So this is going to be a pretty interesting device and i’m pretty excited for this as well, because of that huge display at the front. But before i go into the unboxing right here, let me just talk about a key, a few key specifications that you can expect from this guy right here so at the back here everything’s in chinese. But let me translate for you. It starts off with a huge display, a 14 day battery life. We also have a couple of activities being tracked right here and a few more features like sp02 sleep, tracking or stress tracking, and all that so the basic stuff that you expect on most smart devices out there, but on this honor band 6., all right, let’s open The box right now to see what we get in the box and actually i have already opened the box right here and have been secretly using this device for the past few days but yeah. So when you open the box, this is what you see right in the middle. We have the honor band 6., so very nice. Looking once again, i chose the black version because uh it is just so cool. Obviously, the screen is already turned on because i’ve been using it all right, so let’s see what else we get in the box right here. We do get the cable, the charging, cable and a couple of documents here to get. You started on your journey, but we’re going to put this aside right now and focus on two items right here, so the charger itself is a usb, a kind to the magnetic kind.

So what you’re going to do is just put this at the back here. It sticks on like with like these magnets, and you can charge it up fairly easily, so very easy to use. You don’t have to plug out anything very easy to charge your device all right. So now let’s put this away and focus on the honor band 6 itself. So right off the bat i love the design like i’ve mentioned. It comes with this huge display and i so happen to have my mi band 5 right here. So you can just look at the difference between the display size. It is really a case of night and day here in terms of the screen size between both devices right here, all right, so i’m, going to put the mi5 mi band 5 aside right now and focus on this guy. We do have a huge honor logo on the left. Here it looks pretty stylish, i would say, and on the right we do have one physical button right. The bands are the same as the honor band 5, except that it’s slightly thicker right now. This is a silicone stripes, and the good news here is that it comes with a lot of holes. So if you’re, someone skinny like myself right here on this band, will actually still fit uh, pretty fine on your on your wrist because you can, like you know, put it all the way to the end right there, all right so flipping the device to the back.

Here, like i said, we have the magnetic tips and we have our two sensors right here for your heart rate tracking and the sbo2 tracking, all right so that’s, pretty much uh how it looks like it feels really nice here, still very lightweight, and i love the Kind of weight that we get on these bands right here, because it’s not as heavy as like smart watches these days, but it just feels a very minimalist and of course, the huge display so let’s talk about that display right there. We do have a 1.47 inch display if i’m not mistaken and it’s very bright. It gets very bright. The colors are great contrast. Levels are also good and you have very good viewing angles, as you can see here up down left right now. You can definitely see it very clearly, apart from that, let me show you how it navigates so pulling down the the display from the top you actually get into your quick shortcut menu here you have a do not disturb the vibration mode and all that so it’s. Only one page, unfortunately it’s not that many shortcuts actually uh if you just swipe up from the bottom. This is where you get your. Where is it your notifications, all right, so you have to swipe up from right at the bottom to get into your notifications and, as you can see here, the good news is that the fonts are actually pretty large right here, so it’s very easy to read.

Unlike the me band 5, like i said, which have tiny fonts and even some smart watches like the amazfit gts, has very very tiny, fonts and it’s so difficult to see the messages right here. So if you just tap into it, you can see more information from that message or whoever sent you that message so good stuff there in terms of the notifications, if you swipe towards the left or even towards the right, this is where you get into your widgets. So it is essentially a loop and it starts off with your heart rate. If you go on further, you get your weather. You also have your fitness for the day itself, the time that you slept. So this is my nap that i took earlier on for one hour and looks like you got it on pretty accurately moving on. We also have our stress levels, and the good news here is that you can actually choose what you want to show in the widget settings right here. You can place the cards front or back in your in the order that you would like it to be. The bad news here, however, is that you can’t enter into the widget itself. There’S, nothing else to show here, except just uh the display, a quick look at the results, unlike some other smart watches, where you can actually get into more information directly from tapping the widgets all right. So let’s go into the main menu right here, which you can access by pressing that physical button and first up we do have the workout modes.

We also have your heart rate, your spo2 tracking, your activity, records. Of course, your sleep as well. Your stress levels, your breathing exercises, your notifications, your weather, your payments and, of course, you have your stopwatch and timer, and you also have your music controls just like on any other smartphone these days, so very standard set of items here on the watch itself. But let me focus on the workout modes for now, so you have a brief idea on what you can track with this device right here. So if you just go into the workout mode, you can actually see that we have 10 different kind of activities that you can track using the honor band 6, and this is actually separated into three main categories, mainly your walks, your runs, cycling and yeah. I guess i can’t count the fourth one is swimming, so it tracks your swims as well, and you can see it right here, outdoor walks, indoor walks, outdoor cycling, your pool, your rowing and all that, so the very basic kind of activities you can track on this Honor band 6.. So the sad news here is that this doesn’t come with gps built in and if you need gps, you will have to use your smartphone for that. Just like you can see right here. You have that little icon at the top there blinking right there, so that it prompts you to actually use your smartphone for gps instead, all right so moving out from there.

That is pretty much what you get in terms of the fitness tracking. Like i said, this is a very basic, a smart band right here in terms of the watch phases. We do get a couple of interesting ones: um we do have uh. Let me see how many we have built in if i’m, not mistaken, we have like six or seven built in okay, so this is the kind of phases that you can expect from the honor band 6.. All right. So if you want more watch phases, you can actually go into the huawei health app right here, and there are a couple of more watch faces here that you can choose. But, to be honest, it doesn’t look very nice not as attractive as the ones on the mi band. So let me just zoom in once more for you guys to see this. If you notice this uh, the watch faces are a bit cartoonish and if you just look at this page right here, notice that the watch faces are actually very similar, it’s, just the wallpaper that’s different. So i would say that our owner is getting a bit lazy in designing. Nice watch faces all right, so in terms of watch phases, those are the kinds of watch faces we can expect. But yes, the watch does come with a couple of nice ones as well, and not always bad and yeah. This one looks pretty cool right here. All right guys, i think, that’s pretty much it for this unboxing and quick look at the honor band 6.

for the price of like 150 ringgit. I think this is actually a pretty good alternative to the mi band 5.. I know the mi band 5 is slightly cheaper in malaysia. We can get this for about 100 ringgit right now, which is equivalent to about 25 us dollars, so very, very cheap mi band 5 right here, but just in terms of the display, if you want a huge display, you should really uh consider getting the honor band 6., all right guys, i think, that’s pretty much it for this unboxing and quick look uh. If you have any more questions about the honor band, 6 feel free to leave them down in the comment section below i’ll definitely be testing this device out more over a couple more days and maybe come up with a full review.