Today i will be opening my smartwatch. It is a i’m, a smart watch for kids. My parents got it for me so that they can call me during their work hours. I got it from the usb of fedex. I can’t wait to see the look on our customer’s face: Music yeah! Congratulations, sir. The animal smartwatch for kids is here. Wow thanks, i’ve been dying for one of these also don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel and turn on the notification bell icon. If you do, you’ll earn good luck for the rest of your life. So with that being said, let’s open the box, okay, so here’s the box of fedex boxes. You can see! Well with that being said, we have to open the box. Okay, let’s open, oh it’s, stuck well now. I know how to open there so we opened here. Okay, i took off tada it’s a box well inside the box is another block. Well, let’s open this box, so yeah here’s, the box looks very nice and here is the letter and number zed six and i don’t know what this is. Maybe, like i don’t know. Actually: okay, uh let’s look else well. This is definitely i’m a watch because it says right here i’mo, so you don’t forget so yeah with that being said, we have to open this black box and i’m probably going to keep this because it looks nice well. Here is the box unwrapped let’s, see what’s inside anders oh wow a manual, and this white thing looks like it might help like the charger like the battery can be put in here.

I think maybe i might need to read this but i’m gon na. Do that later, is it probably the charger and now what’s this, my one so now here is my brand new watch: okay here’s, my watts so i’m, going to like try to turn it on. So here is the watch not on that thing. So i’ll try to turn it on. This is like somewhere, where i put the sim card so that i can talk to like my friends and my parents and peop and some other people like my grandparents and people like that and yeah. So let’s look at the features for this wash okay strap made out of rubber wait. Is it for bendy some different material? I probably don’t know this is definitely plastic, probably a see yeah. It is a plastic here’s, the camera, so i can make video calls where’s. The mic and the microphone is right here, so they can actually hear me and it’s, not just mouth moves me like, but you’re, going to definitely be awkward well, let’s check other features yeah. This is also rubber and let’s. Try to turn it on what’s. The button on the top – oh wait: oh this button, yeah let’s check what it does it opens up. This opens up and i just realized there’s also a camera back here, interesting, so it’s, a dual camera, so it’s a dual camera. Apparently okay. So i put this back down here and once it goes down, it makes a click noise.

As you can see here, we could we put the sim in this watch and my parents downloaded the imo app on their phone. The app shows them my location and they have added their numbers, so i can make voice and video calls to numbers. They add. Also. This watch has a classroom time setup, where all calls will immediately be rejected so that i can focus on my work and what the teacher is saying so with that being said, you should look at the features now, so this button turns it on. Yes, here’s. My background, which i don’t use all the time i just don’t want to do a face, reveal so yeah. I had to switch to this one anyways here are the main controls in chat. I can talk with like people with my my mom and dad and yeah. So also here are ad friends, but i don’t know if i can use that yet because i don’t know what this really does and now here’s the step button, which shows me my steps. The steps amount of iodine is 681, and then here is the level thing. Uh here are the so you need exp for next level. You can open this box of game points. You can if 50 points can exchange 50 exp experience xp experience well here is the album, which i think, photos and videos go here. Heroes take photo and video and app center let’s see what this does, because i have no idea actually race shake daily schedule and stopwatch.

I can download these cool scene yeah that changes the wallpaper and other things alarm clock. Probably the you know, alarm clock shots. Well, stop and stop. I don’t know what these do. I think these are racism shake well, i accidentally pressed that here is storage available. This is how much – and i only use this much – i probably can delete things that i don’t want anymore messages. This is where my messages go. Storage. We just checked all right by accident dialing. I don’t know either that what this is, i think you can dial the numbers like emergency numbers, because okay, yeah well let’s check it out i’m, going to call my dad on this real, quick except i don’t want you to show hello. Actually, the number that you saw wait, i just want to show this to see if it works, but it does okay bye. Also the number you just saw wasn’t his real number. Okay, i don’t know why it shows a different number. That is definitely weird. So watch settings displaying brightness and yeah. I see what this is drainage yeah.