They don’t do any big announcements or anything and that’s. How i finally got my hands on mine, because the big release uh was very poor and i’m kind of glad i didn’t get on the big release just because uh there was some updates that they were waiting for that held up to their promises, at least when It came to a majority of what they’re trying to specifically release with um. Sorry, if i’m, a little sweaty just took my dog out for a walk and used the watch as well. So this watch is uh. This watch is a 46 millimeter um. It comes with a fast charger, which is just like this it’s magnetic and easy there’s, my dog right there um magnetic you just put it right on and it lines up with these two prongs there uh so far, i haven’t had any issues with having to realign It or anything, and it goes on uh, pretty easily pretty smooth – i just snapped on there and it charges very fast now, most of the time i end up charging at around, like the 50 mark, just because it feels like it’s been like so long since i’ve Charged my watch uh, they say it’s about two weeks of battery life. Uh. If you use it a lot like i do. I would say about a week it’s about ten percent ten percent a day or more for me so it’s about ten days. So, seven to ten days for me and there’s times where i’ll play basketball for two hours go work out, especially now it’s summer, a little more motivated now that i’m home as well a little more motivated to get back to working out, especially outside more to get My cardio in and then in the gym now this watch comes with a regular watch band.

Now, it’s only a large size it they say you have to request for a small. If you have smaller wrist, my wife uses the large it’s perfectly fine. You can tell, though, the 46 millimeters a little bit looks a little bit big on her wrist, but she loves the size. She could probably go with the smaller watch band now. The reason why i ended up going on amazon and just buying a 22. I believe it’s, the biggest watch band size it’s a quick release, so you no problem there, but i got one of these whole ones that are like the apple watch, because i used to have the apple watch. It’S kind of the reason why i went back to this kind of watch, but besides my garmin, which i still use for military just this one i like to use for every day. I use that because these holes here, because i’ve noticed that my skin will start getting irritated after a while wearing it all the time, because i barely take it off. I sleep with it use the sp02 during my sleep, which is your oxygen levels, just to be able to kind of see everything and i switched over. Like i said for the breathability, i was going to buy one of those groove ones, but this was a lot cheaper and i wanted to make sure that the size was correct, but very great great watch, it’s super simple. Now, the reason why i’m not doing a full unboxing is because there’s literally better youtubers out there who does unboxings than me i’m, just trying to be realistic with you guys what i use it for, and people don’t really talk about like the workout functions or anything Like that, which is a pretty big key now, i bought this because i like seeing my text messages.

I would like to respond like being able to talk through my phone. You can download music on this. I think it’s, like maybe it’s, five gigabytes of storage for music, so you can listen pair, your one plus buds, which i have as well, which are pretty much like basic airpods, but for cheaper it’s, like 40 bucks, i think 40 or 50 bucks and pretty much Exactly like good stuff, for you can get ones that are just like airpods or ones that go on your ear, but you can connect that to these. You can talk to people on the phone through this which i love. Another thing is: is they have multiple different watch faces? You can edit some of it. I feel like there’s, a update, they’re waiting to come out where you can really dive into it. You can add, like uh, different things like quick, your quick music um to be able to pause play and all that i added my sleeve. You can add, like weather in that, but on this watch face here uh you can edit like. If you want the weather up there, but this shows my calories burned that which it does focus on your active calories. Instead of your total calories, which i like, because then i can kind of control how much i burn a day in order to get my weight loss down now. The step counter, apparently, is off. Uh it’s it’s usually lower than what you normally do, but i like that for me, because it really just shows i’m burning more calories than i think i am so.

I could be like all right. You know if i accidentally ate a little bit more calories than i think i am well at least it kind of counteracts it um with that, but i have been losing a lot of calories. So if you press this, one plus there’s a little one plus cut out on this side, so you can kind of know the difference between two buns, because it has two buns on there. If you press it, it gives you all these uh scrolls. So like you. Can see you got workout workout records, heart rate, uh, your blood blood oxygen, sleep stress, breathing phone, so you can get your phone contacts off there weather alarm. Stop watch all these basic things. Uh that you can normally have. You can control your camera, so you can make it hit where it’s like in three seconds, it’ll take a photo, find phone that’s, a huge thing. I like um, now there’s something i know. So if you, you know how it’s showing you when you scroll it show like the weather and that well, if you actually go to the app this app drawer and you click on it, then you can scroll up and it’ll, give you like the weekly um, the Levels of like the wind that feel like mod or moderate for uv index uh, then they’ll give you like future weather reports, and then it does give you the like hourly of what to expect.

So it gets more into that and that’s like with sleep as well, and it gives you recommendations for sleep and it tells you how to fully recover as well uh through the app or on here so like on here, it’ll say last night you got 10 hours Of 15 minutes the reason why i do that’s, because i work nights and my days off i like to sleep at night, so i sleep a little bit longer but let’s say i got like two hours of deep sleep it’s a little bit different in the actual App but two hours of deep sleep and it’ll give me like my light sleep here. I accidentally my light sleep. My the times i was awake um i have it set to like do not disturb, but if you actually look in the app it’ll be like you slept a little bit late. It’Ll give you, like a sleep analysis on um, whether your sleep was really good. Uh really bad based on a score and it’ll go with how much you’ve woken up, how much percentage of deep sleep you got how much uh it’s like how much light sleep? How what time you woke up what time you fell asleep like stuff like that and they’ll, give you a report mine’s, usually uh, in the normal range for total analysis. Now this times i went to sleep as says it’s, like late, and all that, because i work nights so that’s a little rough deep sleep can be off, but based on the percentages that they recommend, i’m, usually just barely off but let’s, say i’m late.

You need at least this much for proper muscle recovery and all that so super great. Now you can customize the bottom one to pop up like a fast pop up of any app. But if you i have mine for workouts now you have like a whole bunch of workout list here and it’s, basically like the apple watch, where once you click it and start go the countdown and it’ll tell you all your calories and all that you can add And edit your list just right on the watch and they have literally like dog walks chinese martial arts lower over 100 it’s, like 150 workouts. You can tell at some point they were just like filling it in but like basketball, they have so like let’s, say i’m doing, basketball, say three, two one you know go there, you go tell you, your energy used your heart rate. You can do the pause. You know play volume and then you can control your music just like the apple watch, so we’ll end that and there’s power, training and stuff. Like that. This me, my wife, really wanted. So like you can’t, yet text people whatever you want to text. I hope they come out with an update on that they do now update, have always on display, if you’d like to choose that i don’t, because it’s pretty responsive. When i flick my wrist, i also just like the extra battery life, but is oled screen it’s, actually very responsive, it’s, very simple, but i’m waiting for them, like i said so, you can text back now.

If you i use google uh google’s messenger on my phone. Just because it’s a lot easier and then if most people at androids have it, you can read their messages and there’s a lot more features and actually work better than the regular messenger that my phone came with, which is the oneplus phone. But if you use they’re just the oneplus messenger, you can do like quick responses and stuff like that, and so is facebook messenger. You can do that i’m waiting for google uh their google message to be updated. So so you can at least do quick responses, but i hope they do it where you can actually text people back or just voice text in the future update, because that would be a huge step up for smartwatch. Now you can’t do the pay where you swing. It up and hit it now. I’Ve never used that personally on any of my watches, even the apple watches i had, but some people got little didn’t like that, especially for a oneplus that wants to be flagship. But if you think about you usually have your phone everywhere anyways and you can put it on your phone um and my card. Does it anyways i mean i get if you forgot your card or something you can at least put it now. This watch also doesn’t have cellular it’s only bluetooth. I usually have my phone on me anyways, but you can still put your music on your watch.

Listen to it while you’re running and that sort of stuff, i would just recommend you always keep some kind of pepper spray or something with you just in case, because i get the phone call thing, but it’s also nice not having to worry about people messaging you. If you choose to go for a run without your phone, i usually have my phone on me anyways, but uh it’s, really great now um, i just got to say the key things i use is the fitness app awesome, especially when i go to the gym. Go work out. Do my power lifting do my bodybuilding so keep track of calories uh. The other thing that i have to say that i really like is the multiple exercises they have on it like basketball and stuff, like that. So i can just keep it in record and proof that i’ve done these and what days and how much energy actually used. The other thing is i like that they focus on active calories instead of just total calories. Um, like i said, because i can kind of know what my basal metabolic rate is and then i can adjust off of that. How much i need to burn for the day to eat the amount of calories i want to, while still losing or maintaining weight or if i’m a little short then i can eat you know less, but if i’m more, then i can eat more um. The other thing that i really like about is, if someone calls me i’m at the gym, i usually don’t have my phone on.

I can answer it from there. I use that as well. I can see my text messages when they come through, so i can see how important it is to answer it and like emails, you can customize what notifications you get from your phone uh and i like the sleep tracking before i never really cared too much about It but the fact that it kind of gives you insights on sleep, like your quality of sleep and your spo2, your oxygen levels, which there was a couple times where i was a little lower than 90 percent uh, which isn’t good. But i can keep track of that to make sure to see. Is this going to be a future problem down the road which so far it has not uh because just been based on how i was sleeping that day, but it it gives you a good idea. What you need to do so i use that a lot. The weather is awesome on there there’s a lot of features that you can’t really get from any watch and the fact that it can last seven to ten days really on regular use is amazing, so and the charge is super fast. They use the 30 watt charge. Does not come with the charging brick which your phone does, but this doesn’t uh, but because we i had a phone before that. Did the 30 watt charge we just use that and then our phones take 60 watts, um 65 watts so but they’re not that bad.

You can just go, buy one on amazon, really, you don’t have to use their work charge, but it is a nice feature to have a watch that charges so fast where you don’t need to charge it. When you’re sleeping, you can charge it while you’re showering and doing chores or let’s say you woke up put on the charger, because i personally want to overcharge it. If i were you guys, so that will last even longer but put on the charge do your morning routine then grab it and go you know, or at night before you go to bed when you’re doing your night routine, just put on the charger and go and Honestly, you don’t have to charge it all at once. You could do that two day, two nights or two mornings and it’ll be fully charged it’s that simple all right, guys that’s it for this video, like i said, i’m, not doing a whole unboxing because there’s. So many better youtubers out there. I just want to give you kind of my insight, my input on the watch itself and what i recommend like getting a new watch band for it. But this is what it looks like on my wrist. I am a bigger bone. Guy and i do have a bigger wrist but uh, it fits on me perfectly comfortably and i’m just waiting for him to update it a little bit more, but it so far has been a great watch and i really been wanting to push this out.

Haven’T been on youtube too much lately, but i really want to push this out.