So what goes on your wrist and tells time? Of course, you already know a watch, but i don’t really have a watch. That only tells time i have a smart watch. A smart watch, so i’m gon na have to actually put the camera over here to actually review the watch. Let me power it on, so it does a little chime that goes, yeah, it’s a really really nice chime and it tells the right time. So let me check if it’s, actually 5 57 and yes, it is in fact 5 57. So so this watch is telling the exact time, so it doesn’t only tell time when i swipe up. It brings me to this home screen that has bluetooth. It has bluetooth and a phone. You can um dial numbers and stuff and i’m gon na dial, i’m gon na dial um. Let me i can dial any number: five: zero, seven, six, four, nine four six: seven: five yeah it’s, just a random number – i just styled i can also. I can also call the police if i wanted to but i’m not i’m, just going to show you that i can dial the number yeah yeah it’s only for emergencies, though i’m not gon na call them, and then i can um. You know exit the home screen by going back and there’s also music there’s also a music app music app on this watch, but it says that it’s not connected to wi, fi and all there’s, also a really really really cool feature.

You can connect your phone to this here. It is, it says, android and ios. Sadly, if you press ios, oh it is, it says: it’s connecting okay, if you press android, it says to install the app and then there’s a qr code and yeah. It is. This. Is a really nice watch there’s also an alarm app. I can add a new alarm if i wanted to, but oh it’s, six o’clock, six o’clock, my clock will chime. Let me let me mute my mic for a second, because i have to do something i have to do something real, quick. I have to talk to my friend, chad, sorry guys. I just had to talk to my friend chad. Yes, six, oh one! Actually, my clock. Hasn’T timed yet, but it will chime soon. Yeah i’m. Talking to my youtube video chad, it’s gon na chime it’s gon na chime. I just don’t know when it’s gon na chime. Oh there it is it’s chiming at 602 Applause, that’s, not really the right time. It should chime, but at least charming wait until it stops and then i’ll continue. The video Music i’ll continue the video after it stops there. It stopped, and now let me continue the video okay. So so this watch doesn’t chime or it doesn’t make a like a sound when it when it’s the hour. I wish i actually did that, though, that would be incredibly cool there’s, not that many things to do on this watch, but that’s, okay, there’s, like a camera thing on here, that you can connect your phone to and you can scan the qr code, wait.

What time is it again, oh 603, and it is in fact, 603 well. That was a really weird cough, so you can also message people on here: there’s a and then you’re gon na have to connect your phone and everything and stuff like that. But in fact i i really like this watch, even though that cannot do many things on it. There is bluetooth. There is bluetooth on this watch. You can see the bluetooth symbol, bluetooth, yeah, you can connect bluetooth to here and it will work. I don’t really have devices paired with this watch, but that’s, okay, because i’m getting a new phone and it will be capable of all these things on this watch enable what okay yeah it does make a little beep sound, and you can listen to the tones on This watch – let me let me go to. Let me go to alanto don’t know if you can hear that, but that’s my watch Music. This watch can also vibrate. I can go to settings, i can go to settings and make it vibrate yep yeah. I can vibrate it can vibrate. Let me see the vibration and yeah. Oh yeah, you’re you’re gon na also um have to charge this when it gets too low battery, because there is a port on the watch. Support on the watch, i don’t think i can show you, but there is a port yep. I can show you there. It is. The port is right.

There, you’re gon na have to charge it when it dies, and my watch is at a good percentage there. It is the battery yeah. Is that a good percentage and yeah, and it is 606. and yeah? This is a really nice watch and, and you can power it off and then it will also make a charm when it powers off, and it says goodbye. It also does that when it dies, so it says goodbye and it does that time when it dies, and this is you can keep it on when you’re in your bed and any time that you want to know when the time is or just you know like Check the time and see when it’s morning, you can check the watch. Yes, so yes, this watch is really nice. I don’t know the price or the brand, but at least it’s cool and my friend got me it so yeah, yeah, yeah and also um. The watch. Um, like you, go, the um bands go inside the watch, so i don’t know how that works, but at least it’s cool and it looks really nice on your wrist. It looks really nice on your wrist, so you can be cool and have a watch like this and yeah.