Oh beautiful watch inside a leather strap i’m going to be seeing that in a minute. So what else is inside is the charger? Has a lithium battery in the stand for charging and it takes about three hours to charge the watch. The battery life is anywhere between three days and a week, which is good depending on how much you use it. The manual very straightforward manual – and i noticed uh – the package – is also equal friendly, so there’s no nylon inside. So this is what they believe in it. Being eco friendly product authenticity card and also thank you card very nice package makes you feel like a special customer well i’m, going to have a look at the watch now get it off the cushion um, beautiful leather strap feels very comfortable nice finishing touches. It feels very nice on the hand as well, i think it’s very comfortable for indoor and outdoor use. Take it off look at the function, so don’t notice it has many health functions: Music, um, it’s, a phone book tutorial pad call records and sms. So you can connect it to your smartphone through the bluetooth and actually make calls from the watch as well. Many health functions, such as sleep monitoring, Music, obviously monitoring your heart rate, the blood pressure, your blood oxygen, your an ecg, and so for those of you that want to keep track of their health as well as very, very good functions.

Lots of functions here, the pedometer. So can remember how many steps you took and the distance you walked or ran for and how many calories you burn. Um many sports modes, uh running football as well um, so you just press. Go here. Obviously, calculator alarm clock, a calendar stopwatch very nice functions. Okay. What i also noticed – um, okay, just making sure i went through all the functions here – showed you all the functions so settings as well. It is waterproof, so it means you can take it for swimming um and also in the shower, make sure you don’t take really hard showers, though um also, i made some notes of other functions. It has um. So if you want to brighten the screen, you can just raise your hand and also you can take photos by shaking the camera as well. I, like the finishing, touches as well all right. It comes with all the documents you need, so the user manual is in english and obviously you can listen to music as well on it. I think it has very um a very comprehensive amount of functions and, to be honest, the price is very reasonable, so very competitive compared to other brands, so it offers exactly the same as what other brands offer, but at a better price Music. So this is the what helps you do: the ecg and blood oxygen measuring and the heart rate, obviously yeah. I think, all in all it’s a very good quality product and it is worth the price and i highly recommend it.

Thank you.