That comes back with all the features that you look for in a budget smartwatch and even more actually like it has 60 workout modes, heart rate sensor, sp, auto sensor call and sms quick reply, option and thats one feature we dont see in many other budget. Smart watches, the best part is: you can get this at an introductory price of just 1999 thats amazing, so we have it in three different colors, champagne, gray, jet black and electric blue. Now this electric blue looks kind of different and really stands out. Im really looking forward to checking this out anyway. Well unbox, all of them show you how they look talk about its features and the experiences, so you can decide if you should buy this or not lets begin. So here is the retail packaging of the color fit pulse grand we have three colors with us. You can see them well, have a closer look at the box packaging. You can see the image of the watch towards the back. You can see some of its key features: 1.69 inch, dft, display, stress, monitoring, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen sensor, calls and sms quick reply: 60 sport smooth seven day battery life, female health tracking ip60, waterproof rating. You can see the qr code for the noise fit app. Its available for the app store and the google play store towards the bottom. You can see some manufacturing details and the mrp, which is ‘.99 all right, lets quickly open up all of them so well start with the blue one, of course, because i think im really excited to see how the blue one looks.

So. The first thing, obviously, is the watch itself. Then you have the magnetic charging, cable and finally everyones favorite the noise stickers and the warranty registration card. Now, i believe, all will have the exact same contents, the watch, the charging, cable, the stickers and the instruction manual. So, im not going to take you through all the process again. Okay lets have a closer look at the watch and well start with the electric blue. Oh my my this looks absolutely gorgeous now, a very familiar design, flat body design looks really nice and premium. Now the body is made of polycarbonate, but still feels really solid, also matte finish, which means it doesnt attract any fingerprints and smudges. On the other side, you can see theres a single button with the noise logo. We get soft silicon straps. You can see the noise branding here as well as the noise logo at the bottom. Now this comes with a buckle design and the buckle itself is made of plastic, but feels really nice now strap. Has this little glossy like finish, but i still like it. Its quite good moving towards the back, the back is made of plastic. You can see the charging terminals on the top spur sensor, heart rate sensor, some more details about the display, ip68 spo2 heart rate really nice. Now these straps can be replaced with other third party bands. In fact, you can buy some from the noise website itself ill leave the links below in the description you can check it out its available in multiple colors and in different materials as well.

There you go now lets have a look at the champagne gray – oh my god, wow. Actually, this looks also nice. Its got a really nice light: gold color its a perfect mixture of gray and champagne gold, very nice, its a very different color, actually looks nice. So again same flat design the button on the side, soft silicon straps, you see the sensors at the back. You can see the charging terminals very nice, well see the black one as well, wow guys who love black watches. This is just perfect check out that build, looks so nice very clean. One thing i really appreciate is that noise puts the effort to make sure that the quality, the build quality is very, very nice, really good. All right lets quickly pair. The watch so were going to use our android phone for pairing, make sure you download the noise fit app. Click on pair take the watch press. The button on the side. Therell be a vibration alert with the noise logo and there you can see noise fit. Grand click confirm on the watch and youre done. Super duper fast, so color fit pulse, grant comes in ip68 rating, which means its protected from dust and water. You can wear it at the gym or for a run, or even in the rain, without worrying about any liquid damage now. Ip68. Technically, you can still wear it in the pool, but i still wont recommend because any sort of liquid damage wont be covered under warranty.

All right lets have a closer look at the display, so we get a 1.69 inch tft lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 280 pixels. Now the color reproduction is actually quite good. Text is really crisp and sharp, and also you can make it far more brighter right now the brightness set to minimum check that out. So, even if you use it outdoors, i think its going to be very clear. Also. Another thing to notice is that the blacks are really deep now, usually with tft lcd displays. We see that the blacks stand out from the bezels, but here its actually really really deep lets change. Some watch faces and say simply tap and change. Wow. That looks really nice thats. A lovely analog watch face something which will give you a rough idea of how big the display is also and heres. One more now lets quickly have a look at the interface swipe from up to access notifications and missed calls swipe from down to access quick toggles. You have power saving. You have find my phone yeah thats my phone, and then you have the brightness. Then you have do not disturb, then you have the torch. Where the display turns white, then here are the settings going all the way on the top you have brightness, then you can control the vibration. Then you have wrist alert here. You can choose to toggle raise, there is to wake the display on and off.

Auto screen of time can be set from here. Device info do not disturb qr code for the companion, app reboot power off and reset swipe right. You can get the music controls thats playing on the phone, then you have the breathe app. You have the stress, app heart rate and activity back to home page when you press this button right on the top. Is the noise health suite click on that? You can see the activity, sleep, tracking, spo2, heart rate and stress tracking. Then you have the clock where you have alarm, stop, watch world clock and timer for the back. You have your workouts well go through the list. Little later, then, your sports records, weather music, breathe, app reminders, flashlight watch faces and settings. Okay, amazing, really. Nice easy to use interface, also really appreciate that noise has made dedicated options like if you go to the noise health app. This is where you can access all your health monitoring if youre going to clock. This is from where you set your alarms stopwatch so making all these options is also really really good and convenient, and there you go finally wearing the watch, and let me tell you that it provides a very good fit. The silicon straps are very comfortable. The watch itself is very light. You can easily wear it to bed to track your sleep now, its time to check out the race. There is to wake the display wow. That was fast enough.

That was fast, really good. Okay, that was a little slower but thats. Okay, so i can say the race there is to wake. The display is not the fastest, but its still very responsive and works. Every time there you go works great now. The watch comes with continuous heart rate tracking. We checked it first by simply placing the watch on the table and it said: wear the watch properly and retry. So then we wore it just make sure you wear it nice and tight for more accurate readings. All right lets check now and there you go. I got my heart rate reading, then we also get the sp2 sensor to check the blood oxygen levels now for those came to know the green and red lights behind the watch both turn on while measuring sp02 and there you go. We got a reading and finally stress tracking lets quickly measure that, and there you go. It shows normal now. Ive always said this its good to have all these health monitoring features, but dont completely rely on that just use them for reference and not for medical purposes. Coming to workouts, so the watch comes with 60 workout modes and you can access them by pressing the button on the side and coming to workouts. Now, what smartly has been done by noise is that they have divided the 60 workouts into categories: running sports, cycling, indoor sports, outdoor sports, snow sports, ball, sports, dance, sports, combat sports and other sports.

Actually, this makes it a lot more easy to find what youre looking for like if youre going to running sports outdoor walking treadmill. All those are here. You come into indoor sports youll find climbing indoor yoga elliptical training, gymnast freestyle. Now, when you start your workout, for example, outdoor itll, ask you to tighten your watch trap, so it gets better results. Itll say: go now, as you can see its trying to actually find my location, but since the watch lacks gps, its going to use my phones, gps from the noise fit app. I think thats a really really cool idea. And finally, when you start with your workout, youll see the time heart rate calories, burnt, distance, previous kilometer average space current pace steps taken, and if you go on this side, you can actually even control the music thats playing on your phone and if you turn off The workout you press this button and you press here thats, it simple lets check out call alerts. Now. The first thing to see is that the call alert on the watch comes even faster than it actually comes on the phone, which is amazing. You can see the callers name, you have an option to reject the call you an option to silence the ringer or reply with a preset sms, its amazing click and reply. Similarly, you also receive sms alerts on your watch. The good thing is, you can actually reply to that sms as well click here and reply.

We also receive whatsapp alerts. You can see the app icon, you can read the message, but for whatsapp or other apps you can only read the message. You cannot reply in any way. You can only dismiss it. Thats it coming to the noise fit companion app now its a very familiar interface, and first thing id like to tell you – is that this app is very, very well designed its clean and very easy to use. Now, on the home page summary page, you can see the distance steps, calories burned, step, count, sleep hours, distance, heart rate, your stress count your blood oxygen levels if youre coming to watch faces, youll, see lots and lots of watch faces available here. Over 150 watch faces that you can download from this app amazing check this out. Look at that theres, a very, very long list. So if youre, someone whos fond of lots and lots of watch faces youre going to absolutely love it also, you can customize it. So you can choose where you want to keep the time i prefer keeping the time down. Then you can choose the image from the phones. Gallery, click! Ok, you can actually even change the time color there you go black and you update face now. Here you can see the image is being transferred to the watch and there you go custom watch face then coming to settings. You will see your watch connected here. The battery percentage click on that you can also check for updates if there are any updates software updates for the watch.

Firmware, update idle alert, auto heart rate monitoring. You can share your data with google feed, rapid eye movement, drink water reminder, set device, time, camera shutter. So you can actually use your watch as a shutter to take pictures from your phones. Camera then find device, weather settings notification alerts you can choose from which apps you want notifications and from which apps you dont my alarms. You can set the alarms from here hand, wash reminder my reminders, quick replies. You can alter and edit as per your choice, coming back world clock and unpair. So overall, as i said before, very easy, simple to use application, easy to understand and really nice. Okay, coming to the battery: well, noise claims seven days of battery life with typical use. Now we dont have the exact size of the battery in this watch, but still i can confidently say that it should last for about five days for most average users now usually before. I conclude: i talk about the cons, but considering the features, design and the build quality with a price tag of just 1999. I really cant complain, in fact id say its a steal, but remember thats, just an introductory prize, probably just for one day after that the price will be 2699, its available in four amazing colors, green blue champagne, gray and jet black. Personally, i love the electric blue rest is up to you to decide. The sale starts tomorrow, 18th of february, at 12 p.

m, on amazon dot in and the noise website ill leave. The links below in the description grab it right away at the sale price.