That is on 21st may and i have ordered it on that day and i have received the delivery on 25th and the next day i have done the unboxing video and today i’m it’s been two days since i’m, using this watch and today, i’m gon na. Do the review of the smartwatch so let’s get started? Yes guys. This is the unboxing of the noise fit active smartwatch now let’s have the overview of this box. Here we have the nice coat. That is listen to the noise within you and coming to this side we have some warranty. I mean the back side. Are some specifications of this watch and also the price that is 5999, but in the starting i have purchased it on may 21st. That is the release date. I have got it for a price of 3500 rupees and today, when i see the price, the price is 4 000 rupees and this side we can see particularly mentioned designed in india, and we have the pull tag type. I mean like some space for and also guys this color is 40 red. We have. We also have blood, auxin level, monitor let’s, open this box. Okay, we have taken out this cover over up upside when you push it this way. This way we get this and let’s uh, throw it away, and here comes the box as you open it. We have the noise fit active before this. We have something like this is the documentation or the warranty information.

We have a noise logo. No, we have a document, type symbol right here. I don’t open this so before using this particularly read this and the watts look amazing guys. I, like it very much and now once open this watch as we open. Okay, the straps looks good, as you can see. The color this is the noise branding on the strap for one here comes the wire i’m a little bit a little bit disappointed guys because of this wire, because i have expected a top type charging for this watch, but no problem for this price point. This wire is considerable. Okay, let us look at this watch and i will shoot the review video day after tomorrow and you will be getting this uh watch off. I mean i will give you a detailed review of this watch. This is the watch guys back side. You can see these are the detachable 22 millimeter straps and the buckle is also very good, as you can see right here, back side, nice bit active and here comes the heart rate sensor. This is the i mean, like blood option, monitor. We have the magnetic poles let’s, once i have 72 hours later, yes, guys, that’s, all the unboxing of the noise with tactics smartwatch. The smartwatch is very great guys. I like it now first i’m gon na, give you now the review of the smartwatch. Now, coming to the first pros, pros and cons, let us talk about the pros and cons of the smartwatch.

First, pro of the smartwatch is all its new features, and second, pro is that price price is just three thousand three thousand five hundred rupees, and now you can see in the noise website is four thousand rupees. It’S uh also worth worth the price four thousand, but i have purchased this watch at three thousand 3500 rupees and back side. As you see the sensors right here, you can see this sensor. This is the yeah. I think it’s focusing yeah. This is the blood oxygen monitor, and this is the heart rate sensor, and this is the stress level monitor these. There are the three lights which are meant for the three options and back side. We have the polycarbonate case and also with the noise branding and also guys the display is quite a bit disappointing, but it’s decent. The pixels uh resolution is 240 by 240 pixels, which is a quite decent display, not that much great guys but it’s decent. I, like it very much, but compared to the noise fit nav, the display is quite bit degraded, but the features are amazing and also the heart rate monitor is bit amazing and so accurate. You can also use it for medical purpose. I i don’t suggest it for medical purposes, any smart watch. We cannot even trust apple because they are not medical grade. Certificate maintains air and coming to the blood oxide monitor if we are placing it. On a, i mean, like a small stationary place, it’s uh, telling to just keep it to the hand and put it tight, that’s a great option guys.

I thought it would be showing the oxygen levels that’s. Also a great thing. We can just use this watches for reference this, which is great and also i have used this smart watch and checked with the pulse oximeter. We are just getting a one percent or two percent difference as compared to the pulse oximeter. That is why we can take this as a reference and also guys. We also have four new cool colors, the in those four new cool colors. I like the red one, the red one is like classy and i like the wallpapers. There are very some less wallpapers and i have set a customized wallpaper. That is a channel logo that some i mean yes guys. Let me show you the features of the smartwatch. You have the smartwatch right here. This is the nice branding on this small uh, something like catchable, i don’t know what’s the name of that as you on like this, we have the color display yeah. This is a 240 by 240 display. We have the three i mean like, like included display. I mean the wallpapers. This is the i mean like this is the wallpaper i have set customized. That is a picture i have downloaded. Okay, let us set the wallpaper yeah as we click this up button when you are switched on. There is a red color code. One we get all the apps type thing. This is the health data sports mode records yeah.

I have tested all the records also guys, and also we have the heart rate – monitor sleep monitor. We have the sleep monitor right here. Let me decrease the brightness. We have the three levels of brightness guys. The camera is focusing only for the first level of the brightness that’s good and coming to the sleep, monitor it’s tracking, very accurate guys. I like it. The accuracy is very good it’s, showing the exact time and also, i know the exact time when i have slept and also coming to the i mean yeah. Next, we have the blood oxygen monitor and we have the stress, monitor, breathe, breathe sessions coming to the brief sessions guys we have many thing improvised, for example, yeah. Let us see we have the rhythm selection and also the duration selection. Now we don’t need it and coming to next is the stopwatch, and next we have the timer, which is common in many of the smart watches and coming to the music we have. We can control the volume in the sound in the phone and also coming to the weather. We have the weather right here. Example: yeah right now: i’m recording in the mobile phone, so that i’m not getting the bluetooth connection. I have switched it off. Okay, we sh. We need to connect this um, our watch to the app guys so that we can use enable like weather fly in my phone and also the music control feature that’s a great thing.

But i i’m not going to show you the ui of the mobile phone because it’s having all the normal features. As the same as i have shown you in the nice color fitness smartwatch app, i mean the video if you want it, i’ll give the in video. In the end cards, we have the settings right here. This is the screen on time. We have a customizable settings, which is very good thing. Okay, we have the brightness settings and we have the watch faces, reset restart and about the watch. The model of this watch is nice, fit active and version is v4 and the mac id yeah. These are the watch faces of these guys and back side. We have the sensors, as i have shown you before, i think before before we didn’t have some better, focusing as it’s with a selfie camera. We have the detachable straps. These are the detachable straps guys and also we have many other bunch of features. These are, and also these are the many other features we have in the smartwatch. I like this smartwatch on a whole. The only con of this smartwatch is that it does not have a good display as compared to the noise fit now. Of course, the noise color fit now is 4500 rupees and but i’m unable to find that much great display in this smartwatch guys. As you can see, this is just a tft lcd display and you can see the pixels clearly in the camera.

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