I now had it on for my wrist for one whole month, and these are the results now before we start with the video. Please leave a like and consider subscribing if you want to see more smartwatch reviews or just want to know more about smart watches in general. Now this video idea was not my idea. In particular, it was a request in the comments below one of my old oneplus videos. So here we go mr peter duchetti dodge d or however, your name is pronounced. So the very first point that we’re going to take a look at are the sport modes as well as the stats that are being tracked, like the heartbeat, the pace, the distance, the mileage and so on. So during my first testing of the oneplus watch, i was pretty positive about this watch, but now after one month things definitely have changed, so we still have over 100 different sport modes like running swimming, some freestyle, training, shooting belly, dance or dark walking dog walking. So we have quite the variety over here now i don’t quite get the difference between normal walking and dog walking. But if you know, let me know in the comments below now, one thing really jumped to my eye, which is the gps, and this one takes so long until it finds a gps signal. And the consequence out of that is that you either have to wait a little longer until you can start to work out or you miss big parts of your workout, now funny side story.

The other day i went for a bike ride and i was too lazy or just didn’t wait for the gps signal and it just went off, and i missed like the first 10 minutes of my workout, so folks that’s not a big problem. If you know about it, but just keep in mind that your smart watch needs an extra few minutes to find the signal now. The second big point is the gps accuracy, and this one is really not that good it’s, sometimes taking shortcuts. It is missing big parts or it is not tracking at all, which is the worst case, but as for the stats that are being tracked, it is doing very, very good, except for the steps and the mileage, but the heartbeat is almost spot on just like the Speed and the pace now, if you don’t, have another device to count your steps or the mileage just add, like 10 to your steps and like 15 to your mileage, and you should be fine now, if you wonder what device i’m using to compare all of these Stats i’m using the garmin forerunner 555, most of the time or my polar h10 chest band, but this one is stuff for another video. So the next big point is the sleep tracker and you peter. The sleep target is almost spot on. It is very accurate on when i went to bed and woke up. The oneplus watch is also showing you, the duration of your sleep, your light and deep sleep, as well as your wake time and since i’m wearing two watches most of the time.

I know that this watch is pretty accurate by the way you can also check your sleeping stats from the last week, month or year and based on all of your sleeping stats. The app is giving you a score between 1 and 100, with one being the best. The oneplus health app even gives you a short sleeping analysis and what happens to your body if you’re a late sleeper or have poor sleep in general. As for the next big point, we’re gon na take a look at the battery life and i don’t really know what to say about that one, but i get like four days of battery life. Now, if you look at the product description, we should get 14 days on battery life on normal usage 24 hours. If we have the gps turned on continuously and five days, if we have the spo2 tracker turned on during the night, which i have now i’ve been doing a bunch of workouts every day with the gps and without the gps and i’ve been using. This watch pretty heavily and i have the sp02 tracker turned on during the night, and i get like four days. So if we compare to a normal person or an average person, i think five days is very realistic. Now 14 days is a little bit much so cut that down to like 10 to 12 days and you’re good to go and all by the way the watch really doesn’t take that long to fully charge.

It only takes like 60 minutes at most. So what else can we do with this watch? If our smartphone is nearby, we can call friends right from our wrist, so we can either punch in the number on a dial pad or look for someone in contact. Of course, you can also answer and reject cars and the quality of the microphone really isn’t. That shabby now keep in mind that you will still look like a total fool. If you talk to your wrist now, the only time when it came in handy for me is when i’m on my bike riding, and i have my smartphone in the back and don’t – have any earbuds in and that’s. Actually, the only time when i’m. Using this feature, and even though i’m on the bike riding and i have a lot of wind, the sound quality is pretty good at least that’s. What my friends told me now in this video we’re not going to take a look at all of the features. If you were looking for a full and death radio, just check out the first link in the description, and you get right to a video of mine, where i talk a bunch like it’s like a 12 minute video, where i just talk about features, bags, design and Whatsoever today, we’re only going to take a look at the things that i noticed during my one month, testing phase and as for the next tracker, we’re going to take a look at a stress tracker and for some reason, i’m always deeply relaxed.

With a score of like 15 to 19, which i almost can’t believe since i was brutally stressed during the last couple of weeks at work, i was working for like 10 hours a day with almost no breaks, and the watch is telling me that i’m relaxed i’m In the green zone, which makes me wonder how can anyone can reach the yellow, orange or red zone, i guess it’s just out of my league of course, i also have some positive things to say about this watch now. First up, even though we have all these updates, the performance of the watch is still top notch. It is not lagging one bit and it runs very smoothly, for example, if i’m opening up an app or, if i swipe to the next tile or whatever. Now. The next thing is that the case the screen and the strap they’re looking like new, even though i dropped the watch or i bumped into the wall and there’s, not one single scratch. So folks, what are my final thoughts about the oneplus watch and for 160 euros? You get a good quality smartwatch, i mean the english translation is ok ish. I only found a few mistakes and the variety of the watch faces is decent. I mean for my account. You have like 50 different ones, and i think that is enough. I mean you don’t get as many as the fossil brand or something brand, but in addition to that, you can even use your own pictures and use them as a background.

In addition to that, you also have a bunch of other features like the spo2 tracker stress, tracker, breathing exercise, armrest calls and a music player, and basically you get everything the average normal person is looking for in a smartwatch and for 160 euros. You even have a 1.’ ammo touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels, which is super nice. You have a smooth flow, elastomer, strap and four gigabytes of internal storage, that’s top notch. So folks, that’s already it for the video.