found after heavy use. We had to charge it after around the five day Mark. You might be able to get 14 days if not connected to your phone and used in watch mode. Only we were interested in all the features. So how does the Moto 100 Smartwatch compare to another entry level, Smartwatch priced exactly the same, the Amaze fit gts2 mini Smartwatch isnt as pretty as the Moto 100, but it definitely packs a punch where needed. Both watches boast a 14 day battery, although at 355 milliamp hour, the Moto 100 actually is a little bit bigger than the Amaze fit 220 milliamp hour. While the model claims 26 sport modes, the Amaze vid has over 60. its also got a slightly bigger screen. Thats omoled both watches, connect via Bluetooth and have GPS functionality built in Amaze fit, does nose out the competition when it comes to being an extension of your phone.

However, theres Alexa integration a microphone and speaker, so you can access a whole host of information on your wrist all up at least on paper. The Amaze fit is a much better value for the money. Now, before we give you, the official review to you rating lets, hear from Matt at whos worn this thing all week: Music theres a lot to love about this Motorola Smartwatch other than the 99 price tag. First off the quality is great. It has an aluminum bezel. The strap is really comfortable. The software on it is pretty darn good. The UI is super simplistic. You use one finger to swipe in between each uh each screen. Each functionality, heart rate O2 sensor number of steps, its super easy to use and its the only smart watch that weve tested here, where you didnt need to download an app and connect a watch to it before you could use it. This thing it was fully functional right out of the box. The app adds to it, so you can get a better detailed view of your data overall, its a great smart watch for the money. Thank you Matt for under 100 bucks. It definitely does have a lot more features than youd normally expect, but the performance unfortunately matches the price laggy OS a subpar battery and the lack of any onboard storage means youre, truly limited with what you can do were going to give it a 6 out of 10.

, so how do you get this thing on your wrist? Well, weve got a couple options for you. You can follow our purchase link that weve included in the description below and up in the top right and pick one up for 96.49 or you could enter the review to you drawing and try to win hours for free. All you have to do to enter is just hit the link in the pinned comment and if you want more exclusive review to you, content in perks such as badges, emojis and members.