Ringgit, malaysia it’s actually a mixed feeling using this watch, because there are some parts that i like about this watch, but at the same time there are some parts that i think oneplus could have done better to improve it so let’s dive into it. Shall we first, this is a huge watch, 46 millimeter stainless steel body which look and feel premium, and the weight of this watch is actually 76 gram, including the strap and you have a 1.’ inch amoled screen with 454 times 454 pixel resolution, which is also equivalent To 326 pvi and the 22 millimeter strap is actually nicely built, but the strap design is actually not economic and you need some time to get used to it to wear it. So, for example, you need to do this. Okay and this and this to actually wear the watch, so this is actually a bit unconventional, but i think it’s actually quite inconvenient for users. From my point of view, this watch size is actually too big a bit too big for smaller wrists, especially for females, even it’s, slightly too big for my wrist too, and i would recommend that you guys go to oneplus store to try on first before making any Purchases for this watch after the latest firmware update, oneplus has finally added always on display for this watch. So there are four design of obviously on display that you can choose from, however, tap to wake still not available on this watch.

Okay, only race to wake or press either one of these two buttons. So there are actually two physical buttons here up and down you press it to wake the watch, and sometimes i notice that the raise to wake function is not sensitive enough. So you have to raise your hand again to wake the watch from the home screen. You can change the watch faces by long pressing, the home screen and there are few options here: a total of 10 other box that you can actually choose from very nice. If you swipe down you, have these few toggles here, do not disturb brightness and find my phone app the function and also alarm. This one is actually torchlight and also to go to your setting and if you swipe up okay, this is actually your notification, which can store up to maximum 10 education. So you can reply okay by using these four types of quick reply which is already preset in the watch. However, there’s no support for emoji and which is a bummer, and this watch actually supports bluetooth 5.0, but it’s very buggy. Sometimes i don’t receive calls or messages notification on my watch or order. My watch already connected to my phone via bluetooth, so there are two buttons on the right, so on the top, if you press it, okay, this will actually lead you into the app menu and the activity. App will give you an overview of your activities of the days.

Okay and the workout mode. We actually have 14 modes out of the box. Oneplus actually promised 110 workout modes, but i couldn’t find any of them from the oneplus health app to add in into the watch. So what the bummer and this watch has a built in multiple location functions like gps, glonass, galileo beto, so you can track your location while doing outdoor jogging, and this watch has ip68 water resistant. So you can bring it for swimming. So you go further down. You have your workout records and your heart rate monitor blood oxygen. Spo2, monitor your sleep, monitor, stress, monitor your breathing app. You have a phone app here. If you press it so this, you can actually add your favorite contacts via the oneplus health app and you have you can access your recent call, and this is actually your ipad, so you can actually make phone calls via here welcome, so you can actually make calls And receive calls from your watch so once it’s connected to your phone via bluetooth, so there’s a built in speaker, okay, as you can hear just now, that can use to talk to the person that you call. But you have to aim the watch near to your mouth. If you want the person at the other side to hear it clearly, so it can be a bit tiring, sometimes to do so as per music. App apart from controlling the music app on your phone, you can actually store songs from your phone to the watch, so this watch actually has four gig of internal storage, but out of the box only less than two gig available of space in the storage.

For you to install song via the oneplus app so to listen to songs from the watch itself, you need to connect it via bluetooth to wireless bus or headphone, so it’s actually quite convenient. If you go jogging with just a watch and your wireless earbuds, but bear in mind to save one song to the watch takes around one to two minutes, so it might take some time to save a long list of song to the watch. As for the weather, app okay, i can’t seem to make it work, although i already enable all the permissions needed on my phone so i’m still getting this kind of information. Okay, i can’t really sing with my phone, so if you go down, furthermore, you have the alarm clock stopwatch start timer, flashlight parameter compass, and this one is actually to connect your watch to your oneplus tv and this app is actually to control uh to access shutter Button for your phone camera – and you have this setting okay, so whereby okay to connect uh your headset or your wireless earbuds to your watch and this one is actually to okay for the display always on display the style always on display to enable or disable is To wake okay, auto brightness, screen of time everything, however, there’s no way to adjust the vibration strength. So by default the vibration strength of this watch is actually pretty weak. So sometimes when there’s a notification or calls coming in, i don’t really notice it immediately.

So it’s actually pretty weak and this actually a function key okay to actually customize the bottom key here, so you can actually set it to your liking, so this is actually quite convenient. As for battery life, i started using this watch from sunday night. Okay, last four days at 100, fully charged and after four days i’m actually left with this battery life at 26. So i only check my heart rate and spo2 two to three times per day and oneplus. Actually promises 14 days of battery life. But this is actually too disappointing man and but luckily you have a magnetic two pin charger. Okay, here, once you align it, you can actually charge the watch via warp charge, which can actually fully charge the watch from 0 to 100 percent a bit more than one hour as a conclusion guys oneplus actually built a nice looking watch very premium, feel and also Look but the software is poorly executed for 699 ringgit, glacier it’s a bit at the higher price segment. You guys can actually go for the more affordable, xiaomi, mi watch or the real me watch as pro or the more rugged a misfit t rex pro, which is also at the cheaper price. You guys can check out my videos on these three watches below so problems. Like bluetooth connection, which is actually quite poor, software application and also the battery life, is actually very disappointing.