Gig. Noise has launched one more budget, fitness smartwatch and its Colorfit Pulse Grand., And in this video we will do the unboxing and show you its features.. So here is the box. In the front of the box. We have the picture of the watch along with the model name, Colorfit Pulse Grand., And this is a fitness smartwatch. At the back. We have the key features. And this watch is available in four colours: Jet black champagne, Grey, Electric blue and Olive Green. About the features you get. The large 1.69 inch display Spo2 monitoring 7 Days battery life, Stress, monitoring, Calls and sms quick reply: Female health tracking Heart rate monitoring, 60 sports modes, and this watch is IP68 waterproof.. The app noise fit is available for both android and ios platform.. The MRP of this smartwatch is Rs. ’99, but this watch will be available to purchase tomorrow at an introductory price of 1999. After that the price will be increased. Now lets open the box and show you the content.. So, on the top we get the thank you card, and here we have the warranty, information. And then below it. We have the noise stickers and then here we have the smartwatch, itself. And guys. My first impression about this watch is that, even though the price of this watch comes under a budget segment, but the quality feels pretty good., We will look at the smartwatch in a moment. Lets see what else we have in the box.

. So we get the user manual, and here we have the detailed info about the features of this smartwatch. And then we get the charging cable, which is magnetic, and here is how it connects at the back of the watch. So thats all we have in the box. Now lets look at the smartwatch closely. Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand is a budget fitness smartwatch.. Looking at the design and build quality, I really find the build quality of this smartwatch good.. It doesnt feel cheap at all and, according to me, its definitely one of the best build quality watches I have tested in this price segment. In terms of the design we have the polycarbonate body in this watch. It feels lightweight, even though you get a chunky body, it goes well with the overall design of this watch.. The TPU straps are also of good quality, and the watch does feel comfortable on the hand. Now, in terms of the overview, the display of this smartwatch is a 1.69 inch. You get a curved screen and the bezels are minimal. On the right side. We have the function button with the noise logo. And here at the back, we have the Heart rate and the spo2 sensor, and on the top we have the charging pins. So overall in terms of the design and build quality noise, colorfit Pulse Grand offers a beautiful. Looking smartwatch with exceptionally well built quality. And we are really happy with keeping in mind the pricing.

Now lets Turn it on and pair it with our phone.. So here it is on and for pairing we need the companion app NoiseFit.. The pairing process is simple, just tap on the add device and you will see the noise pulse grand in the list and after that confirm the pairing request on the watch., So our smartwatch is now paired.. Now let me show you the features of this watch., So here we are on the watch face and upon long pressing you can switch between different watch faces and guys. You also have over 150 cloud based watch faces that i will show you in a moment. Swiping down from the top shows you, the notification, history and swiping up from the bottom shows you the quick settings, and here we have the brightness torch, Find phone option and The settings of the watch. Swiping right or left on the watch face will show you the quick apps such as music, heart rate, spo2 stress and the step count. To access the main menu. You would need to press the function. Button once., And here we have the menu so guys before we show you the menu. I must say that the interface of this watch is smooth and the touch response is also very good, which is a pretty good performance from a watch which costs just 2000 Rs.. Now about the menu, so first we have the activity, and here we have the current days, fitness data, and then we have the sleep which will show you the last night, sleep details.

After that, we have the spo2 and guys the spo2 data in this watch is fairly accurate, and after that we have the Heart rate, and in this watch you also get auto heart rate option about the accuracy. The data is accurate and you dont get the false heart rate reading. When you put the smartwatch on table., Then in the menu we have, the stress, which shows you a score, letting you know how stressed you are. Coming back to the main menu. Then we have the clock – and here you have the alarm, Stopwatch World clock and Timer with some preset timers upto 6 minutes.. Then we have the workout menu, and here we have 60 sports modes, neatly categorised. And in terms of the sports modes you get plenty of options.. Then we have the sports record, which shows you your workout history.. After that, we have the weather, and here you can see the current weather along with the weather forecast., Then in the menu we have the music and in this watch you can control the music playing on your phone and also increase or decrease the volume.. After that, we have the Breathe which lets you do some breathing exercises., And then we have reminders which you can set from the app. After that we have the Torch, which is a pretty handy feature.. Then we have the watch face menu and finally, we have the settings In the settings. We have the brightness and vibration adjustment Wrist awake, which is basically the raise to wake feature and guys during our testing.

We found the performance of the raise to wake good.. After that, in the settings we have the usual DND QR Code for the app and the reset restart and power off option., So thats all the features we have on the smartwatch and right now i can say you get pretty much all the features in this watch, Except the remote camera shutter, which, by the way you can access from the app. Now let me show you the companion app.. So, first of all guys we have covered the noise fit app many times in our previous videos.. I will be showing you just the main features here in this video., So here we are on the home page, and in this you can see your fitness data, such as Heart rate, spo2, sleep, etc. You can tap on any of these to see the historical data. On the watch face page, you can see the available cloud based watchfaces for this smartwatch.. You Can also create your own through the app. And about the watch face option. You get very good options for this smartwatch. And then we have the settings on the settings page. You can enable different reminders, such as idle alert, drink water, reminder, hand, wash reminder and also turn on the auto heart rate monitoring.. You also have the option to turn on the REM, which is the rapid eye movement for better sleep tracking., And then here we have the notification and alert settings and guys from here you can select the apps for which you want the notification on the watch.

And Talking about it here is how you get the call alert, and, as mentioned earlier, you get the quick reply option and with this you can send a preset message while rejecting the call., And here is how you get text message, alerts and guys for this as well. You get the preset replies, but unfortunately no emoji, support. And then finally, in the settings we have the remote camera shutter and with this you can shake the watch to click a picture.. So Overall, Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand is a wonderful budget smartwatch.. They are really impressed with the design and the build quality of this watch.. The display performance is good for both indoor and outdoors.. The fitness data is also fairly accurate and keeping in mind the pricing. You get a feature rich smartwatch., Its ip68 waterproof and you get a decent 7 days battery backup. So to sum it up, we think its the best budget, fitness smartwatch. You can purchase right now under Rs. 2000 and its definitely worth every single penny. And as usual, if you like it and want to buy, one then do check the buy link in the description below., So thats it guys. This was the unboxing and Review of the Noise Colorfit Pulse Grand Smartwatch.. Let us know if you like it and also do tell us if you have any queries or questions about this Smartwatch in the comments section below. So thats all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button and subscribe to our channel gadget gig for more videos like this.