This is josh here and welcome back to our channel, and we have here another smart watch and this one is from cosmic tech store and you can get this one guys at around 23 on aliexpress, okay guys. So we have here the product itself and here is the box. We have here the smartwatch icon in the middle and we have here the design of the charger and on the sides you can see. There are many watch faces that you can choose and also its features. Okay, and you can choose guys two different kinds of color that you like. So you can get this one guys in red, blue, pink and white, yes, and here at the back, as you can see there, the quick specifications, so the display guys is 1.75 inch, thats 385 by 385 tft screen and the battery capacity, its 200 milliamperes and guys It says their ip67, but i actually do not recommend you to do so, and the app is wear fit pro all right and you can see there the qr code of the wear fit pro so now guys were going to open the box. Okay. So upon opening the box guys, you can see there another small box here. It says they are designed it for building an excellent lifestyle. So here is our strap guys and it is in black okay, and we have also here the manual so its in english here and i believe at the back its also in chinese.

Okay. We have here our charger in white and this one guys theres no pins. So it means that we can just place the watch directly and it will charge all right and we have here our nb plus smartwatch. Yes, so it says hello so lets take this plastic out all right. So what i have here is its in black, yes, and for you to charge guys, you just have to place this one and its actually magnetic. So it is nice. So, as you can see, it, doesnt fall down yeah, so its its good, yes, okay and now were going to turn on our smartwatch. Alright, so, okay, upon opening guys, you can see there the different language that you can choose so lets choose english, okay, all right and thats. It guys. Okay, and we have here a moving watch faces. So this one is like panda, yeah, kung, fu panda and lets count. How many watch faces does it have so lets have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten okay weve got ten watch faces guys and they are all our animated watch faces. So we have here pikachu, so i personally like pikachu, guys, okay and we have here the screen itself – okay, its in tft guys and on the side. So we have here the crown yes and it is actually working guys. Okay – and we have here another button. But this is only for design guys, it is actually not working here and on the left.

So we have there our speaker grill, yes, and we have the sensors yes at the back. Okay. Now, when we are going to uh to press the button here on the right guys, it will direct us to the applications and when we are going to double tap, then it will give us the split screen there with the different kinds of shortcuts. Okay and were going to scroll down, then we have here the different shortcuts as well guys. We have here, bluetooth call and we have here the brightness, so you can turn it brighter or lower. Okay, the brightness – and we have here shortcut for settings and this one is for money transaction, and this one is for like your business card qr code, okay – and this is for lock screen. Okay, so it says there guys long press the side button for three seconds to unlock okay, so thats it guys. This is nice, its because uh. Sometimes, when youre going to wear the watch and you you accidentally tap the button or something, then it will consume the battery okay, now here guys look at this, we have here the bubble launcher, so you can zoom zoom in and you can also zoom out all Right guys so now lets look at the features of the watch. So lets start with this one here, so we have their breathe guys. So this is a nice function for you to concentrate. So if you want to inhale, the watch is actually vibrating at the moment and also when you try to exhale.

It will also give you that vibration, yes right and then exhale all right, then we also have here this one, the blood pressure. Yes, so, as you can see guys, our sensors are lighting up, but if you have medical issues guys, i dont recommend you to use the blood pressure. That is only for reference only, and it also supports countdown guys yes and the qr code is there. We also have here messages, so when you connect this one to your phone, then it will give you the notifications. We also have here shake to take picture. This is for remote, taking photos, okay, and we also have here the remote bluetooth control. Yes, okay. We also have here reboot function, and we also have here the call function. The bluetooth call function, okay and the bluetooth dial. Yes, and we also have here. Sleep do not disturb mode okay and this one. We have here shut down, thats a shortcut, and we have here this stopwatch. As you can see, then we also have here the indoor activity sky, so it has indoor running in the recycling swimming pool. Sit ups push ups free movement; yes guys. I dont recommend you to use the swimming pool and submerge it into the water its because we dont really know for sure the ip67 capability of this watch – okay and we also have their heart rate. Yes, so the sensors are also lighting up and we also have here: Music, okay.

We also have here the sleep monitoring. Yes, you can check that one. What else we also have here screen time off, so the duration of your screen time, so you can choose. Like 3, 5, 7 or 10 seconds, okay, what else we also have here? The watch faces okay, Music, and we also have here the net. This is for your kind of monitoring of your gallery. We also have your settings guys in the settings you can have dimming. If you want it to be lower or brighter and screen time off, raise your wrist to wake. Yes do not disturb mode, sound and vibration. Language settings connect phone connect to mobile phone password about reboot, restore factory shutdown, yes, okay, and then we also have here weather. Yes, all right, so we actually have the typical features that we have and, as you can see, the crown is really working guys so im gon na wear it wear this, and let me tell you how it feels all right guys so im already wearing now, our Nb plus smartwatch, and i can say guys its its pretty good yes and its really fashionable. So if you want a watch that looks really like an eye watch, then this one is good for you and one thing that i like also about this watch its because of its magnetic charger that you dont have to worry. If you misplace it because it is already magnetic yes and also the watch faces, they are animated, so you can really uh have fun.

Changing custom watch faces if youre interested to purchase this product just kindly click the link on the description box at the cosmic tech store on aliexpress. Okay, guys, let me know what you think about our nb plus smartwatch, and if you have it, please let me know if you also like it like. I do okay and if you have any questions, guys just comment down below and i will be making tutorials on how to set up this watch later on. Okay, so once again guys, this is josh and guys, if you like this video, kindly click the thumbs up and also consider subscribing to our channel and also click the notification bell for you to be updated of the latest. Smart watches.