Smart watch, theres, actually, a lot of good fitness, trackers or smart watches out there, given its price of around only fifty dollars. Should we consider this to be on the list of one of the best fitness trackers to consider this 2022 guess well find out in this video Music, but before i show you, the touch alex hardy series smartwatch. Just a short message from our sponsor is an all in one website where you could buy license keys, just simply look for whichever software games youre. Looking for click on the buy now button, i know their license. Keys are already cheap, but want to make it cheaper simply enter dude 20, which is an exclusive discount code that will give you a 20 discount from your purchases. Then enter your payment details and you should immediately receive the key once the payment has been confirmed after receiving the key. You can then activate your software or games instantly Music. All right enough with the talk lets now go ahead and unbox the touchlikes harley series smartwatch. So that i could demonstrate to you what you should be expecting from this smartwatch or fitness tracker, alright, heres. What well be getting straight out of the box of the touchrdex harley series. First well be getting the actual smartwatch right here and later on were going to be activating this one. Next, we have here the charging connector for the smartwatch or the fitness tracker. It uses a special connector right here, uh its currently, i guess its a usb 2.

0 and it plugs as a magnetic charging point. And, of course, you get some manual right here, although its in japanese for my case, so i couldnt understand them logging in the wrong way the charging connector it wont actually plug on the smartwatch, unlike if it is properly oriented, it would start charging your smartwatch and Right here were shown with the language selection im just going to be selecting english, and we are now prompted with to download the touch alex app, which we are going to be doing in a short while so were just going to search on. Google play store, touch links and were gon na, be installing this app so that we could sync it on our smartwatch or fitnessrocker Music and agree on this particular stuff. And this one enable our location and just uh. We need to select our region and we need to register our account im going to register once done. You can now go ahead and pair your smartwatch or fitness rocker. We have the harley so im going to select that one hit the allow button Music and it should find your smartwatch already like automatically. However, it seems like this would fail. Yeah so were just going to click on the scan qr code button on the top right and then show the qr code as shown on our smartwatch, and it should immediately appear im just going to accept the binding and that would be an easier way or method To pair your smartwatch after successfully binding, your smartwatch youll now be able to see the sync data from your smartwatch and lets go to the workouts, and you can also see why theres stuffs right here and lets go to the device tab and we could actually change The wallpaper or the theme or watch face on this particular smartwatch so lets go to the more and lets see what we have here so lets say.

I want this particular watch, face the fluid and just going to hit the download and use button, and it will immediately start transferring it to the touchlex smartwatch. Alright. Now that its complete lets now go ahead and unplug the charging connector so that we could actually see the changes, as you can see right here, the watch face has already been applied and i feel like the screen. Brightness is a little bit too bright. So let me just find the settings for us to be able to dim it down a little bit. So here is the adjust brightness and were going to be setting it to 20. So lets now go back to the main menu so that we could see all the stuff or features that this particular smartwatch has. So it has this one: heart rate sp02 feature an ability to record your activities, sleep and breathing training, exercises and run some music, controlled messages, weather app and stopwatch timer, or even some alarm, and also it has a flashlight feature to find your phone. If in case, you lost your phone and then if you check that one, it will actually bring your uh phone if it is connected on your smartphone and its currently ringing right now, as you can hear it. So, aside from that, we could actually also control our remote shutter or the camera shutter from this smartwatch to enable it go to the device, and we could find here the remote control photography and we need to enable this one first and pair it on our smartphone And then we can now go ahead and go to the camera, and actually we could tap to take our uh camera.

However, we need to open manually the camera app and it will capture the photograph going back to the workouts. Here are the workouts that you can actually perform on this smartwatch and fitness tracker, so it has all of this 14 modes. However, unfortunately theres no swimming included here, so this is not going to be suitable for swimming all right going back. You could also monitor your workout records and also check your heart rate. You need to attach the smart watch or the fitness rocker on your wrist, so that it could monitor your heart rate. All right lets go back to the rest of the minou, so it also has the spo2 to measure the oxygen on your blood wherever you need to fully attach the wristband or the smartwatch on your wrist. In order for this to be able to succeed – and it would take some time for it to be able to finish – measuring the oxygen concentration on your blood, alright moving on, you could also check the activity records, such as your number of steps in the day and The calories that you managed to burn and the steep quality or data that youve managed to collect during your sleep next, you also have the spreading training exercises that you could actually follow along next. You could also control your music player from the smartwatch and also get notifications from the messages you also check the weather. However, you need to allow this on the app moving on.

It also has common functionalities built in the smartwatch, as this stopwatch feature, so that you could easily time and track activities or events that needs to be closely monitored. This feature is already a common feature among smart purchase. Nowadays, aside from that, you could also directly set an alarm on the touch alex hardy series. All you have to do is select the time and the days of the week that you want this particular alarm to be enabled, and you could just easily toggle this particular alarm on or off on the smartwatch itself, without the need to go to your smartphone. It also has this flashlight feature that actually comes in handy when you just need something to be quickly lit and you dont have anything else on your pocket. However, it does not have a significantly bright light, however, its enough for you to be able to see your objects. Overall speaking, i think the harley series or detacher likes hardly series actually does compete with other popular fitness, trackers or smartwatches brands such as the apples, smartwatch or even the samsung smartwatches, packed with all of the fitness tracking features that weve just explored a while ago. I think the dutch alex hardy series does indeed deserve to be put on the list of the one of the best fitness rockers to be considered this 2022, especially if you are looking for a budget one.