So without any further ado, let’s get started. So we will kick off today’s video about the color fit pro 3 with its display aspects. It comes with a 1.55 inch, true view display and a screen resolution of 320 into 360 pixels, along with three levels of screen, brightness, with one being the lowest and three being the highest. The display comes with a tft touch screen that displays visuals in vivid colors, so you never take your eyes off what matters. Now, if we take a look at this watch from a design perspective, it is designed in india and its trap is made from skin friendly silicon and is as easy on the eye as it is comfortable, you can easily mix and match it to change and rejuvenate. Your look by choosing from the already present watch, faces or download a new face from the plethora of cloud based options available, and this watch is available. In jet, black jet blue rose red smoke, green rose, pink and smoke grey colors. This watch provides you with quite extensive features and it’s one of the first smart watches to have spo2 monitor for monitoring blood oxygen levels. It is an ideal watch for everyone, as it includes many other features, like a stress, monitor, breathe mode 24 by 7. Heart rate monitor and is also 5 atm water resistant along with a 10 day battery life with 210 mah battery, and it also comes with 14 sports mode, and you can set your own goals for each one of them.

Some extra features include call rejection. Alarm find my phone timer hand wash reminder, stop watch sedentary reminder, wake up, gesture, remote control, music, do not disturb mode and sleep monitor, and it also comes with a 4 pin magnetic charger with pins on back of the body, the smartwatch requires the noisepit app, which Can be downloaded from the play, store or app store in order to link it up with your android or ios device. You can also customize the watch faces using the noise fit app and access color based watch spaces as well. If we draw a comparison between the color fit pro 3 and the noise pit evolve, the most obvious difference would be the main frame. The evolve has a circular dial, while the fit pro has a square dial. The distinctive features missing on the evolve is blood. Oxygen. Monitor stress monitor and the breathe mode aside from these aspects, the watches proved to be very similar to provide a uniform and friendly experience to its users without much hassle. So for the final verdict, we can conclude that the evolve cost four triple nine rupees and colorfit pro costs around triple for nine rupees and both watches justify their prices and prove to be the best budget, smart watches available in the market. At the moment, i personally found the colorfit pro 3, a better bang for the buck, as you save 500 rupees, and get hands on some extra features as well.

However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to your preferences and what you are looking to buy: okay, guys so that’s it for this video. This was my take on both of these watches. I hope you have liked this video and learned something from it with that being said, be on a lookout for upcoming reviews that would be dropping soon on this channel. For that subscribe and press the bell icon and stay connected.