The noise Colorfit Pro 3 looked like a good balance between feature set and affordability.. So lets check it out in this video.. Noise is relatively a new entrant. In the Smart, wearable category.This is their new entrant, Itthe Colorfit Pro 3., We have the jet blue variant. Let’s, get the external plastic off. Color Fit Pro 3 by Noise. This is a fitness smartwatch.. This device is packed with a whole host of features such as a blood oxygen, monitor, stress, monitor female health, tracking and more. Noise. Fit app is available on both iOS and android. Let’s get into the box. Nice packaging. We slide out the box from within, like this.. We have a flap on top with the noise logo, flip it open and were in. This box on top contains the manual warranty card and other paperwork. And right underneath we have the watch itself.. The body is made of polycarbonate with a metal finish, and the screen is a good size square shaped with curved edges.. The strap is made of silicone and is replaceable.. It has a proprietary charger which attaches itself to the watch using magnets and will not attach the wrong way.. The other end is a USB. A port, no charging brick included, so use your laptop to charge it up or use an old phone charger.. The watch has a very Applesque design and comes with one button on the side with a red color accent., The strap is user replaceable and available.

In Jet Black Jet Blue Smoke Grey Smoke, green rose, pink and rose red.. We have a noise branding on the strap loop. Holes are provided on the strap and would support most hand sizes.. The display is a 1.55 inch TruView TFT LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 320×360 pixels. Brightness is supposed to be really good on this screen. With TruView technology. The display is really vibrant with vivid colors.. The screen brightness is quite good, enabling visibility in bright sunlight.. We can also change the brightness using the settings on the watch., The rear houses, the sensor to measure heart rate and SPO2 levels.. The battery is 210 mAh, which is said to provide backup of around 10 days. Will have to test that claim. Heres, where the charger would attach magnetically. You will need to carry this charging cable around as its proprietary. Lets. Pull this screen protector off. There is a noticeable bezel.. The build quality looks exceptional, especially at this price range., To activate the watch. You need to connect the charger so connect one end to a charging, brick or laptop and the other to the watch. There. It just snaps on magnetically. That’s, nice. No need to fumble around trying to fit it into a charging dock. Like some bands I have seen.. The watch is now active.. It does come with 83 charge from the factory. Lets see if you can attach the charger, the other way. It is repelling. If you use some force, it would touch, but that might damage the watch.

. So do it the right way, the charger orients itself.. The watch uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. To make use of all the advanced features we need to pair it with the noise fit app on a phone. Install And when open it displays pair a device. Tap and it begins its search for a device.. Ok, that didn’t work, we have a scan, QR code option, select the watch model, scan, QR code displayed on screen, confirm pairing and its setup. Enter details, and after a quick tutorial, you are on the dashboard.. We first look at watch faces as this is what most users would like to know.. There are a good collection of around 40 watch faces and some of them are animated.. You can also customize your watchface by uploading, an image via the app. To change watch faces via the app just tap on the watchface and the app uploads it to the smartwatch.. We can also change watch faces by long pressing on the screen and swipe to select between them.. I did notice if we have a custom image, the watch stutters at that point and once you cross it becomes smooth again. Swipe from the right or the left. We have multiple screens, first, showing the step or activity. Counter. Next screen is heart rate monitoring. After that we have Stress, measurement, SPO2 measurement and activity motoring.. We have a good selection of activities available on screen and, lastly, we have the music player controls.

Swipe down from the top, and we have notifications. Swipe up from the bottom. We have the quick settings. Here. You can change. Brightness, sleep tracking Press, the button on the right to access the main menu.. Here we have access to the same options we get by swiping, left or right, but all the options are available on screen., Open the options by tapping on it and exit by swiping right.. There are quite a few settings available, such as raise to wake realtime heart rate monitoring Do Not Disturb watch faces, brightness options, power options and restart. Battery life is stated to be 10 days. We did get around 5 7 days at max, but battery life is also dependent on the brightness of the screen and, if 24 hour, heart rate monitoring is on or not. Standby is upto 30 days. That is, if you are not wearing the watch during that time. Charging time may take up to 1.5 hours from 0 to 100 charging with no fast charging ability. The raise to wake. The screen. Option works most of the time and if you raise your arm in a certain look at screen, motion. Doesnt always work, but we can also wake the screen using the button on the side.. But why no tap to wake is surprising. We have heart rate and SPO2 monitoring on the watch and i found them to be accurate. Comparing them to my other bands and watches. Heart rate can be checked on demand or, if you turn on sport mode, it would continuously monitor it.

. Setting continuous heart rate monitoring will reduce battery life drastically.. This is how the sensor activates, we have these green leds light up to measure the heart rate. Lets: try not placing it on our hand, it’s not displaying anything. Keep still so it was not fooled.. Spo2 measurement is also possible and comparing it to an oximeter is accurate. You need to keep still for it to measure and is not fast.. Stress levels can also be measured on this screen.. The pedometer is fine and does show the number of steps you have taken and the readings are 95 98 accurate, as compared to my other devices.. The watch doesn’t have inbuilt GPS and would use your phone to measure steps accurately.. We also have a sleep tracking mode which tracks how long you slept when you fell asleep and if you had a light or deep sleep.. This is how the data is displayed on the watch and also syncs with your phone for better visibility.. It is important to keep Stress levels in check and to relax. We have a Breathing mode which is exercise for your lungs and we have a supporting animation on the watch for around 5 minutes.. We also have a weather screen which would display the days weather conditions and also the forecast for the next 2 days. Notifications are displayed on screen whenever they are received on the phone.. You can read the notification, but cannot reply to them. Whatsapp displays only a notification.

Without the text, you will need to open the app on the phone to read the messages. Sports tracking. We have 14 activities that can be tracked on the smartwatch Just tap on the activity. Youre about to perform and start tracking. Step count does start automatically. When the watch detects movement via the accelerometer., You can use the watch to control music playback on the phone.. You need to activate it via the app before you can use it. Also available. Are a timer, stopwatch, alarms, etc. Find phone option makes your phone ring to locate if you have misplaced it in your house.. The Noise Colorfit pro 3 has a lot of pros, such as a big and bright screen. Changeable silicone straps magnetic charger., Accurate sensors.. The touch screen is responsive but does lag at times as per what you are doing on screen. Notifications are displayed but cannot be replied to via the watch.. We have both android and iOS app support. Water Resistant, upto, 5 ATM. Watchfaces are limited, and even though you can customize using your own images, the choice is limited.. There could be more added via a firmware update. The app doesn’t work with tablets, even though the app does work. If sideloaded.. Maybe it is not supported on mine, which is the Tab4 10 and had to side load it, but do note it is very slow on this tablet.