As you can see, i ordered it from amazon, let’s unbox it, and i will show you what are its uh features in a good pricing range guys, as you can see. Clearly, this is noise fit and your sports edition model, as you can see clearly guys. As you can see, the pricing is about 6 000 rupees, but we are getting around 3000 rupees from amazon. You can go and check it out. The link i will leave in the description going check and the price is varies every day. Let’S open, let’s keep these bosses aside noise. As you can see, this is small touchscreen. This is the build quality. We get a nice just like design. We are getting and small noise badges are here, keep it aside and what we are getting in the box. Let’S see we are getting a charging wire and i think uh the manuals let’s see what are the fitting your the customer creating list as usual manual how to install in that like troubleshooting – and this is the warranty we are getting around one year – warranty also after Uh after charging the watch, i will show you clearly the features. Okay, as you can see, clearly let’s uh get into the features we are as we swipe down. We are getting steps. Kilometer kilo, calories burning is a full touch display only and coming to the. This is the blade pressure monitoring system when we, when we press automatically, i will show you how to check the blood pressure monitoring system, also keeping to the left arm and see that guys, as you can see clearly, 83 bpm is showing this is uh.

This, like we will get the black pressure monitoring system, and this is a oxygen level also. We can check same as usually by keeping uh same like we will get the oxygen spo2 and coming to the this is the camera. We can operate our mobile device camera through this also – and this is a music playlist also, we can change the songs in our mobile device with these options only we can and coming to the brief. This is a simple exercise. They are providing breathing breathe out exercise. Also, they are providing so, as you can see clearly, breathing without uh normal and this commitment, and when we swipe left, we get the notification like whatsapp, our normal messages, that’s like you’ll, get and coming to the clear all option. Also, it is giving and coming to the back again when we swipe from up basically normal battery level, it will show settings and brightness settings also. It is showing a normal search option and so on let’s get into the settings and the reset option. Is there dial option and stopwatch option? Is there power off abort qr abort? I am pressing c and your mobile mac address all uh these bluetooth connections, small uh information about the watch. It is showing again coming back when we press this button. It will come back to the home option i automatically and when we swipe from right side, i will show uh from right side. We get uh this, like all uh cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, yoga, workout, dislike options.

We get uh from the right side and uh. This as usual and uh, coming to the charge charging uh, we have this normal wire as well, and this is a magnetic type. It is giving he is giving and keeping it aside let’s charge and see how it is working uh. It is showing charging like this option. Yeah. This is the best option we we get in this range, just uh, 3 000 range. We have so many options and coming to the uh features, we get a full touch. Full color tft display and easy to read in bright, sunlight, also and cloud based watch faces. Let you choose a fresh style every day you can change so many options through your phone and i will show you the how to change the options. Also in this phone. We have to uh download the app as you can see. Clearly this is a noise fit at your app and we in this we have watch face option you can see clearly in this watch face option. We have so many options. There are hundreds of hundreds of designs we have, we can keep the display, we can change, you can change, so many options are available daily. We can change number of options. Are there and coming to the settings part we get. We will go into the option. As usual, google fit right sensor. These are the some options, is giving um and coming to the same watch options.

Also walking like running like we can see in our phone also for mobile device also, and we can see as a heart rate, blood oxygen distance step on 3 powers. These are the features we have and uh coming to the main part, the main part is that it, it is a single charge. Only we can use up t up till 20 days we can use continuously. The battery level is very good and it covers uh as i’ve shown it covers almost nine sports modes as you, as i shown previously, the this like nine nine sports mode, it is giving – and this is stop option again back we can come, and this is and Coming to the one one one best advantage is, it is ipc side rating watch we can use in water also. There is no problem, and this is the full lcd display. It is around about 1.28 inches display it’s it’s rates around 48 grams it’s uh completely worth it. In my uh opinion. In this range we are getting almost all the features that apple watch covers around 3000 only it’s the best. I will leave the link in the description and go and check it out if you like it.