com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have here the follow up review of the one of the newest smartwatch from dt number one. So we have here the d3 nam 91 smartwatch. Last video. We check on its design as well as its specs, so this time we’re going to check on its menus. Okay, remember we already tackled or have a feature review the display and menus of this one. You remember this one, the number one dt86 smart watch. It is a female smartwatch, okay, women’s, smartwatch, very elegant, look and design. If you still haven’t seen the video please check out our video on this youtube channel, okay and, of course, subscribe. Okay, so we have here going back to the dt number one smartwatch, as you can see here very elegant design. Okay, so we have here brush finish really glossy metal, bezel. Okay, it looks beautiful, it looks elegant and it comes with a silicon strap any free leather. Dual leather and silicone strap on the bottom part. Okay. So if you want to wear it for office okay, so you can change it because it’s easy to change here. As you can see, we have a quick release, pin here, okay, so as we promised we’re going to check it on we’re, going to check the ui the menus and features of the number one dt91 smartwatch again, we have here the black color again. This is smartwatch specifications. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below okay, so let’s start and let’s remove this sticker here: okay, we’ll! Let it already fully charge it.

So we have we expected. We have a very slim bezel here: okay, a frame framing bezel inside the screen, so let’s turn it on okay. I think this is the power on button. We’Ll see okay, so it’s activated welcome okay, so uh very obvious. We have a speaker so let’s pick the english language and it’s already loaded. I think so. Okay, beautiful screen sharp display – and it is full circular here – and we have the so we have this metal bezel and we still have a framing there inside, but it is very slim it’s not noticeable. Okay, let’s check okay, so we have the power and the battery. Okay, so from here to the right, so you have the information, okay and from left right, so, okay, so it’s trying to connect to your bluetooth phone or to your to the bluetooth of your phone. Okay for the watch face here. We expected that long press change. It change the watch face. Okay, we have several here. Reloaded watch faces three four, five, six at least six preloaded watch faces let’s pick this one okay and for the features okay, so we have a dialer okay, somewhat similar to the me bro air. We really love that one, but let me bro here the dialer options. Okay, we’ll see okay, health management. Okay, what option do we have here again, pedometer it’s, a bit buggy or seems it is sluggy we’ll see go back how about this one it’s the function of this just a home button.

Here, sleep monitor: okay, it’s, a different option: okay, it’s different it’s, not the that the rotating dial that we expect. Okay, we’ll see if we can change the menu here sports exercise. You have calendar music, okay, sport exercise; okay, we have a calculator here, call logs flashlight language, notifier health management; okay. What else do we have here so seems like we have a fix menu here: okay, okay, let’s, go to the sports mode, there’s, the sports mode. You also have a siri with its speaker and mic, so this has a built in mic, so that’s the sports mode. We only have one sports mode here, maybe the in the support up. We have okay, he’s, three; okay, what else so device name smartwatch address okay power on the qr code here so it’s, not the the same rotating dial that we expect; okay, but anyway, it’s. Okay, so we have the battery water reminder. I think the automatic step counter: okay, anyways. We have a lot of options here, see the entire reminder here calendar do we have the mic? Please check your button bluetooth connection for the siri, that is the weather. We have the calculator heart rate, okay, so it can calculate for your blood pressure heart rate. We even have an ecg and blood oxygen monitoring. Okay, i guess this is for the ecg. I don’t know we’ll see okay, so we have here the sensor. Okay, let’s check for the heart rate: does it work so start? So it is working.

I like the ui of the dt86 and the dt100 compared to this one anyway, still it’s a good smartwatch in terms of design. Okay, i’m, not really a fan of its operating system here, especially the ui okay. So what else do we have motion? Music? Okay? We have the glute call here. I think this is bluetooth. Call we also have the remote command control. I guess this is the phone log or contact list, so this is the motion, wake up gesture. You can set it here and so far that’s it okay. So you see the options. The new options of the number one dt91 smartwatch, very simple, ui. Okay, with the circular dial, i must say, it’s, not a rotating dial sort of it’s, a retaining dial. You can see that but it’s, not a good version of rotating dial, still it’s. Okay, you have a lot of options here and if you connect it to the support app, i think there will be a lot of options, especially for the watch faces and for the sports mode here on its sports mode. We have we have, i think only one here fix. Let me see where’s that option here. Okay, so so let’s see what are the results here, so it is running okay, it’s only running here, as you can see on the logo. Maybe it can be changed on the support, app okay, when we connect it to the your bluetooth to the bluetooth, smartwatch or smartphone, and connect it to the support app okay.

So what is the support? App anyways let’s check? Okay, so we have here the user manual and let’s check again watch out for our third video okay for the number one, the number one dt86 for the support app installation. So we have here the qr code. Okay, let’s focus, and we have beware pro okay, so it is a new app for dt number one smart watch so already, then mode one and how to connect it just check it on our youtube channel. Okay, so it is using the aware pro app. Hopefully we have a section there for additional sports mode as well as watch faces again. This is your number one: 91 smartwatch. Okay, if you have any questions regarding this smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries.