Six column smartwatch – and this is the m16 plus, but just before i get started, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias. As i always pull sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any videos, you actually be notified. So today we have this m16 plus it is similar packaging to the 99 pro. But you can check that out on my previous video i’ve done an unboxing review of that, but let’s take a look at the packaging, so m16 plus text at the top you’ve got a few pictures of different uh watch and watch bands. Uh. Take a look at the back: it gives you a qr code, that’s the way fit pro app. You need to download. You can get it on ios or google play a few trademarks worth it pro that’s that we need to download and uh yeah. That is about it, so here it says: m16 plus blue aluminium case blue sun sportband and it’s, a 44 millimeter, so let’s open this up. This is sealed. Not often you get a clone smartwatch that becomes sealed. If you check out my previous videos, you would actually know that, so this is sealed. I’M, not checked it out, it’s the first time, we’re checking it out together. So opening up the box, as you can see straight away, you’re greeted with m16 plus smartwatch popping this up and, as you can see, really nice packaging, not gon na lie, as people like to hear me say so number one uh to attach bands slide in until You hear a click i just bought to fit clothes uh thick, no idea what that means to your wrist for optimal performance, to remove button press the button and slide out no idea if that will actually have a button on the back.

But we’re going to find out so here is the watch band. A nice royal blue blue. They never blew royal blue, no idea, silicon um, but watch band. Just before we take a look at the smart watch itself. What do we get inside? You’Ve got your manuals, as you can see: m16 plus in two different languages: that’s one and we’ve got english right here, so it just gives you a bit of information on the watch. You can actually pause it if you want to actually read it, but let’s. Take a look at the watch. Well, just before that you’ve got a two pin charger right there, usb 2 pin charging, so it does not have a wireless charging pad, so that is it while we’re inside the box. Let’S take a look at the watch, and here we have it so, as you can see, let’s just take off the plastic and show you the watch. So this is a 1.75 inch. This hd display 44 millimeter. You can get in four different colors. This is the blue version. I have to switch it up a bit. I’Ll always get the black color. So, as you can see, take a look at the back. You’Ve got the same senses as the original and also text around the sensors. You’Ve got a two pin charger right. There take a look at the side. You have got the crown we’ll see later in the video. If that actually works or not, and mike kutta one also a button placement which actually works, it’s, not a fake one, uh other than that you’ve got two cutouts here for the speaker, one is fake.

One is real. If you want to see a real versus fake versus this with this and the original series, six smartwatch, let me know in the comments section below let’s switch this on see what it’s, like straight away. I’Ve got a startup tone, definitely from the hw series and check these watch faces out. These are dynamic, watch faces, i’ve been told that will actually change, but this one changes automatically so let’s see how much watch faces. We actually get so let’s press it in that don’t work, so let’s see how much you want. So this is iron man, one spider, man, 2 there’s, another one, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 15 watch faces. So if you want to know why the dynamic? Well, if you press it, it will actually change. As you can see right there that automatically changes it’s like a little animation that one doesn’t change, no one doesn’t these one don’t, so some watch faces do change and some don’t. So that is the watch faces we got 15 watch faces. So i put it down. You have the latest shortcuts uh the layout. As you can see, it does look like a ios layout and let’s swipe it down. The brightness goes down swiping it up. It goes up, so it does have the latest shortcuts right there that button right there is to put on the bluetooth that wants to go into settings.

This one is, do not disturb and i need to take it off, and here you can actually lock screen so hold long press the side button to unlock and it’s unlocked. You can also put a passcode on which i will show you later in the video. So i open it up, will give you your message: notification swiping it to the left. Well, you can actually change the watch face swiping it to the uh. Well, that will swipe to the right. Flapping it to the left is same again to go into the menu you’re, pushing the crown that goes into the menu. Push it and again go back to home screen. Pushing the button in will actually go to the menu again, so you can’t actually take it off or if you’ll hold it in it’ll, just go back to thing and go back to home, screen or menu, or it will actually switch off from there, though, but that Button does actually work so let’s push it in. This is one menu interface, as you can see right here, it’s not got a lot of menu features as you’re going to see in the video, so how to change the menu interface is double tap the crown and it will actually change. As you can see right there and double tapping it again. Well, i just changed to smart view. So you’ve got three menu interfaces now let’s check the apps out, so let’s double tap this one we’re going to this one that is heart rate, let’s check out heart rate.

So uh is it. As you can see here. You got your christmas flashing lights right there going off, and will it give us a reading while it’s off an object, let’s find out or why, while it’s on an object or if it doesn’t do any of them, we’re gon na have to put it onto my Wrist to see if it gives us a reading, then, and as you can see straight away, 56 beats per minute just on fresh air christmas friction nights were going a bit daft then so that is the heart rate and, as you can tell all of these blood Pressure, um, apps and also the blood oxygen won’t work because they give you false reading. So this one is outdoor sports. You can do sit ups it just you can just pause it and pause it. Stop it right. There swipe back, does actually work. So this is the breeze that is your data from your activities that you’ve done here. Your messages, this one is your eyes. It wasn’t that setting that one is your outdoor ever should be outdoor, that one was outdoor and this one is indoor, as you can see activities, so the bad thing about it. Every time you go into an app and then you swipe back, you go back to the top, so that’s, not really good. Is it so let’s go into settings let’s see what settings we can actually use. So you got dimming screen off time.

You’Ll! Just change it to 15 seconds right now. There we go raise your wrist too bright. That means we raise your risk to wake up, do not disturb mode. Sound and vibrate language settings connect mobile phone. You can put your password on your lock screen as well. If you want to about let’s click about version 6.02 and m16 plus, as you can see right there, the first thing about it just goes back to the top, so you reboot restore factory settings and shut down. So that is the settings uh. You got your music, which has to connect to your phone swiping it back swiping it back down. Uh, you got your call settings same again, connect it to your phone, so we’ll have to go all the way back back down again and that is your weather uh. Your sleep mode, well, your camera mode. You can shake to take pictures once it’s connected to your phone. This one is your data for the rest of the week, and also this one is your countdown. Does the crown work? Yes, it does. The crown does work. You’Ve got your calculator, and that is about it. So what we need to do now is connect this to my phone to see what kind of other features we can add or change on the app when it’s connected to the smartwatch and if you didn’t know what app to download it’s the wear fit pro i’ve Already got the wear fit pro app already installed.

I love or unboxing review loads of smart watches. You can check out my fake watches playlist so where fit pro is already downloaded. Let’S see if my bluetooth is on let’s put that on right. There bring the watch up make sure bluetooth is on so yeah that’s on right. There and uh yeah go into the app devices let’s bend that one and close our device so m16 plus straight away, do not operate mobile phones or watches pairing and that’s pair successful pairing. Allow notifications, yes complete, i know, and there we have it. M16 is connected. Let’S go into showcase and, as you can see, it’s connected at the top so let’s see what features we can do so. M16 plus uh steps, calories and kilometers go think straight to your phone uh watch faces. Can you do custom watch faces, so you can actually download some. You have to pay. Some are free. You can customize and put your own watch face on right there. You can put your style and position of your text, so you can put custom watch faces on weather reports, notifications. You can toggle, not your which notification you want on or off with the roll on. So we’ll check that out when we make a phone call alarm. Health reminder: take your pictures find bracelets, it doesn’t. Do anything. Wait. Fine bracelet confirm doesn’t. Do anything fine, bracelet again finding the device it just switches it on, but it doesn’t do anything all the settings.

You can put hourly point measurement raise to wake or 12 hour clock, uh favorite contact, troubleshooting, what’s troubleshooting. You just download, well upload and submit use guide. You can. If you don’t, have to use it, you can just click on that firmware. Update uh currently have the latest version 6.0.2 and you can change it, but you can restore satisfactory settings or delete current advice and everything you exercise and everything just gets sync straight to uh this out, where your total steps or your daily steps whatnot. So, with this with any of the fake smart watches, all you’ve got to do is make sure you’ve connected it twice. So the first connection is for the smartwatch itself to sync all the data. If you want to receive phone calls from the watch, um straight from the phone straight to the watch or notifications, you’ve got to connect it twice. So hopefully there will be another uh, m16 connection and let’s just see if it’s on yeah let’s uh. I just went back off there, so we’ll put that on right there, and hopefully you get another one watch call and that should be connected right there and that’s it that’s how you make a notification phone call. So what we’ll do now is i’m just going to make a quick phone call on my other device. As you can see, it is calling there’s a little bit of a delay, but it comes up with the number, but you do have the option to slide.

To answer incoming call and you’ve got that tone on the smartwatch as well, so taking that off let’s send a text message and let’s see what notification we get so, as you can see with that one we’ll swipe it up for notifications. It’S got no notifications that we made a phone call, so let’s send a text message and see what that is like so text message is sent as you can see, it’s on the phone, but there’s no text message. So there’s no tone to actually say you’ve got text message. It just comes up straight into the screen subscribe to all source when we swipe it up. That is the notification, but you don’t get a tone, but maybe you can change that in the settings or whatnot. So let’s go into what’s up and i’m going to see if you can actually get a notification from whatsapp. So i’ve sent a whatsapp message on my other phone and, as you can see it, doesn’t actually light up. But when you actually bring up yeah you’ve got a message on whatsapp: it doesn’t give you the logo, but there’s no tone or settings, maybe because it’s on silent, uh, let’s just go into settings. Uh, sound and vibrations is on. Go back, connect the phone. So maybe you have to mess about with this, but it does show it’s on wait, maybe because it’s on these dynamic ones, let’s just go to a normal one and let’s try and try it now, because sometimes, when it’s on dynamic uh watch faces where you get A little animation, you might not get a notification and there we have it so it’s still still there.

You do get notifications but they’re on silent. Maybe you have to mess about with it to change it, so that is it people that is the m16 plus. Let me know what you thought in the comment section below: there is a few uh disappointments with this there’s, not a lot of menu features no games only passcode with it um and yeah. Overall. If i, if i was going to choose, i wouldn’t actually buy this because there’s not a lot of features. You can actually get on this m16 plus. It looks good don’t. Get me wrong. I do like the blue color, but it’s, not one of my best.