Now this is their first generation. This is the first watch by oneplus they’ve, never done a smartwatch before, like i said, much awaited and i’m going to start off with things that i’ve been using it for a while so i’m going to tell you not just first impression, but actually a pretty experienced Impression so, first and foremost, it’s really good the aesthetics in the design, brilliant nice big screen very bright, very nice to work on so it’s, very intuitive. You get a good feel for the watch right away. Second, fantastic battery life then good set of apps good for fitness and everything else. I think a lot more apps will come in very very soon. I really liked it so good aesthetics, uh, interesting price point. If you don’t want to spend about 30 32 000 rupees on a smart watch, your budget is 14 15, 16 000 rupees again fits right in let’s. Take a look at our review Music. It has finally happened after flirting with the idea of variables, like fitness bands, oneplus has ultimately launched their first smartwatch with aggressive pricing and an impressive spec sheet. This watch has already garnered a lot of interest from the market, but is it worthy of our time? Let’S find out oneplus has played its cards right when it comes to the looks of their first smartwatch encased in a 46 millimeter stainless steel case. The smartwatch scores big on the design front. The variant with us is in the midnight black color that definitely gives the smartwatch a premium appeal weighing around 45 grams.

It is a chunky monkey, so chances are. If you are someone with skinny hands, then it might not suit you. We can pardon one plus for the weight, since it has been compromised for a sterile build quality. The watch feels sturdy and it also comes with an official ip68 rating, which makes it dust and water resistant up to 5 atm strapping up the watch. We realized that the watch band is strikingly similar to the one we get on the apple watch. Fortunately, it is as comfortable as well since the watch sits on the wrist without any trouble. Oneplus has always been on top in the display game when it comes to smartphones. So an equally impressive quality on the smartwatch was not a far fetched expectation. Keeping up with our hopes the 1.’ inch hd amoled display, is well lit and gorgeous to look at the 2.5 d. Curved glass adds to the experience since the watch generates color accurate, animations and crisp text that are really easy to read, even under broad sunlight. No complaints here tap swipe or scroll. It never missed out on any gesture and provided a fluid experience. Pressing on the right side mounted power button, the watch comes to life and we are greeted with a debuting ui. Now, if you have interacted with the oneplus smartphone before, then you will realize that the animations have taken inspiration from oxygen os. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since the ui on the watch is fun, intuitive and really easy to understand.

It also offers certain practical features like an option to reply to text messages and chiming on notifications in classic smartwatch fashion. A user also gets a wide variety of watch faces to choose from within the ui backing up. This impressive software is an equally robust hardware powering the smartwatch is an stm32 processor which works in sync with the ui and delivers snappy performance. Also, we get 4 gigs of internal storage in the watch out of which 2gb is what we get to use sufficient. If you ask us, not only can you store songs in the smartwatch, but you can also pair a bluetooth headset with it. If you want to listen to your favorite tunes, there is a buffet of sensors on the oneplus smartwatch. We get a heart rate, monitor which is quick, accurate and comes in handy when you work out, oh by the way, it also comes with 110 workout modes. There is also an spo2 sensor that shows near accurate results. There is also a sleep tracker on board which might not be used that often considering the size of the smartwatch, a user can access all of this data from the oneplus health app available, currently only on android, one of the better apps in terms of ui. The app provides generic customization options like setting up notifications and downloading watch faces. A user can also take phone calls using the smartwatch, since it is gps, enabled and comes with an inbuilt mic and speaker setup, be it dialing up calls or answering them.

The call quality on offer was satisfactory. Talking about the battery optimization on offer, the oneplus smartwatch lasts well over a week on a single charge with heavy to moderate usage. These are great numbers since we used the watch extensively during our testing. That being said, we feel that the oneplus fandom will be disappointed to not find a red cable inside the box. Now for the verdict, oneplus has made all the right decisions for their first smart watch. It looks great packs in all the trending features and is part of a well developed ecosystem at rupees 16 999.