We unboxed a few sun bonus a while before now it’s time for the new p18 in today’s video we’ll see what we have in the box. Eerste, what we have in the software? What option do we have here and we will try all these options and see how these will work in the next video we’ll? Show you how to connect it with android and ios, Dus laten we doorgaan, start with unboxing first and see what we got from this device Music. In the new sambano p18. We hebben 1.4 inch kleurendisplay. We have health metering, slaap bewaking, Multi, multiple workout modes, real-time, information reminder sanitary reminder, multi language. Je het hier zien.. We hebben 2 100 milliampuur batterij ip67, waterproof and more practical function like steps, afstand, calorieën, alarm, Klok, muziekbediening, weer, enz. You can see the watch itself is made very good with very, very good material and we have the charger which, in this case is very large i’m, not sure why companies are choosing to make now larger charges. I noticed that in the latest, smart watches that we we purchased. So we saw the box of the sambono b18 let’s peel the protection case off, and you can see the 1.4 end screen that we talked about before one a single button press and hold to power. It on and as you can see, we have power now in the p18. This is how it looks in the outside very good material, it’s kind of my metal i’m, not sure what it is you can.

Zoals je zien, we have quite a few here option. Like five of them to change faces in this watch and they are pretty decent, so let’s choose this one. That is the default one. As you can see the world, we hebben de helderheid, toortstrilling, Instellingen, Niet doen, disturb lock, screen time and date. Ook, the percentage of battery these are just a few shortcuts that we can use and down. We have steps, messages and sleep, gezondheid, sport and weather brightness, stopwatch flashlight, fijne telefoon, music and the settings and the right. We have the steps for today, portrait sleep, muziekbediening, weather and that’s it and the right side in the left. We have the menu with uh icons, not with names like we saw down below. Je het hier zien.. We have quite a few options within the p18 that we can try. Portrait is the first option. You can see it immediately. It starts to measure your heart rate and it shows the first result and also you can see it says completed. This is the final result and same with blood pressure, as you can see installed. It start to measure, and after that it shows you the first result and the final result as well completed. We have the final blood pressure and next in the line we have the blood oxygen. You can see three options for health, caring and the b18, which i think these are quite good option to have in a smart question, Music other than the health we have here.

Walk run, Fietsen, Basketbal, Voetbal, Badminton, Touw, skipping and that’s it a couple of sports and the p80. Zoals je zien, we have the seconds on the top calories, bloeddruk, steps and kilometers as well. We don’t have anything else here. Usually we have the music control, but in this case we don’t have the weather that we mentioned before, and the music control is separate from the sports. So this is all that we can try here in the p18. I think for the price of this watch and for the watch itself. These are quite enough things to have here so guys. Dit was alles voor de video van vandaag. Hartelijk dank voor uw tijd en steun.