So here is the box. Let’S open it, and here it is the oneplus watch cobalt edition box extra s, i’ll talk about it, design, wise premium quality watch and you will feel it when you will hold it in your hand. It looks graceful and elegant watch frame kelly. One person cobalt alloy, used to watch this same finishing buckle and it really looks striking cobalt alloy is twice as hard as stainless steel and it’s more corrosion resistant. So a sturdy watch has your build quality for focused scale. Our high quality handmade vegan leather strap used finishing the coffee smoothie. I like it watch quick formula Music. This is for quick fitness test, or this is heart rate – monitor blood oxygen levels, sleep tracking, you’re, getting stress, monitor, calls contact clicks. This is recent. Call your dial pad through you can dial numbers and back. This is the these. Are the music tracker music again, you have to connect bluetooth, headset, Music brightness may upgrade upper always on display option raise to wake. You can always keep it on auto brightness option screen. Brightness, you have it’s full right now, much uh optionally. You can tap this brightness. You have a mojo again if you tap plus brightness screen of time. Second, here your limitation – here i would say – and if you go back, uh you’re getting uh and you’re getting some other languages, also scale our system. You can reboot the watch. You can shut down, pay a new phone and reset it to default.

About again, one plus watch – and this is all about it – yeti settings one plus watch key and you can access the settings also from here. This is uh for do not disturb mode. Yes, brightness, you have watching three or four modes. I think medium brightness, here high brightness, auto brightness low brightness, so you can always set it to high or medium brightness mode. This is again uh find a phone tap to ring up going upper milliga. This is alarm mode. You can set alarms through it, or this is flashlight and again you’re getting into settings through this. One of the strong points. Regular oneplus watch is priced at fifteen thousand rupees or cobalt additional price and pieces are so. I would say, good design, build quality, wise, so it’s a great timepiece and feels classy and premium in hand, but specs off features, joha basic, but it’s not a deal breaker.