This is the 47 version and we’re gon na check it out so inside the box. What does watch actually do? It’S got sleep tracking, customizable screens, it’s waterproof it’s ip68. Waterproof does blood oxygen activity, heart rate tracking and it actually does uh women’s health tracking, not sure what that is now the thing about this watch. Is you get all that for 20 bucks, so that’s really what got it for me, but it’s got all that see what we get for 20 bucks. So inside the box we got usb charging it’s got this proprietary charger right here. Quick start guide, the interesting thing about wise is that it all uses the same app and here’s. The watch now there’s the wise watch and just as a comparison just so we get an idea. This is the 44 apple watch, 3. it’s, just a little size comparison with the screens. Look like this. One just has the one button on the side here, all right, so now let’s talk about the app it uses, the same wise, app for cameras, anything wise plugs and everything setting up was really easy. It used the barcode sync to the watch. Here. Are the clock faces you just hit that edit button on the side and those are the three that you can have in there? Let you know at the top three of three and then here are the preset ones, got your kind of standard ones and if you scroll over you’ll, see them in different colors.

The bottom one is actually a picture, so you can take a picture from your phone and add it to one of these templates change the color. When you go into your notifications, this is where you control the notifications that you receive on the watch. So you can turn them all off or turn them on individually. I like this because it it really sets it out nice and simple with notifications and some of these apps. I actually don’t even have on the phone but they’re listed here, and you can toggle them on or off. Next you got your stretch notification. This is another thing i like it, not only alerts you where it’s time to the stretch, but you can set your start and end times or you can turn it off. So i have mine set between 7 am and 9 pm. Next is activity goal you can set your steps, your calorie goal for the day, and you can toggle that on or off do not disturb. You can turn it on or off, and you can set your times nice and easy you can set. It do not disturb between this hour and that hour raise the weight. Now this is, i really like you – can turn it on or off and set the start and end time so when i’m wearing it at night, i don’t have to worry about it. Turning on, i can just have this set to not raise the weight between certain hours all right next over at the bottom.

You have your data, so let you know when it was last updated and what that number was. You got steps calorie blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep it’s, all right there, easy to read. Also has great battery life i’ve been wearing it since i’ve gotten it about a week, and i haven’t had to recharge it yet for 20 bucks i think it’s a great value for 20 heart rate blood oxygen. I don’t have to worry about it, getting wet or anything, and it gives me basically the information in the apps that i’m going to need a nice, simple, smart watch, android and iork the wise watch, nice and simple. I hope you found this video useful if you did please like subscribe and share and leave a comment and remember, take care of each other peace out and i’ll.