My name is sam ifranio. Here i do tech stuff. Today, vast king has sent over their new smart watch actually to send over for a review, so a huge thanks to basking for sending over the fate m3 smartwatch for quick review and unboxing, so let’s get into it. Okay, so here is the front of the box. We can see a render of the smartwatch or smartband in front of here and then on the side here it says: fit m3 smartwatch on the bottom. Let me just zoom in a bit it says vice kingfit, m3 smartwatch and then on the bottom. We have fast king logo again and then we have a sphere specifications here. So we have a step counting calorie, monitor sleep, monitor, blood, oxygen, monitor, sports, recording weather query, we have heart rate monitoring and also music control and then right underneath that we can see what’s in the box. It says you have a fit m3 inside the power cable. The user manual a quick start guide and a warranty card and that’s it for the bottom of the box. Now let’s open it up, just cutting open all right, so let’s i’m really excited take a look what’s inside okay, so the top is empty and the bottom. You can see the watch laid out like this wow. It looks really nice in my opinion, so there’s some words in front here. It says: function battery press to turn on and off the button.

The button on the side please charge to activate the watch before you use it and then it’s right here. It says accessories inside so let’s take out. The watch first feels pretty nice, in my opinion, with the band ah that’s, the back. Okay, put it aside: let’s open up the box. Okay. So again, here we have the vas king fit m3 smartwatch user manual. You can go through that later, so fun, good impressions. Then we have the charging brick right here: let’s open it up; okay, so it uses uh magnets, the two pins here to connect to the top, and it just snaps into place like this: okay, pretty nice and then of course, the last thing here we got one Year, free warranty, you can register on their website by sending the qr code, and this is the back all right. Let’S put everything aside and take a closer look at the manual on the watch. So here is the manual for the vice king fit m3 smartwatch we’re. Just going to run through a few things, so on this page we can see it says, charging you insert the usb into any charger and then you just hold the puck in place at the back for it to charge and then pairing we can. We need to download the feed app to your search to search for your watch and then you need to add a device and then here it goes through the controls turn on and on now we have wake screen to pause, mods and then return to the previous Interface by pressing one time, and then you can swap up down left right to interact with the watch again, we can see a few functions here and then it goes through quite a lot of details on how to wear it.

And now, if you guys want to read, you can pause the video. Let me just see you can focus. If you want already, you can pause the video and that is it. Okay, now let’s uh take a closer look around the watch. The watch comes in front here. We can see the screen i’m, not sure what’s the screen size, but i’ll put it in after i’m doing some research on it. It has a metal case or metal housing around it. It feels really nice. The quality feels nice and on the right side, you guys can see there’s a red power button over here and on the bottom there’s a sensor and it says waterproof and in then you have the two pins for charging. They come with these silicone straps that are pretty soft and nice. They are quick releasable, so you guys can see. There are pinch here, so you can replace this with any standard watch strap. If you want to now let’s take a look in the watch and the watch face is here. This is one of the watch face that comes installed. Let me just show you guys a few of the watch faces, so you have one two and then the third one and the fourth one pre installed you’ll check later, if there’s any on the app. So if you scroll down from the top, you can go to like a settings. This is all your settings on the top and if you scroll to the bottom, you can check your notifications.

If you swipe to the right, you can see a list of all the apps installed here and if you go back to the menu and swipe to the left, you guys can go through your step counter your sleeping, your heart rate and your spl2 levels. And then you can go back home to the home screen again now, let’s connect it to my smartphone and see how it works with that. Okay, so i currently have the fit out installed in my smart watch: let’s just open it and then it says you have to press, add bracelet, so i’m gon na press uh right here only this time and then it detects it directly. Actually that was pretty fast in my opinion. Now we can just press masking m3 and then we can check if it’s connected yep. It is connected right here you can see. The battery is at 88 let’s see if there’s more watch faces on here actually there’s. Just four but the fourth one you can actually edit. So i think you can replace the picture yep. You can replace the picture in the background. Okay, so so far, there’s only these four watch faces. If you press more watch faces, we can actually see there’s. Quite a lot here, so we can actually try to install one now. Uh let’s try this one and press download so it’s downloading. Now and then you can see it says: it’s updating to the smartwatch so i’m pretty impressed by how many watch races.

It has right. Now so let’s, just let it install and i’ll get back to you guys again. Okay, so i have the newest one now installed and it looks pretty nice in my opinion, so you can actually go here and to the app and then press at the bottom. For more watch faces a lot more will load up i’m, not sure how many there are there’s quite a lot. So if you get this smartwatch, you can go through a lot of watch faces. So a few things i want to go through that. I really like about this. This smartwatch or the design is the design is quite nice. The bezels are minimum, the build quality is nice, and i like that, you can change out the straps for any kind of strap. You want, and i like, that you can check your notifications on the bottom by just swiping up, because i previously own other uh smartwatches, and when you swipe up you don’t, actually get to see your notifications. You actually have to go through the menu and find it so that is a few things that i like so yeah. That was a quick look and reveal at the vas king fit m3 smart watch right here. I really like it at the price it’s launching at 50 us dollars right now and it’s around 200 ringgit. So if you can get it for that price, it’s really really nice. I like the build quality i like especially the watch face and the interface of the smartwatch.

Hopefully it works well long term i’m, not sure because i just got it for like two days. So if you want to see this in a long term review, please leave a like and comment. So i know this so yeah again huge thanks to asking for sending this over for review, so that is it for this video guys leave a like if you liked it, you can dislike this video if you didn’t like it subscribe.