Today we are going to present you a new addition to my collection of a brand that i already know well. This is the third watch that i buy from them: uh it’s, ekka, anderson, eca, anderson. If you want to put it in another way, so what is who are they? Eca anderson is a microbrand. They were born in kickstarter five years ago with interesting watch, designs and that’s, something i think a little bit difficult to find nowadays, but particularly with a brand idea that tries to bring work back to their country and that’s, also very, very particular, so they are based In gothenburg in sweden, the founder it’s, the one that has put the name to the brand so it’s eric anderson, they are managing it in a very let’s, say, family type, business way the associates that are working on here and as such, they have had several ups And downs in terms of management and particularly marketing, which i think it’s, probably one of their biggest flaws, the customer service experience it’s, not flawless, said this. They are very approachable if you find a way to communicate with them and they are quite happy to find solutions. Once you get there, but i think there still have um quite a road to go from micro management of an industry to a macro one, and that includes definitely the customer service experience uh to be ready also to solve any problem that might come with the products.

But also to guarantee a higher standard of how can i put it, i wouldn’t say quality, i would say: yeah well, it’s, also quality. When you pay for a brand that it’s going to cost you more than 300 300 euros. You expect something more than a saco than a citizen, or than other brands that are mass produced, and that comes with advantages and disadvantages, but you expect the quality to be at the standard of the price here. What we’re? Talking about that? We are talking about watches that cost around 100 euros, okay without the discounts that they usually tend to do uh. So i expect an 800 euros watch in terms of quality. We are talking about going to brands that are higher level so, and i know they have big big aspirations in terms of what they want to offer. So most of the work that they’re doing they’re doing it in house and – and i think this is one of the greatest example – this is the north sea lux. It came in two colors, the grapefruit red they call and the black and and it’s totally, except for the movement in house made. So what it means is that they are using steel from sweden. They are manufacturing the cases in sweden in the laboratory. I know they have bought new machinery to do this. They are yes in the case of the strap asking support, maybe to someone that is more expert in the leather handling, but the mounting of the movement and the minimum details on in terms of constructions are being made by them and also the dial that i know They have actually done uh and it was shown through through instagram uh, so the instagram account actually updates people on in a lot of ways um.

So, but there is also a lot of confusion in the way they are communicating when you went when i at least bought this watch from their site. It said that they had produced 15 watches one five uh. When i got it, i saw on the back that it’s number 250. So there is a discrepancy there between what it was declared in the website and what i actually got uh. Maybe they were selling 15 watches, but then mine should be number 170, something it should be number something else. Uh probably started by one. So if mine is 170 something of 250 there’s, something that doesn’t turn so i asked the question: they have not come back yet on that that’s fine, i would be really interested to know the movement it’s asian movement. So i think here you have a japanese movement. If i remember correctly, it should be a miyota 905. If i remember right, it’s, a good movement, i, like them, it’s a workhorse it works is, is reliable and it’s easily repair. If you need something so that’s, that’s, okay, but that’s. This is something that has happened already twice with this brand and i’m i’m, as i, as you know, the ones that follow my channel i’m. Very, very honest on my reviews: uh they. They are small details that i think should have been taken care of. In a more delicate manner, so the dial has been done in house. It has been patented by then and treated and and it’s, actually very, very nice i’m trying to macro it on the lens uh.

For you to see guys and as you can see, it’s kind of a raspberry, grapefruit red coral red, if you want to call it actually kind of pinkish, very, very nice. I really like it something different, but i don’t know if you notice inside of the eca, especially on the c. There are small white dots. Those small white dots are lack of paint of the treatment, they are very, very small and they are easily seen when you have a magnifying glass, which is not the case right now, but it’s, something that i think they should pay a little bit more of attention. The other thing that you can probably notice in this shot is that the second hand, as you can see when you are arriving to the tip it has a small bump, that small bump is actually an excess in paint, so that’s, fine, but that’s that it’s. You know it’s it’s, not something that i see very. You can see it it’s clear but i’m, not like my eyes are like oh, oh wow, there is a bump. In my second hand, i see it it. I really don’t care because it’s very small, but it’s. This type of quality control things that shouldn’t be going through once you notice that there is a bump. In the second hand, when you are mounting it, then that second hand is put to the bin and you get a new one. This is what you tend to do when you have a strict quality control process, so you try to minimize the mistakes, probably because there are family based family manage and they’re trying to do everything in their laboratory.

These type of mistakes are part of the handmaking process. That’S behind, in that case, they should declare it in a very clear manner that there might be small mistakes that are due to the handmade process. If you don’t do it, people that are paying 850 euros for this watch, they expect more quality. The case it’s really well done, and i have nothing to say about. I really like, like the detail of the crown with the logo that is kind of an hourglass. The back case is unblasted compared to the to the polish case. Obviously, the pole, the case reminds you of panerai it’s. This is the elephant in the room and there’s no way of saying otherwise, but i think it’s fine, because they are proposing a panerai style dive. What was the more classical watch in this case with a new twist? Another special thing that they have decided to use with this watch is that the the strap that they have used, which is actually a little bit shiny, as you see it’s made of salmon so that’s, why it has kind of this scales on the strap. I really like it. The texture is fine. I don’t love polish, shiny straps of leather it’s, something that i really don’t love uh, but i think it actually works on this watch. The back is red, a really nice, like the nice red that they have used. As you have seen, the stitches are pretty well done, um and the closing it’s, the echo that they have used in other watches, branded a clasp um.

I like it it’s big it’s chunky. It gives a little bit of personality extra to the watch. Uh it’s a 40 millimeters case uh and it actually wears 40 millimeters um. The lag to lock is not that big here, it’s 22. Obviously so the strap wears thick, and this renders a watch that can be managed by big wrists like mine, but it still it looks smaller than other watches and i think it can actually be managed also by smaller wrist. So, overall, if i have to put a one to ten score to the eka anderson – and this is coming from someone that has already bought three watches from them, so i would probably give them a seven and – and please guys the the criticism that i’m giving here. I have already given to them too uh. They are only for them to learn from their mistakes uh. I think this type of industry needs to be supported and they need to listen, especially when they are this small. They need to listen to their buyers, they need to adequate and to find solutions so that they can improve and i’m sure that eric will take care of these things and will improve in time even more and i’m really looking forward what they can bring in the Future with the innovative ideas on in watchmaking, and especially bringing sweden to a position that was not there before in terms of watchmaking, so maybe in the future, they can start thinking about using movements of other types, another type of complication.

I have nothing against asian movements but more expensive movements. I would be willing to pay extra 200 euros 300 euros for a movement that has better manufacturing or performance. Let’S put it on that way, so guys i close this video now with this really really nice echo anderson uh. I will do another video soon, also on this other echa it’s, one of the three that i was telling you um really nice design. As you see, it’s quite different uh, but it’s also a really fun uh watch out the loom on this watch. It’S also really nice, nothing to say and bad about it. Um actually i’m going to show you something that is quite fun because the color of the loom – and i think we can manage to work it out here – it’s – actually a bi color watch. So you have guys the green that they have using the sandwich dial underneath and then you have the hands that have actually a blue bg9 luminova, so it’s actually fun when you are in the dark uh adding that to the really nice red color of this watch. Uh, i think, it’s really an interesting summer.