Smart watch comes with a little manual here. Um came in this box, which slid right into here. There is a charging cable, um and it’s a magnetic piece that goes to the back side of here and uses a usb adapter. It does not come with the usb adapter, so you do need to have your own, but if you have to buy them, they’re like a buck at walmart or a gas station um. So i’ve had this on for maybe about 30 minutes. I will say it is comfortable. I do like the band it’s soft it’s, silicone i’m – probably really only going to wear this, mainly when i’m working out, so my main goal is to track calorie and steps while working out, i don’t know that i’ll be using it. Normally there are some really cool features on here and then there are some drawbacks that i wanted to mention. So one thing is that the screen turns off pretty quickly um, as you just saw so you have to keep clicking it there’s a button here on the side it’s hard. For me, sorry, the angle is hard for me to show, because um it’s, just my my hand, is at a strange angle. So anyway, there’s a button click the button. You got your home screen and this shows you everything at a glance so date time, whether or not it’s connected which i did just download the app on my phone very easy to set up.

So that is connected right now, your blood pressure in the top left corner and then you’ve got um your distance. So if you are wearing this all day, um it’ll give you total steps, calories and then um, yeah steps and distance i’m, not quite sure what this is maybe that’s when you’re most active throughout the day: i’m i’m, not certain um. So if you slide see screen keeps turning off. If you slide this way so down you get to your settings whether or not it’s connected there what’s the battery like brightness, you can also access weather. It does require you to connect your phone gps data um and, if you disconnect it, it did say in the manual that it won’t show you the weather. I click the button again to go back and then now one more time we’re at the home screen and now you can also slide up and that’ll. Take you through how many steps uh on the first screen there, and i will say this actually is not very accurate, so i’m going to take some steps around the table. Come back. It says 49 right now, which you can see. I’Ll be right back and let’s. Take a look still at 49., so that is not super accurate! Oh there we go, it did just update to 61. okay cool, so maybe it just takes a little while again, i’ve only had this on for about 30 minutes or so um and the first like 25 minutes, i didn’t yet have the app connected.

So i noticed that it was tracking steps pretty well at first um and i kind of had to like run around my uh living room to get it to to start counting the steps and then once it did sync, it seemed fine. But once i connected the app it wiped all that original data clean and i had to start over so there’s steps, then we’ve got um your sleep. So how long you were sleeping, deep sleep, light sleep. I don’t think i’m gon na wear this to bed. But if that’s something you’re looking to track there, you go heart rate um. I did in the app link it and set it to measure because it wasn’t automatically measuring training, not sure about this feature. Yet: okay, that’s within the training there’s. All these different options let’s go back. Oh okay, this is cool blood, oxygen level and i guess now um. Oh sorry. Actually this is blood pressure right. The next one is blood oxygen and so mine’s at 97. It’S um, i think it’s between 96 and 100, is normal that’s, pretty cool right now with covid, because that’s one of the indicators of covet is, if you have very low blood oxygen um what else we got the weather okay. This is like, if you want to calm yourself um. This helps this walks. You through it’s a little breathing exercise that kind of walks you through just essentially breathing in for an extended period, maybe like six seconds and then breathing out for the same amount of time and and repeating that eight times uh and that’s it.

And then it brings. You back to the home screen so so far, so good haven’t had it for long we’ll see how it goes again. It really bugs me that the screen keeps turning off so quickly. Um. Oh one other feature is that you can sync it with your phone, and so notifications will appear on the watch. You’Ll get a little vibration and then you’ll be able to see it so that’s.